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    Every child is born with the notion of good and evil. The innermost guiding moral being that of an inherent good, that all people are good and will do good to oneself and others. Lying, cheating, or stealing is not yet discovered to be wrong, not for the reasons they may believe. Then, they hear the tales of pirates and the stormy sea, of heavy grey clouds and waves tall as castle walls. Thick waves which crash against the shores in the night which makes their skin crawl to feel, the shudder of ocean against earth. Children hear the stories of the infamous pirate leaders and their crew, and suddenly the world is a little more grim. They hide in their beds and cry for their mothers at the mere mention of a pirate, yet the next day fake swords out of branches and knock their kin to the ground. To a child, a pirate is an inspiration to behold. A pirate is rich and he has all he needs just aside his love of the seven seas. Good and evil become intermingled, until the truth has no purpose being decided as either wrong or right.

    War is raging between the nations of old. Every family is pitted against the other in a battle for control of both land and sea. This is where or story begins, with the tale of Captain Grey and his captive to be, one Lady Odette Beaumont. She is the last of her family line, and the stakes are high for her head to end the reign of the Beamont family. That's exactly his aim, to take his prize and sell her to the highest bidder.

    The day was yet young, a festival in the air, and the young heiress had no idea what was in store for her.​
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    Nations and their Houses

    Acomb - House Sinclair.
    Deykima - House Kahn.
    Great Westwell - House Dawson.
    Hartpoole - House Gladstone.
    Icewell - House Winters.
    Port Kaer - Rebel Nation, no known monarch.
    Sepselle - House Beaumont.
    Stalhurst - House Vogel.
    Wynne - House Wittacre.

    Known Allies
    Icewell and Great Westwell

    Known Enemies
    Sepselle and Deykima
    Stalhurst and Acomb

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  3. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Near the shores of the capital, cheers erupted in the streets alongside thick woven banners of silver and pale blue to signify the recent glory of house Beaumont of Sepselle. Deykiman forces had rallied against the Eastern borders, but the forces of Sepselle had managed to send them scurrying home with their tails between their legs. It was a joyous occasion to be able to whip the hated nation back to their homeland, and as such, it called for a small celebration. For years, the house of Deykima, Kahn, had been aching to get their hands on the long stretch of land which separated them from the ocean. The mountainous and hilly regions of Sepselle gave way to a major advantage in battle. No man could advance without first passing by the sea. The next best port town was not so far away, but they were sure to receive a taste of Hartpoole's steel to the South if they tried.

    The victory meant a flurry of banners and a feast at the heart of Sepselle, the capital just on the bay. The ocean sang its sweet melody, waves crashed on the sandy shores with a thick torrent of water and seagulls chirped merrily overhead, eager to get a taste of the scraps being handed around. All of this formed the syphony of the sea Odette Beaumont was accustomed to. From the hillside where the castle stood, all one could see was the glorious sea, sparkling and frothing with white foam all at once. It was her home, her nation, and the only place she ever knew. Her love of the sea was as vast and powerful as its own deep waters.

    "To victory!" A drunkard yelled on the streets. Despite his inebriated state, others cheered along with him where he normally may have been escorted to a quiet inn. They all drank, men and women alike. Even Odette was tempted to try some of the local brew, but her handmaiden declined for her with a small but stern hand.

    Lady Odette Beaumont had been let out for the day, free to roam the city as she pleased so long as she returned before sundown. That was fine, she'd said, the best view of the sunset was high off in her tower anyhow, and she'd not miss it for one breathtaking second.

    "Oh come now Dorothy, let me have a sip!" Odette giggled as they passed a tavern. Men wrestled on the floor of the ale soaked building, their faces red with exhaustion and from one too many drinks. As the two ladies passed, they stopped to tip their hats, but were soon on their way to strangling each other with their bare hands. "See? They're even being polite because a lady is in their presence, just an ale! I'll even return after we're done at the port."

    Dorothy dragged the young lady away by her arm. The only heiress to the Beaumont name had an adventurous side to her that the handmaiden wanted to avoid. It was enough to catch her trying to climb out of windows in an attempt to catch a fishing boat on its way to sea, a true story from a year prior. Dorothy did all she could to make sure the young lady grew up proper, especially without another heir to take the throne after her in the midst of a war.

    "Child, if I let you have an ale you'll be on the floor with them, and not for the reason you think." She snapped at the noble. "You have to watch yourself down here. It may be a celebration, but all sorts of men would be willing to snatch you up before old Dorothy could do a thing about it."

