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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Paorou-sama, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Initiating cryostasis welcome response.

    Begin response?

    Response initiation confirmed.
    Response now live over the communications system.

    "Welcome to the Pyrrhus. I am HO-M3-R, the ship's assigned Artificial Intelligence. My job is to help each of you adjust to your positions as crew members on the Pyrrhus, as well as to send information of the trip back to the Galactic Trading Guild. As you progress through your campaign, more missions will become available to you. The more you learn about Gates and their use, the better your pay and benefits will be. You may very well be given control of a larger ship after several successful missions. Please be mindful that your task here is to locate, study, and ultimately determine the reason for the Gate network.

    The Pyrrhus consists of four sections my AI program can monitor concurrently. These would be the Bridge section, the Science and Medical section, the Engine and Cargo section, and the Dining, Recreation, and Housing section. I will explain each of these in their relation to the members of the crew and highly suggest these are the areas you stay while the journey is space bound. :)

    Crew members essential to the Cockpit area of the Bridge are the Captain, the Second-In-Command, the Pilot and the Navigator. The members essential to the Systems area of the Bridge are the Communications Officer(s) and the Linguist.

    The Science wing of the ship is where the Xenobiologist, the Gate Historian, the Scientist of Astronomy & Geoscience, the Astrophysicist, and the Cybernetic Specialist work. The Medical wing is where the Chief Medical officer, the Nurse, and the Psychologist work. The members of the Science wing and Medical wing will move between the two departments often based on the sharing of instruments as well as having discussions on their findings.

    The Engine and Cargo section of the ship is where the Head Engineer, the Weapons Specialist, the Ship Weapons Operator, the Soldier, and the Mercenary are located. Unless under attack, many of these positions are obsolete while on the Pyrrhus.

    Everyone is welcome to use the Dining, Recreation, and Housing sections of the ship. The Duty Manager is there to observe and report any material the ship becomes low on so the Galactic Trading Guild can provide units at the next friendly planet.

    That is the brief tour of the ship. Now that you have left cryostasis, please feel free to see the rest for yourself. :)

    If you need anything, just ask for HO-M3-R over the communications system."
  2. Liddo | Bartering Hall | Mid-Afternoon


    Interactions: Lysander @JJ

    "Did you, uh... did you need help with something?" Lysander asked.

    Liddo blinked. He could only bring himself to openly stare at Lysander in shock and wonder. He...he didn't outright scorn him? That was odd. The Amalgy had never seen a friendly Human before and now he had the honor of speaking with one. He grew a bit anxious though--what if this was a trick? A fluke? Certainly, he'd say something beyond confusing and scare him off, right? Liddo didn't want that to happen.

    He nodded and continued fussing with his fingers, the tips turning a tad purple from the attention.

    "A thousand brushes to your skies," he greeted, "I...my Master Pyphreos." Liddo's brow scrunched up; he tried his best to speak logically, but the effort was already making his head ache. "He calls for, um..."

    Again, he thought hard to grasp the right words; however, the strain proved to be too much and he gave in with a soft sigh. He placed his palms flat to his own chest and looked at Lysander. "A story lulls us to a new oblivion, but sleep is no good. I've walked in slumber many suns and moons, to feed my eaters as they feed on me."

    He raised a single finger, something hopeful glimmering in his eyes.

    "As one eater says: wonderful opportunity. Quokoma name cleared."

  3. "Have you tried runes?"
  4. Lucius wrapped his rings around her.
  5. “I don’t even see him at all anymore.”
  6. “No. But the plants were brought here.”
  7. “Back into the house.”
  8. She blinked at him with her tear filled blue eyes, they seemed almost out of focus. Almost as if she'd been through the motions before, she simply tore off a piece of her coat and tightly wrapped her hand with it. In a matter of minutes it had soaked through. Her blood was a lot thinner than she thought.

    "S-salt or water....." Aqua managed to breath, her voice was faint. It was obvious that her grip on the world was fading. Her breathing was quick and shallow, skin cold to the touch. "L-low b-blood pressure..." For a moment, she looked as if she might say more, but everything was blending together and it was hard to focus.

    She could faintly hear Tristan calling her name, but she couldn't see him.... When had her eyes closed again?

    That was it. Aqua was out like a light. Her thin frame was sprawled across the floor next to Logan and shaking like a leaf. If he were to feel for a pulse it would be faint and fast. The combination of her naturally low blood pressure and the build up of several key factors had finally caught up to her, the blood loss from her hand finally tipping the scale. She was going into shock.
  9. Hmm....well in my post so far I did limit the number of ninja. In fact, I made it a major point of the rp. But I did not consider the gauntlet part, but I know what your talking about. Hmm...
  10. so lets bump it up to 6 or 7 generations. That would give plenty of time, some could have had children older and some younger.
  11. I don't know if at the moment the group really has any common goals beyond exploring the world with Anton. That is, Anton wants to explore the world and such before settling down and he asked friends to join him.

    That's not to say that all of the RP is exploring. I have a good plot in mind (At least, good IMO) that I'll try to get us into.

    Same with enemies really. So far Anton doesn't have any, so he wouldn't have any mutual ones either.

    And how long we've been together depends on your character's backstory. I believe Anton and Etsy are a few years at least @Quiet One

    Anyway, that's my thoughts so far. Since I've not heard from @Kangutso I will attempt to have a start on Monday, if that works for everyone

    @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @Kraveing_Volkf @Kurureenu_Yurasu @Quiet One
  12. “I’ve always been told to be like my father.”