Stone Eagle Rebellion

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  1. "The Stone Eagles will rise once more!" Shouted the leader of the rebellion just before his execution. As the trap door under him drops and he hangs for his crimes, a riot breaks out. All of Haron's followers start attacking the guards and most end up arrested. You are one of his followers taken to the dungeons of Setessan. As you are thrown into the damp cell full of other rebels, you look around at your brothers and sisters in arms as they help you to your feet. The others are entertaining themselves with songs, dice, cards, and magic.
  2. Nyx walks up to his fellow rebel who was tossed into the cell and helps them up. "Are you alright?" He asks with a friendly voice.
  3. "As soon as the room stops spinning and my arm stops bleeding I'll be right as rain." Replied the rebel. He was slightly taller then Nyx and was missing a hand as well as a ear. He had fought with particular ferocity using fire and lightning magic yet wore a lazy smile as he shook his fellow rebel's hand. "I don't think we have met, the name is Flint Amadeus. And you?"

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  4. Nyx carefully leads him to the back wall and sits him down on a bench "Nyx. Mutt from the Luna tribe. You should stay still while your head gets back in order." He bends down to tear yet another strip of cloth from the leg of his now tattered pants. His silvery hair falls off of his slightly pointed ears. He is a half-elf. He stands and passes you the strip of cloth. "To wrap that arm of yours."
  5. "Thank you friend. I was a professor at the Academy of Magic, although now I might be absent for a while." Flint replied as his brain sorted itself out. His one ear was pointed yet it was too round to be elven. He excepted the piece of cloth and added it to the dirty rags that were rapped around his arm. The prison guards did not seem to care too much about his injury and he was grateful for something a bit more absorbent. "Care for a drink? You look like you could need it." He brings a tiny bottle of brandy out of his pocket and held it out to Nyx.
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    A lady was leaning against a wall nearby. She was listening in on multiple conversations as well as humming. She brushed her long, brown hair out of her face, and behind her very pointy ear. She looked around, her yellow-ish, cat-like eyes glistening in the light. Her face showed no emotion except for maybe a little bit of annoyance.
  7. Marco woke up, and someone helped him up. Without thanking, he looked around, "What a dump," he muttered under his breath. "This wasn't on the recruitment sheet. Death, yes, jail, no." He looks around, his inner changeling getting to him. He yearned for his natural form, but stayed human. Many of his fellow rebels, he notices, are elfin in some way. He feels unique, but twists his ears to look elfin. His silvery-grey hair hangs in front of his face, hiding the red eyes he looks with. He stands awkwardly, not sure what is going on.
  8. She looks over at the slight change she saw from the corner of her eye, and narrowed her eyes. She walks over to him, her arms folded. "You." She simply says to him.
  9. "Who, me?" Marcos turned to face the woman who addressed someone. She looks like an expression of irritation is forever spread across her face.
  10. Nyx refuses the drink politely. out from the hallway, a man is heard yelling and crying in pain. A wave of silence sweeps over the room as the screaming man is dragged down the hall and thrown into their prison. A pool of blood forms rapidly under him as people watch him, sadly. After a moment of silence, conversations resume and the song picks back up to try to keep spirits high. Nyx sighs heavily. "Only another hour until the guard rotation and the prisoner retrieval collide. That is when we are getting out of this shit hole.
  11. Marcos is distracted from the woman as a man screams. He knew that man, but doesn't cry, in shock. "Why?" he murmured, "Why?"
  12. "Very well." Flint replied and proceeded to down half of the bottle's contents. He grinned as the brandy warmed him but his smile faded at the noise of the screaming. His one ear drooped when he saw the corpse and he stared at it for a while longer then the others. He eventually nodded at Nyx's words and pulled his gaze away from the dead body, although he was still lost in thought.
  13. Assallya Kressair couldn't help but listen in, her sensitive Elven ears adept at overhearing secrets, reading lips to fill in what was lost over the distance. Life in the jail wasn't life. It was a purgatory, a place between life and death that was every bit as horrible as any hell. It was a time while one waited upon a actions that they had no influence over, while a magistrate arbitrarily assigned one's fate via a quill upon an abbreviated summary of offenses. Only a lord was worthy of a true trial; Mere commoners, the dregs of the street, weren't worth the effort, time or expense.

    Assallya wasn't truly a rebel, not like those who'd been cast in. She was a courtesan, affiliated in some way with rebels. She'd sold them information from time to time concerning juicy bits of information she'd gleaned from the nobles that hired her. One of the nobles had caught her rifling his drawers and, fearing the embarrassment of having had a mere whore spilling his secrets decided to have her quietly transported to the local magistrate. She rather suspected she would be swinging from the gallows in the morning under some trumped up charge that had nothing to do with the noble that had turned her in.

    She'd been watching them, the rebels. There was a strength in numbers and the rest of this rabble were simply thieves and pickpockets. Such criminals were loners and nearly incapable of working together. These rebels had more cohesion, a common purpose, and they could escape.

    Padding quietly over towards the one calling himself Nyx, the one who appeared to be the leader. She was brazen, ensuring that everyone saw her making her move as she sashayed, using her curvaceous figure to advantage. While she had been dirtied somewhat, her ebony silks and rose blushed porcelain flesh, were still enticing to the eye and her golden hair sparkled as if on fire in the light of the torches.

    "Tell me how I may help?" she said simply, presuming on his behalf that he would agree to her assistance.
  14. Her ears moved back slightly, almost like a cat's ear would, in anger. She grimmaced for a moment before clenching her fists. She sighs and looks back to at the man. "Yes. Yes you." She said in a high and mighty voice, almost as if she was trying to intimmidate him. "Your ears. They were different just a moment ago. What are you?" She asked, still almost intimmidatingly, her tail waving around slightly.
  15. Marcos pulled a confused looking face, "I assure you, I have the same ears," he laughed, as if she was crazy. If he wanted to escape, he couldn't let people know what he was. They couldn't put 'changeling' on the species. Then he could be anyone. "How would my ears change anyway?" he joked. Marcos felt nervous, that he was worked out so fast. He must be careful.
  16. She scoffed. "Yeah okay." She unfolded her arms,dropping it, and held out her hand for him to shake. Her claws shined in what light there was. "The name's Ash." She flicked her tail to the right when a gaurd passed by and whistled at her. Grimmacing now she asks "And your name is...?"
  17. "Oh, Marcos. Hi, Ash," Marcos replied, though he was wondering if Ash was short for Ashleigh. He shook her hand, tempted to make it growand shrink again, just to confuse her, but stayed the same. She was quick.
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    Vela was going to force herself to interact with the two people closest to her. Marcos and Ash. It had been so long since she'd been brave enough to reach out to someone. The last time she came close to someone, that someone was executed. This time she would chose carefully. She had used her sight to make sure they were good people before she committed to this. Now she just had to get in there....

    "Hi, I'm Vela... are you both rebels as well?"
  19. "I think everyone is," Marcos answered Vela. "And I'm Marcos." He grinned at her. "They are stupid. Can't get rid of us by death or capture," he broke to a whisper, "Or is that just me?"
  20. Her tail flicked as she looks at this girl. "We are all either rebels, or thiefs here. Though I think most of us are..." Her claws retracted slightly. "What's your name, kid?" She asked in a sort of disrespectful way as her tail started flickering over and over.