    Odette sighed as the realization hit her. Dorothy was right, as usual, and it was best to listen to the wise handmaiden instead of working towards her instincts. Those were usually wrong.

    As they made their way to the dock, more men tipped their hats. Most of the ships were out at sea, or having just returned from an early morning fishing session. Odette made sure to bow to each man who returned, and they would repeat the action with a lower bend. It was proper that way, to always show more respect when addressed by a noble, the Lady Beaumont herself no less.

    Far off near the side of the harbor was a ship she'd never seen. With a tall center mast and sails in dire need of repair, it rocked, partially hidden by a jut of high land above. Odette took a step towards the new appearance when her handmaiden pulled her the opposite way.

    Their actual business was more boring. Odette was to greet the returned Captain from a recent Naval mission. Her Lord father and mother were too busy with their own concerns to greet the decorated Captain, and found that it would be better if the Lady received a bit of social time among the people. Had they known it had been so crowded they might not have sent her at all.

    Not if they knew what lurked at the bay.
  4. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    "How do I look, James? And be honest," Cadogen looked over at his first mate with lifted brows. He was in clothes stolen from some upstanding gentleman when they liberated his ship of its cargo. The rich cloth was certainly the most expensive thing the relatively young captain had ever worn, and he found it to be wholly uncomfortable. Perhaps that was why men of good repute were always so stuffy - their clothes were itchy and constricting. The sooner he got rid of the clothes, the better.

    James, a man older than the current captain of the Ocean's Dagger, rolled his eyes. "You look like a pretty boy," he answered. "You sure you want to walk out o' cabin lookin' like that?"

    Cadogen chuckled when questioned, looking down at himself. The dark blue velvet jacket was well beyond him, and the flared sleeves of the shirt beneath it were likely to do him in. He wouldn't have to endure it long, he reminded himself. All he had to do was kidnap a princess, and they would be on their way. It was a simple enough plan. "I can't very well go ashore looking like a pirate. I'd never get close to her."

    The young man had been captain of his ship for only a few months. It was his charismatic personality and enthusiastic approach to hunting for their prizes that got the crew on his side. The old captain had been out voted and left behind, which led to a new wind for the pirate ship, so to speak. He was ambitious, always looking for a larger haul for himself and those on his ship. His crew consisted mainly of men, but there were a couple of women aboard as well, and they were of every color and creed. There was no discrimination amongst pirates - each of them was equal to the person standing next to them.

    "Then let's get you on your way, cap'n. I'd hate for you to have gotten all dolled up for nothin'."

    Cadogen and James left the captain's cabin and went out to one of the dinghies that hung along the deck. It was just the two of them that went ashore, not wanting to draw any unnecessary attention. James would stay with the boat while the captain went and found their prize. It was a wonder no one had thought to capitalize on all the war going on around them yet. Due to all the fighting, certainly a family with only a single heir would pay a grand amount of gold for ransom. That wasn't even considering the fact that they could easily take the ransom and turn around to sell said heir to another family for another grand price.

    Once on the docks, a bit of observation told him where his prize was. She wasn't hard to pick out in the crowd - one of the few women walking about, and the only one that men were bothering to bow and tip their hats to. He had heard descriptions of the young noble lady, and she fit the bill. There was a flintlock and a dagger hidden beneath his jacket, but he hoped not to resort to such matters, since a dead heiress would do him no good. Still, he had to get her off the docks and onto his ship.

    With confidence in his long stride, he approached the young woman and who he assumed to be her handmaiden. The other was of no consequence to him, but there was a chance that she could complicate things. The pirate didn't know where the two women were headed, but he pushed past others milling about the docks and intercepted the two women.

    "M'lady Beaumont," he greeted with a flourished, low bow. "I was wondering if you might do me the great honor of sparing a moment of your time for me?"
  5. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de The Lady and her handmaiden were almost to the shores when a decorated man approached them with a low bow. The clothes on his back looked almost out of place, he looked too rough to be wearing such garments. That was Dorothy's first impression of the man. Odette hardly cared at all for what he looked like, she was more intrigued by what he had to say. It wasn't common a man approached her off the street with such a tempting offer.

