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Which idea interests you the most?

  1. Gladiator's Blood

  2. Underworld: The Genocide

  3. XCOM: Enemy Within

  4. Pokemon: Disappearance

  5. The Light Fades and Shadow Overtakes

  6. The Races War

  7. None/ Come up with better ideas

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  1. Hello you fine gents and ladies of Iwaku. Archwar here coming in with ideas for role-plays. As of late things have been pretty quiet on my side thus I'm running out of things to do and need somthing. Since you people are always hungry for Rps I am coming in with a few ideas.

    Gladiator's Blood
    A AU of our own Universe. This Rp takes place in the Empire of Rome in various gladiator arenas and you, a gladiator, a head of a gladiator house, or a arena owner, play in this game of blood, politics, and intrigue. As you struggle to the top of Rome alliances will be formed, betrayals shall happen, and events that could make you shine or crumble.

    And no, there's not only humans in this Rp! Behold the elves, centaurs, orcs, and many other fantasy creatures and species now subjected to the glory of Rome! Prepare yourselves for the Arena!

    Underworld: The Genocide
    Based off another Rp, not the actual movie. The Rp takes place in the present where fantasy creatures have always existed. However, thanks to a code of laws they had managed to stay hidden up until the late 20h century where a joint team of Americans, Russians, and others went in to investigate a distress beacon on a UN military and research sea vessel. Now a new war is coming and a genocide will come forth. Will the humans rise? Or will the monsters?

    XCOM: Enemy Within
    Based on the game. A group of aliens with seemingly maleficent intentions have arrived on earth and have begun abducting at random. XCOM has been formed and the best and brightest people are being taken from around the world to fight off the invaders. XCOM is the last line of defense for humanity and if they fall, so does mankind.

    Pokemon: Disappearance
    You awoke dazed and unaware of your surroundings. You remember doing something. Playing video games, helping your parents, watching TV, or some other activity. As you tried remembering the exact events your senses begin returning to you and the world you are in is not your own. Strange creatures run around with even stranger abilities. What's more disturbing is that a city lies on the horizon, but something is amiss. It looks decayed, dying. You have to find a way back home. Just as you rise you feel something brush up again your leg and looking down its one of the creatures. It has already taken a likening to you. Perhaps it can help you get back home?

    The Light Fades and Shadow Overtakes
    As the Age of Light dies and the Age of Shadow begins, the United Species and its allies fight desperately to cling to their colonies and galaxies. Everday the Shadow Race and the Elementals drive ever so closer leaving a trail of devastation in their way. Even with dragons, space magic, and reality alerting devices nothing seems to cull the Shadow Race. Is the Light going to fade? Or will it cling?

    The Races War
    Many years have past since mankind nuked their own planet. So long in fact that its more myth and legend than fact. Mankind has recovered to the medieval age and some nations have even begun rediscovering some old tech such as rifles with the help of the Immortals. They had even ended the dragon's needless wars and claims the Drow City States under the Barrier Mountains. However, as they expand they have begun bumping into other races. Some look incredibly human like, but others monasteries. They also fight constantly putting mankind on the frontlines once more and even threatening their very existance. Yet mankind has always been a race of survivors and we will survive.
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  2. One other thing, if you vote I ask you to leave some replies as well as suggestions. I want to have a discussion going before one of the ideas are implemented.
  3. So, by looking at the poles it would appear that the Races War is going to win. I'm going to add some basic info as to what is going on.

    The Races War

    In this Rp you'll be playing as your character starting in the little city of Mioja where rumors of war have sparked up greatly. The whole city could also get drag into it due to its position along the Jda Forest even though it is a city-state and has declared neutrality. It isn't working well and soon a army arrives at the city ransacking it and overthrowing the ruling class. You were in Mioja doing something when they did. Now you have escaped just as war begins. The two major players in this war are the Asher Light Empire and the Tenius Empire.

    The Asher Light Empire is a human empire mixed with some with species such as dragons and drows. They also have a technological edge over many others as they have cannons and rifles. It is rare to a human with magic, however, so don't expect to find much magic going around.

    The Tenius Empire is Elven based with advanced magic capabilities. The ruling class are High Elves only and they have the magical edge over other empires. As a result their technology is mostly magic based.

    If the poll doesn't change within the next few days then I'm going with the Races War and changing a few things.
  4. Alright, we have a tie between the Races War and Pokemon: Disappearance. I'll allow another day or so for voting. If the tie does not break or there are more ties then I shall select one myself. Also some more info on Pokemon: Disappearance.

    The Rpers are, in fact, from earth and just to add that Pokemon feel we'll all start with one low level Pokemon, but I'm not going to restrict players from having their favorite Pokemon unless it's a legendary/myth. The world the people find themselves in is a dystopian world where there aren't many people left. The main objective is to find a way back to earth(though if players want they can stay) and evade Team Void that attempts to capture them.

    Team Void, you could say, is the government of the world or at least the region where players are in so some people might help them. This will also be a story driven Rp with sandbox elements.

    Edit: Nevermind about the ties. Pokemon: Disappearance is in the lead.

    Edit 2: Also, don't be afraid to suggest ideas to improve the Rp ideas.
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  5. Alright, this is where I'll ask you guys. So far the Pokemon: Disappearance is in the lead and looks like it is going to take the spot unless someone votes for the Races War in which then it'll be tied. So, should we give the poll another day or two or should we go with the one with the most votes? If we pick the winner of the poll I'll make a discussion thread which will also function as a early sign-up and we can also discuss things such as combat, story, and NPCs.

    So, pick your poison.
  6. It is official. Pokemon: Disappearance has the most votes and because no one has commented on this I'll begin making the discussion thread.
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