Stop Time For My Love

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  1. This Story takes Place in Tokyo Japan As a Mysterious Boy of The Age Of 18 named Frost Uchia embarks on a journey to meet the love of his life after Recieving the power to freeze anything he wants, including time.But the Catch Is The Love Of his Life Can not Be Frozen by Him.He Travels all Over Tokyo Meeting New Friends and Foes that he ends up getting into some trouble with along the way getting him into weird situations.

    Ground Rules:
    1.randomness is allowed but no trying to show boat and get everyones attention unless the scene calls for it.
    2. do not hurass any charectors in this posting they are aloud to make up parts of this journey and the situations ahead so keep your opinions to yourself and just go with it.
    3. Have Fun :)

    Frost Uchia is 5'6, a bit myterious but very friendly once you get to know him. He Has WHite and blue hair with pink eyes.
    (this is for a feel of the charector)
  2. I Awoke from a slumber as the feeling of unease hit me. the feeling of being alone with no one but a pillow to hold or show effection to made me sit up as i shed a tear that ever so slow slid down my cheek.Even though i didnt know it my life was going to change forever. i walk down stares for a glass of water then notice a shadow standing in the hallway,i was to frightend to move as it became closer and closer to me as i shiverd in fear. The entity simply touched my head and i passed out. The next morning i awoke in my bed wondering if i had really experienced what happend to me or if it was just a dream. i began putting clothes on and walked outside to smell the summer air. I Rememberd i had to go to the store to get food for later due to the fact that my mother was coming to have dinner. As i walked to the store i noticed a black shadow at the corner of my eye but just ignore it and said to myself " im going Crazy" then finally arived at my destination.I proceded to get what i need and paid then left the store. as i crossed the street the bag holding my food broke and i knelt down to pick everything up, At the same time i heard The Slamming of brakes from a car and cringed in fear then nothing at all. i wonderd if i was dead and finally got the courage to open my eyes a few seconds later. i was shocked and unsure of what i just did but everywhere i turned everything was frozen as if it was in a criogenic state.the whole world went silent,and in my suprise as soon as i moved out of the way of the truck time came back and the truck passed by me as if nothing happend. i began running home from being scared but found my self face to face with the black figure as i walked into my house.i was once again frozen in fear as it began to speak to me saying " im not here to harm you, i am here to warn you that this power i have given you will be the death of you, it will freeze everything you want it to except the women who is ment for everything has a catch there is one,use this power wisely not oftenly it will not only save life but take it away as well. The Path You Choose To Take Is Your Choice and is irreversable, find your love and control the peace in the world that you so despritly want. i warn there will be charectors along the way that will try to stop you and turn you from finding your love and use your power for evil,choose friends wisely so that you will not be decived." i responded and said i still dont understand but before i got an answer the figure was gone and my mom arrived. i sat and ate wwhile i stared blankly as the thought of unsureness ran threw my head as of what to do. i said to my self" if im going to find here im going to need some help,as i got up and went to my room.
  3. Basics
    Name: Kassandra Teleri Dampiar
    Pronunciation: Ca-Sand-Dra Ta-Lay-Ri Dam-Pi-Air
    Nicknames and Aliases: Kanda, Kandy, Tay, Teleri.
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March 11
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Religion: Atheist
    Nationality: American
    Ethnicity: Asian, Native American
    Languages: Korean, English, Broken Spanish
    Relationship Status: Single
    Physical Appearance
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: No.
    Build: Muscular/Average, longer legs, short torso.
    Hair Color: Natural Brown, currently deep red.
    Hair length and Style: Mid back long hair, Short layers and tapered to a point on bottom.
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Light Tan
    Tattoos/Piercings: Spiderbites on right side of lip. Septum Piercing. Three rings in left ear. Tattoo of Triforce on hip.
    Scars/Marks: Small nick on cheek, birthmark right under right breast, burn marks on upper leg.
    Preferred Clothing: Loose-fitting lace blouses in pastel colors and shorts, dresses, boots, heels, or flats.
    Smokes: No
    Drinks: Yes
    Drugs: No
    Illnesses: Bipolar, allergies to ants, seasonal allergies
    A doormat who likes to please everyone. Well meaning but sometimes takes jokes too far. Stubborn and sometimes whiny, she tends to be upset when she is forced to do other people’s bidding, but she still wants to please. Is honest to a point, but will lie to protect herself or others. Very loyal to any friends she comes across and boyfriends. She wishes she could find a good guy at the moment, but she’s too much of a recluse to meet enough people. She loves to be romantic and expresses her love for her partner often however, she is terrified of being too overbearing sometimes. She in turn loves to have affection and be shown romance. She’s intelligent but only makes decent grades because of her disorganization and laziness. Her lack of motivation drives those around her insane.
    Likes: Video Games, Animes, Cosplay, Reading, Hello Kitty, and Drawing
    Dislikes: Tanning, Working, Sleeping, and Cooking
    Fears: The Dark, Spiders, and Falling
    Favorite Color: Green
    Music: Swing or Indie. Loves CocoRosie and anything Big Band
    Parents: Miyon and Randal (Good Relationship)
    Siblings: Older Brother Kyle (Great Relationship)
    Friends: None currently
    Pets: German Shepard; Katara