    She bowed her head and dipped down into a proper curtsy for the man. Her heavy skirts, blue in color for her family, skipped against the cobble streets just before they changed to hard and heavy wood for the docks. When Odette lifted her eyes to address the man, all she saw was the rocking ship in the distance, hidden still by the tall jut of rocks at its side. A certain curiosity struck her. She'd never seen the man, and she'd never seen the ship, if she was really so lucky the two would be paired.

    "The Lady Beaumont is currently on business." Dorothy interjected before Odette could get in a single word. The latter frowned unhappily. "If you wish to speak to the Lady you'd best set an appointment for a later date, now come, child, the good Captain is waiting."

    "Come now, Dorothy." Odette grasped at the maid's hands in a desperate attempt to keep her there. "The Captain has been at sea for some weeks now, surely he can wait a few more minutes."

    "Child, if the man wishes to speak with you, it will be through a royal appointment, you know the rules."

    Odette sighed and let go of Dorothy's hands. She waited for the handmaiden to turn her back before looking back to the strange new face. There was a smirk on her lips, and mischief in her eyes, she plainly wanted to go with him instead of meet for a droll bit of business. Dorothy had started to leave, but Odette stayed, and bowed her head once more to the man in apology.

    "I would be delighted to join you, sir...?" She held out her hand in gesture for his name. He hadn't said what it was yet.

    Dorothy turned and saw something Odette didn't. Hanging just at the waist of the new face were a pair of weapons. Her eyes turned to daggers as she strode forward to forcibly take the Lady away, but stopped just short of pulling her hand, knowing better than to cause a commotion over a gun on the ports. Such sightings were common, but she didn't like the intention in the man's eyes. Didn't trust him one bit. The Lady Beaumont seemed all to eager to go along with him off a few simple, yet strangely polite words.

    "Lady Beaumont, you will come with me this instant, or your father will hear of this."

    Odette paid her no mind.
  6. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    Cadogen grinned as the young woman played into his design. He could tell by the look in her eyes that she was intrigued by his presence. Her willingness to speak with him would give him a wonderful advantage here. The man certainly couldn't have asked for a better set up to achieving his ultimate goal.

    When offered the woman's hand, he took it and bent down to kiss the back of it. "It's Captain, actually," he replied as he pulled back, but kept a firm grip on Lady Beaumont's hand. "Captain Cadogen Grey, to be exact." Many knew his name, even if they didn't know his likeness. It was bold to give a true introduction of himself, but he already had a hold of his prize, and he need only spirit her back to the boat and ultimately to his ship.

    "And now, my little dove, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask in not so pleasant terms that you come with me." As he spoke, he pulled the young woman closer to himself and away from the handmaiden. He met the older woman's eye as his free hand reached up to rest on the hilt of his dagger. "There will be no yelling or calling for help, unless you want people to die. Any sign of trouble and my ship will bombard this harbor with cannon fire."

    Despite the negative connotation to the current situation, the captain spoke with as much charm as ever. He backed away, sure to bring Lady Beaumont along with him while trying to make it as inconspicuous as possible. He didn't need any brave souls taking notice to the abduction in progress and try to stop it. "Come with me, little dove, and I give you my word no one will be hurt."

    He doubted that his assurances would carry much weight with them, but what was a man without his word? It was one of the codes that pirates lived by, because when one's life was spent on the sea with nothing but his word, it held importance. If a captain did not abide by his own word, his crew would mutiny or vote in another captain.
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  7. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Cadogen Grey. Not the Cadogen Grey, certainly?

    Odette's green eyes went wide with horror as she realized who the man before her was. His appearance was certainly something knew to her eyes, but the name set off alarm bells in her head. There was no mistaking it now. Her curiosity to discover whose ship was just on the harbor turned to instant regret to his presence. The man was a known pirate, and she a noble heiress. It was simple enough to put two and two together to discover that things were about to become very deadly.

    "L-Lady Beaumont..." Dorothy lifted a weak hand out to Odette, and dropped it quickly. It was easy to see the fear reflected in her old eyes, the decision to save the young girl should have been a simple one. What, with so many other men on the harbor it would have been easy to call out her name and have one of them tackle the two pirates to the ground. At what cost would her cry be? If she were to shout, how many men would come running, and how many would fall to the deadly cannon fire just on the horizon? She was too old to risk someone else's children, not while she had her wits about her. Sepselle had a strong navy, and if their luck was good, they'd have the heiress back in a heartbeat.

    "Dorothy?" Odette struggled to get the words out of her throat. Cadogen's grip on her arm was astoundingly cool, yet there was a strength hidden there in his corded muscles. If she so much as tried to run, he'd surely pin her down without a second thought. The pistol at his side had a dangerous threat all on its own. No matter which decision she made, Odette was bound to get someone or herself shot. What am I feeling? Odette clutched at her chest with her free hand. Why is she not helping? It was something hard pressed lodged in her chest. Odette felt something, she felt betrayed. Dorothy was still in thought over what she would do, and the young heiress didn't know how to feel about that.

    With that thought in mind, she sucked in a breath, and prepared herself to scream. If the handmaiden would make the call, she would. Being ravaged by a pirate or any other such filth, sold off to another country, the thought alone made her shudder in fear. A selfish part of her knew that many men would sacrifice their lives for a Beaumont, and Odette would put that to use if need be. It was a horrible fact, she knew it was, but if she was in trouble there would be those who came to her aid. This was war, and she was the more valuable piece in the game. She took one shaky breath in and Dorothy already knew what the young girl was about to do. It didn't hardly matter who did what though. As Odette tried to call for help, Dorothy yelled a little too loudly, and curious heads turned their way.

    "Stop!" Dorothy yelled.

    Odette had barely uttered a note, but the sound was desperate in any case. A few stares lingered, some keen to the situation before they saw any weapons drawn. Dorothy wrung her hands in the open air with worry. They'd both done something wrong now, and gained the attention of a small crowd. In an instant, two fishermen were upon the lady and pirate duo, their brows raised in suspicion.

    "Lady Beaumont, is this man troubling you?" One asked. The other merely tipped his hat.

    She shook her head, slowly at first, signaling that she was fine. The words wouldn't come though, and the men lingered still. Something was wrong, they knew it, Odette's eyes screamed for help in place of the vocals which could not call for her. The muscles around her lips twitched in agony, she wished and prayed she had the audacity in such a time to just spit it out, to say something!

    "I-" Odette stuttered.

    Dear God, help me. Please!

    "The Lady Beaumont is fine, she was startled for a moment, I lost her in the crowd." Dorothy was lying. Odette turned her way, and her eyes which cried in help started to plea for something else. She didn't want Dorothy to lie, she wanted to be away from the pirate before she was taken. If Dorothy abandoned her now, there was no hope for her. The feeling of betrayal sank deeper into her heart as tears started to form at the edges of her eyes. Whatever the Captain wanted with the heiress was his to decide, her fate tangled up in the calloused hands of the infamous Cadogen Grey. "This kind gentleman has returned her to me, do carry on."

    In an instant, the eyes dislodged themselves from the odd group. No one was any wiser to what was truly going on in the space just nearby. Not a one understood the game the pirate was playing at, and just like that, they receded towards the ship she'd been so eager to know its origin. Dorothy looked ashamedly to the ground, and offered no other words to the girl but a somber smile on her lips. Odette struggled to keep herself composed before shouting into the crowd. Her fate sealed at that moment.

    "Somebody help me!"
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  8. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    In the tense moments when attention was drawn to them, Cadogen prepared to shoot his way out of the situation. He'd backed them enough so that he could see James, and his first mate had a pair of flintlock pistols ready to add assistance to the situation. The captain gave a faint shake of his head - there was no need to start killing people... yet.

    That was, until Lady Beaumont screamed for help.

    "That was most unwise, little dove," he told the young woman. Without any other choice, he bent and hoisted the young woman over his shoulder, pulling out his pistol at the same time. Rather than aiming at the men who tried to come rushing to the noble lady's aid, he aimed at the woman that was hanging over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

    "I advise you all to stay back, lest you want to lose your dear lady." With the stern warning came cooperation from the townsfolk. Men stopped in their tracks, no matter how unhappy they were about it. The pirate captain backed away, glancing over his unoccupied shoulder to make sure a path was being cleared for him. "Mister James, be so kind as to signal the ship."

    The first mate grabbed a bolt of red cloth, turning away from the docks to wave it several times in the air. Moments later, the ship that had been hidden came out from its spot, slicing through the water. It was obvious that cannons were at the ready, each one poking out from its gun port. With a single command, iron would launch from each one and tear apart the harbor.

    "Now, good gentlemen, I know you are overly concerned for the lady's safety. So long as we aren't pursued, she will remain unharmed and your harbor her will not be reduced to kindling. Tell your Lord he may have his daughter back when I get my ransom. In the meantime... she'll be my guest." As he spoke, Cadogen moved them toward the waiting boat, making sure no one made any sudden moves.