    There wasn't really anything going for Kanda at the moment. It seemed like all she wanted was a chance to explore the world. Tokyo seemed like a good place to start. She walked around the big city in awe. "How can Koreans hate these people so much?" Happily she walked along the streets looking for something new to gawk at. She stopped at a store and with wonder looked at the merchandise inside. With no money to speak of she didn't have a place to stay or anything to eat, but that didn't stop her from wishing. Besides she had other ways of getting a meal.

    Her reaction time was abnormally fast. She was fast enough to seem invisible at times. Her hands flew around looking for something easy to snag. There were carts of food easy to steal things from. Whenever she got something frozen or cold within minutes she would have it warmed or thawed. She was warm. Abnormally warm. And when she wanted to be she was fiery.

    This was a blessing, but it led to her having no friends. She was a criminal, by herself. All she wanted though was someone to be around.
  4. Frost woke up still confused at what he had been told the night before by the mysterious black figure that has given him his power, but kept on with his day. He decided to take a walk around town to figure out how exactly he was going to find the love of his life on time while keeping himself safe due to the fact he knew people were going to be after him. As he was in his train of thought he walked by a store and noticed a red haired long legged mysterious girl randomly stealing things through the shop window and decided to wait outside to confront her on what exactly she was doing.
  5. Kanda licked her fingers as they were covered with fudge. "Mmmm this stuff is made for go-"
    "HEY! What are you doing?!" Her body snapped to attention when she heard those familiar words. Uh oh.She quickly gathered her backpack and rushed for the entrance. The owner was in hot pursuit behind her, words spewing from his mouth. her flowing, peach lace blouse caught on a nearby shelf. Yanking herself free, she saw this little snafu had wasted precious time. Dammit, he's right on my back. At this rate there was no way she was going to make it. Shouldering her bag higher, she willed her legs to go faster. Gradually she started to pick up speed. Funny, I thought I had used up all my speed..


    Lost in her thoughts she had smacked straight into an odd looking boy. His hair was shockingly bright and his eyes...were tantalizing. The impact had made her lose her balance and Kanda was quickly brought to the welcoming ground. She slid about a foot away tearing her white lace tights and dirtying her black shorts. "Owie." She murmured. Her exposed elbows were scraped up and bleeding.

    The owner burst through the door. "Kid you gonna pay fo' that!" His broken English rang through the streets as he stomped towards her.
  6. I quickly turned to the man chasing the girl that had just basicly tackled me and handed him money and said"here sorry for the trouble" as he walked back into his shop murmering to himself then i brought my attention to the girl that had completely bumped into me and said "you know u shouldnt be stealing" while helping her up and smiled at her then asked"what might your name by if you dont mind me asking and stared into her eyes.
  7. Kassandra yanked her arm out of the boy's grip. "I can help myself up thank you." Dusting herself off she stuck her hand out to the boy. "I'm...Melody." She grimaced at the alias. Stupid! why did you hesitate!? You're losing your grip you dumbass. Lost in her thoughts she casually eyed the odd looking boy. Cool! He's like ice and i'm fire with our hair!
  8. Name: Mia [Unknown]
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human.. She is able to change her eye colour and add certain effects to her body, and also has some powers - the full extend of which she has not discovered.
    Age: 17, 18 in three days.
    Birthday: 9th July 1990
    Ethnicity/Nationality: English/British
    Languages: English, a little spanish.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Height: 5’8”
    Build: Average
    Hair Color: Natural colour, chocolate brown, but able to change her hair to whatever colour/with what ever effect she wants.
    Hair length and Style: Medium length. Past her shoulders.
    Eye Color: Light green, swirls of dark green. Her eyes often change colour.
    Skin Color: Mid - Very pale.
    Tattoos/Piercings: None.
    Scars/Marks: None.
    Preferred Clothing: Anything. Unless she stands out. She must fit in, no matter what.
    Drugs, drinks, smokes: No, Yes - has been very drunk in her past but tends to try and stay drink-free while searching for Supernaturals, No.
    Personality: Mia is very quiet. Her past is unknown and she has no proper friends to rely on. Living as a sixteen year old school girl, she is set on helping other people to fit in too by assigning them a school and place to live. She works for an underground company who fund this project. All supernatural beings, if they have any future of wanting to fit in, will eventually find her. Or she will find them, whichever happens first.
    Likes: Being unseen, helping where she can.
    Dislikes: Spiders, too much attention, seeing others suffer.
    Fears: Spiders, being discovered, being hurt in love again.
    Favorite Color: Green, blue, natural colours and also red and purple.
    Friends: None currently, that she can properly rely on.