    Once they were to the edge of the dock, he put his pistol away, trusting James to take up his slack - which the first mate quickly did. One of the flintlocks was pointed at the captive lady, and the other at the crowd. With careful movements, Cadogen maneuvered them into the dinghy and dropped Lady Beaumont rather unceremoniously on her rear. "Mr. James, take us back to the ship, if you will."

    "Aye, cap'n," the man responded. He put away his pistols and took up the oars instead. After the captain pushed them away from the dock, the older man set the oars to the water and pushed them away from the harbor.
  9. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de "Put me down!" Odette slapped her hands against his back in vain. He'd so easily lifted her up off her feet, thrown her over his shoulder without a huff or sigh. Her legs kicked mercilessly in the open air, but never found a target, Cadogen had too good a hold on her to do any real damage with a swift kick of her heel.

    Despite the pirate's warning, several men stepped up to the call, large burly sailors and fishermen with scars as thick as their meaty hands. They threw themselves into the fray and pulled daggers from their hips all the while knocking into each other as they tried to get to their Lady, Odette saw every glimmer of steel upside down before she was dropped into the boat. Immediately she tried to stand up in order to jump back to the docks, but it rocked the small dinghy harshly in the water and nearly sent her toppling into the ocean, and she fell for the second time onto her backside. She pulled her skirts quickly down over her knees with a heavy blush on her face. The last thing she wanted was to look so indecent.

    Then again, she was being taken captive.

    Dorothy was nowhere in sight, and the crowd persisted. It was too late for the Lady Beaumont. The dinghy pushed off and they were too far to do any damage. When a man raised his pistol, another stopped him with a shout of anger. "What if you hit the Lady? Put your pistol down ya fool!" So it would seem that no one dared come to her rescue. Odette rolled to the side of the boat and gripped the edge until her knuckles bore white lines of stress. That was it then, Odette thought, the value of an heiress amounted to a few startled cries and and gawks with a single flash of steel. Where were the guards?

    A shot rang out from a single pistol, and it seemed all hell broke loose. Odette ducked below the shallow walls of the boat in an attempt to hide. She didn't know which side the shot came from, but it grazed somewhere nearby judging by the recent skid in the wood. Without thinking, she screamed in fear, cowering now as more shots rang out.

    "In the name of the good Lord Beaumont, we demand you release his daughter." A single voice called out. It came from that of the Captain of the Guard, Dorothy was at his side with a smirk on her face. She seemed to think that it was enough to have one guardsman on her side, but with the growing gap of water between the Lady and the shore, it was unlikely the guard could do anything on his own two feet but stare like the rest of the growing crowd.

    Odette turned to her two captors. If no one was going to brave the water, she'd jump out. She plugged her nose, took a breath, and forced herself over the edge without a second thought. The cool temperature of the ocean was the first thing to hit her face before the current found her, small waves tossed her a small distance before she settled beneath the surface. Only then did she remember one vital flaw in her impulsive decision to take a dip in the ocean. She didn't know how to swim.
  10. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    The two pirates shrunk back a little as the shot was fired in their direction. By rights, they could return the fire since Lady Beaumont hadn't abided by the captain's terms. In screaming for help, she had forfeit the lives of those who would attempt to rescue her. However, three shots wasn't much in the larger scheme of things and could serve them better if someone attempted to bring a boat out after them.

    Captain Grey was about to give a reply when suddenly his captive threw herself over the edge of the boat. An almost exasperated sigh left him. "Mister James, bring us 'round before she drowns herself."

    The older man moved the boat with the ease of one who had spent much of their life on the water. The boat turned and pushed through the water to where the young woman had drifted. Cadogen grabbed hold of the edge of the boat and leaned over, trusting his first mate to lean in the opposite direction to offset the sudden extra weight on one side. The captain reached down into the water and a strong arm pulled the soggy lady back into the boat.

    The dinghy rocked in the water before steadying out once more. James put himself back into place and grabbed the oars to once again try and get them out to the ship. If she was going to make a habit of throwing herself overboard, they'd have to keep a close eye on their young captive.

    "Birds are meant for the sky, m'lady, not the water," Cadogen told the young woman with a chuckle. This time, he made sure to keep a hold of the young woman, lest she find herself in the water again. He did not wait for a response from her, before turning his attention back toward the docks to give a proper response to the man that had shot at them. "Tell the good Lord Beaumont he'll have his daughter returned safe and sound when I have my gold. I'll send terms back when I am certain no one has followed us, and you may yet see your lady live."

    Steady strokes of the oars pushed them further out to sea. "The ship's comin' 'round, cap'n," James announced after a few moments.

    Cadogen glanced over his shoulder, seeing them closing in on his beloved ship. He was fully prepared to throw his new captive over his shoulder like a sack of produce again, to see her up onto the deck. It was his assumption that if she were given the chance to again, she'd try her hand at swimming for freedom.
  11. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Beneath the surface of the water, Odette thrashed her arms uselessly against the ocean around her. Mother nature had Odette in her arms, and she wasn't keen on letting go of her prize from the air above. The cool embrace of her majesty was warm and welcome in the sun, but cold and deadly below, deeper towards the center of the earth. She always said she admired the depths and strength, only this was one of the few times she'd been able to fully experience its danger. Her arms pushed hard, but barely moved, like being stuck in a jar of molasses with no way out, slowed by the waves rolling overhead from the dinghy that rocked above her. The breath she wanted to take wouldn't come, and she panicked.

    A hand shot through the tides and pulled her up by the collar of her dress. Air graced her lungs as if she were being born again, and she gasped and sputtered the excess fluid from her lungs with no thanks to her captor. She wouldn't acknowledge her gratitude from being yanked from the sea.

    "M-maybe some birds like that water." She spat, but her teeth chattered with the cold. Now she was soaked to the bone from her little swim, and no happier to be back in the dinghy.

    On the shore, the guard turned on his heel and ran, boots clapped against the stone of the road. It was the last thing she heard besides the sound of waves lapping up against the massive hull of the pirate's ship. Odette felt simply betrayed that no soul dared to do anything a touch more heroic. She shouldn't have expected it, couldn't, but at the same time it hurt to know that the only thing keeping her in the small boat was a pirate's promise of a safe return.
    She'd heard the tales, the whispers from port to port. Not just Cadogen, but pirates, all of them were a dirty lot. They took what they wanted, whores and gold alike before the eyes of men and Lords. If the ransom wasn't paid, Odette feared she'd end up on the West ports of Port Kaer, desperately trying to buy her way back home in rags she found on the streets. They wouldn't be kind to a noble, no honest man loved the upper class. For it was the nobles who had all the gold, the power, and what man would truly love another with more power than himself? He'd find every way to extort the higher, letting the power and wealth trickle away until the roles had been reversed.

    Odette gripped the sides of the small boat again and fought the urge to start crying. She'd been taken just like that, and she could still see the port of Sepselle's capital. People moved about knowing there was little they could do, back to their daily rhythms before she'd even left the harbor.

    They aren't coming.

    She was hoisted up just as easily as before as the Captain ascended the side of the ship with the other man beside her. There was a heavy chatter from above, more pirates she guessed, and all of them would surely be glad to see that the prize had been won.
  12. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    As Cadogen neared the top of the ladder with Lady Beaumont on his shoulder, several pairs of hands reached out to grab his arm and his shirt to help pull him onto the deck. With booted feet firmly planted on the boards below them, the captain pulled the young woman off his shoulder. "Welcome aboard the Ocean's Dagger, little dove," he told her with a grin.

    With that, the crew began to cheer loudly. Their prize had been captured and was safely nestled on board their vessel. The young lady would lead them to untold riches, they didn't need their captain's assurances to know that. It was a well known fact that their guest was the only heir to the Beaumont family, and the Lord would pay handsomely for her safe return. Whispers had also been swirling through the hull that they might not return the lady - rather, see what other family might pay the most for her and take that gold, along with her family's ransom.

    As the cheering died down, the captain set his crew back to purpose. "Back to your stations, you damned dogs! Man the sails and set us west! See cannons at the ready and watch for pursuit from Lord Beaumont's navy! And see our fucking colors to the wind!" The captain's orders were repeated along the ship's deck so that all would hear them. Almost immediately, the ship took on speed as sails were lowered to catch the wind.

    James approached the captain after orders had been issued. "And what are we to do with the lady, Cap'n?" he asked. Captives were often taken to the brig, but that wouldn't necessarily be the safest place a person of such high value. The crew knew that there would be a steep price to pay if they interfered with the captain's plans, but temptation was ever present.