    Mia carried her school books and bag along the street, stopping every so often to check her phone and watch the animation on the screen, the look up again, and then at her phone before moving on. Her eyes shifted to a pink, to match her target's colour, and her hair became as white as his. "You cannot make a scene like this, you understand?" Her voice was layered with a strong Spanish accent, deliberately. "You dropped this." She forced a piece of paper into his hands, still clutching her books.

    The piece of paper read:
    392, Court square, Main Street.

    She walked off, glancing briefly backwards at him.


    Mia opened the door to her house, the address she had written on the paper, and stepped inside. Her phone contained a text; her ex-boyfriend, wanting to know where she was. Wanting to know when she would be back. Saying he was sorry. She tossed it on the floor. He was worthless to her.

    Three months had passed since she had first come here. Supernatural and trying to fit in, she had been employed almost immediately by an underground project run by other Supernaturals. Four months ago, she had been back in London, returning home from a night of dancing. The dancing where she had betrayed both herself and her boyfriend. The night where she had also caught her ex betraying her. Fair was fair, but the relationship was severed. No more them. Just Mia, now. She hadn't found love since.
  9. I Looked back at the girl who had randomly given me the paper and wondered who she was because i knew she wasnt anyone i had met in the past. In that moment i unraveled the paper to read what it had said and it was an adress. I was a bit iffy on if i should go or not, but i knew if it could help me on my journey i had to go. I Proceded to walk towards the adress a bit scared but i knew i had to be brave and be prepared if something went wrong so my eyes turned a darker pink and i knew if i needed to stop time to save my ass i would. I Finely Arrived at the Adress and Knocked on the door.
  10. Name: Krystal Tokko
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Birthday: September 5
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ethnicity: American asian
    Relationship Status: Single
    Physical Appearance
    Smokes: No
    Drinks: no
    Drugs: no
    Krystal was born into a clan that lives in Tokyo. They are raised to hunt down anything supernatural in belief that anyone who isn't mortal would bring the world into total destruction. Krystal is sweet and sensitive which doesn't help her at all when it comes to murdering complete strangers. She tried to hide from her father but the clan tends to find her and give her another mission. She hates her life. All she wanted to do was live like a normal human being and fall in love with someone. She's very hopeful and tried to understand everything. But she shelters herself from being hurt from others.
    Likes: Video Games, Animes, Reading, and Drawing
    Dislikes: Training, Killing, Crowds, and Jerks
    Fears: Blood, Death, Being Hated
    Favorite Color: Black
    Parents: Father: Itachi Tokko

    Krystal stands in the middle of the field blind folded. She heard the wind move around her in several directions and jumps up in the air to dodge an attack. As she spins she pulls out her Kunai and aimed towards the darkest aura she felt. As she pinned them to the ground she pressed the blade into their stomach. She felt the body vanish into dust but before she could attack the next shady figure, she got kicked 20 feet away and pinned down.
    "Stop." She heard her father command. Krystal stood back up and took off her blind fold as other members of her clan struggled to chain the evil creature that was attacking her.
    "Father, I'm sorry I failed you..." She whispered. He placed a firm hand on her shoulder and squeezed a little hard. She winced from the pain but tried to show no sign of it.
    "You will get better. But I have a challenge for you. There is a rumor that a new evil has appeared and I need you to track him down, and kill him." Krystal shivered at the thought of killing another person that hasn't done her any wrong.
    "Father, do I have to? How bad is his power? Is there any way to comprom..." Her father tightened his grip.
    "No excuses." She pulled his hand off and stepped back.
    "Ok. I'll go look for him." She said and rubbed her shoulder. She walked towards home as tears fell from her cheeks. Why do I have to do this... Why me?...

    She entered her house and walked into her room which was the size of a closet. She shuffled through a pile of neatly folded clothes but found nothing in her interest.
    "Oh hell I'll just go like this. People stare at me awkwardly anyways." She muttered to herself. She left and walked down the street. She tried to pick up a sign of a different aura in the air. She wondered aimlessly around the streets just waiting for his demonic power to tempt her senses. As she gets onto Court square, Main Street, she had an weird vibe run through her body. She glanced around her and saw a guy with white hair standing outside an apartment door. Her heart throbbed with pain the closer she got to him. He looked innocent, and a bit scared. How could he be of any threat at all? Krystal reaches for her Kunai but hesitated to pull it out. I can't... I just can't.. She thought to herself. She let go of her weapon and dashed away from the area, in the opposite direction of home. She knows that if she goes back to her father, he might be angered enough to kill her for not doing what he asked of her.
    "Damn it.. Damn it all to hell!"