    "She's obviously cold, Mister James. Fetch her a coat. She'll be my personal guest while she's on board with us, to avoid any... unhappy accidents," the captain decided. "Is that agreeable to my lady?"

    The first mate ventured off to find an extra coat for their captive, unsure if they actually had what had been requested. If they didn't, the captain himself would have to find something for the young woman. It had been surprising to hear that the captain would open his cabin to a captive, but he supposed that was just the nature of their latest venture.
  13. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Someone pulled the Lady to her feet but she didn't stick around to see who it was. Odette was once again by the side of the boat, gripping the railing with all the bits and scraps of hope that remained nestled in her chest. Some threatened to come up as vomit over the side if she couldn't get adjusted to the rocking soon. She watched the shore go by as a single spot of land among the rolling waves. It was an insignificant thing in the realm of the sea. Her life already felt like a long distant memory.

    She was still stunned. It had been so easy to take her, right off the docks without so much as a second cry. Odette felt like she'd tried to do what she could, but with a pistol at her head from both sides there was little she could do but cower behind empty threats and promises of return. That would all depend on what her father did. He was a kind man, no crueler than another Lord of another realm when it came to the elements of war, but she didn't know how he would handle the kidnapping of his only child. Lord Beaumont had the option to get her back, but in the tides of war his options were stretched thin, and his patience worn away with it.

    "...mont, Lady Beaumont?" A voice called her name, twice. It took several calls to capture her full attention, and when she turned the move was unwilling, and full of mistrust. "My name is Akihiro, you may call me Hiro, I am a doctor...Lady Beaumont?"

    She didn't grant the new face a response, only looking to him with two terrified green eyes. He scrunched his face, the skin was thick like hardened leather and folded neatly into the expressions of his past. Two beady black eyes bore holes into her face as he considered her pain for one brief moment in time.

    The new face had black hair, tied beneath a ratty looking cloth. His hands, which moved fast to examine the defeated Odette, were deft and sure in their movements, his skill gave way to the many years of practice. First, he rested his thumb just beneath her wrist and began to mentally count, checking her pulse. Meanwhile, he pinched her chin between his index finger and thumb to get a good look at her face. It was no dirtier than before, but there was a look there in her eyes which suggested something more than fear or disbelief.

    "Captain?" He grumbled. His voice was as rugged as his appearance. "I think she is in shock."

    Akihiro cupped his hands beneath her face. Odette could only think how odd it was that a man so rough around the edges could have hands so careful, clean. He wore clothes dirtier than the servants at home and even the poor in the slums around the outer edges of her country, but his hands remained spotless. She reached to grab one, and she shook like a leaf with cold.

    "Why am I..." Odette glared at her soaking frame. That was right. She'd jumped in the water in an attempt to flee.

    "What is your name?" Akihiro asked. His beady eyes turned softer now, with true concern. Odette continued to look down at her hands.

    "What is my name?" He tried a new question in the hopes he could coax a reply. Again, she didn't respond.

    "Forget the coat, get her dry, sit her down." Akihito ordered. "Excuse me, Captain, it is my advice, not my wish to order you." He bowed his head lowly before turning back to the lady.
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  14. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    Had Akihiro not approached, the captain would have gone about the business of his ship. However, with the doctor's assessment, he stayed in place to see what the other man's thoughts on their captive were. His brows climbed high when the other man assumed to bark orders in his direction - had the doctor not so quickly backtracked it would have been a punishable offense.

    "Be careful of how you speak," he still gave a stern warning. He would heed the older man's advice, though. If they lost Lady Beaumont to shock, they would lose their riches as well... and if Cadogen allowed them to lose the kind of riches that they could gain from the woman's capture, he'd likely find himself mutinied against, if not worse. It was best to listen to the doctor's advice and do what they could for the young woman.

    Instead of tossing her over his shoulder again, Cadogen quickly scooped Odette into his arms without concern about her trying to fight his hold. "Come, Doctor, see to her in my cabin," he said over his shoulder as he walked in that very direction. With a careful maneuver so as not to jostle the woman too much, he reached down and opened one side of the double doors to his quarters, and pushed both the rest of the way open with his foot.

    The captain's cabin was by far the nicest place upon the ship - as it was meant to be. A large table took up the center of the area, with a few chairs sat around it - the captain's personal chair with a high back and plush cushioning. The top of it had charts, books, and other various papers scattered across its top. A small chest and some trinkets were also piled on top of the papers. Lanterns hung from the ceiling in a few places, and candles were strategically placed to light the space at night. Windows lined the outer walls of the cabin, offering a view of the sea from three directions. Along the back wall, beneath the row of windows, a bed seemed to have been carved straight from the very wood of the ship - and it housed a feather mattress. On the starboard wall, a bench made of a similar fashion rested below the windows on that side, and had rich pillows stacked on both ends. Two locked chests were up by the head of the bed, and another open chest by the end of the bed held clothing inside.

    Cadogen carried Odette inside and walked over to the bench, sitting her down with some measure of care. He certainly didn't want to cause anymore damage than had already been done. After getting her situated on the bench, he went to the open chest nearby and pulled a blanket out of it. With the heavy wool in hand, he returned to the young woman's side and wrapped her in it.

    "Look at me, little dove." As he spoke to the young woman, he knelt directly in front of her. "Do you remember where you are? Who I am?"
  15. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Odette was whisked away yet again, but she could not speak. Her lungs felt empty, void of anything important, but she could not bring herself to gasp for air. The world around her was falling, her life shattered into the small noble pieces she'd once considered meaningful. Days spent reading in the gardens, or having tea on the lawn, it all meant nothing. Those simple fragments amounted to her being captured, to live the life of a heiress for ransom. She hardly knew what to call it. It was kidnapping, it was painful, it hurt to know that she might not return.

    She was panicking.

    Her chest hurt, but why, she asked herself. Why was there a pain there? Then she tried to breathe, and the action was shaky and scarcely pulled in enough air to be considered life bearing. She tried again, icy tendrils of simple air bore their way into her lungs and she began to cry. Even after Cadogen wrapped the thick woolen blanket around her shoulders, she shook with the cold and with a heavy heart.

    Odette turned to look up at the Captain, eyes stung with tears. "I am on the Ocean's Dagger." She wanted to spit, but there was hardly an ounce of venom in her veins. The entire time her eyes locked on his she struggled to receive the proper intake of oxygen she needed. The room started to spin, and Akihiro was there, his hand on her back as it rubbed slow circles against the thick cloth which separated them.

    "I am Odette Beaumont, heiress to Sepselle, and Cadogen Grey of the Ocean's Dagger has- has-"

    "That's enough." Akihiro cooed in the most calming voice he could muster. "That's good, Odette, now you need to breathe."

    What she wanted was a new set of clothes, something dry she could warm to, but again she could not find the voice to ask. She didn't want a thing from the pirates, if it came down to it she'd refuse anything they had to offer. Food, drink, a warm bed, Odette wanted no part of their captive games. There were only two alternatives to her situation, one was overly optimistic, the other had a ring of truth to it. Either her Lord father would send for her, and she wouldn't have to spend so much as another minute aboard the famed vessel. In fact, they were already on their way, and that was the best outlook on the situation. More likely, he too had panicked, and did not know what to do. Odette felt she was more likely to starve or be sold before ever seeing her home again.

    So she cried.

    "My Lady." Akihiro stopped his hands on her back and tried to get her to sit up straight, but she refused. Her body curled forward on its own as she bit her lip to keep the wails from being too overbearing. Her shoulders shook in silent sobs she dared not let a soul hear. She was already defeated, already lost, and she didn't know where to turn to.

    Akihiro removed his hands from the girl in a vain attempt at making her more comfortable before looking to his Captain. "She needs time."
  16. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    Cadogen truly didn't know what he'd expected after kidnapping the young woman. Honestly, he hadn't thought much beyond having to kidnap her and asking for ransom. Perhaps he should have given some consideration to what he would do with her while waiting for ransom, or to how she would react to being held for ransom. Had he given the rash decision of kidnapping more thought, they would have been better prepared.

    But what was a pirate's life if not made of rash decisions and bold moves?

    "You may tend her as you need to here," he told Akihiro as he stood up. "See that she has whatever she may need, and don't let her throw herself out the window."

    After speaking, he walked over to the chest by the bed and pealed off the rich linens on his back. It was a relief, to have the uncomfortable clothing off of himself. A few scar marred richly tanned skin, which became visible as he switched out the noble clothing for his own rough, white tunic. There were two scars that cross each other to form an 'x' below his right collar bone, and other less distinctive marks here and there to indicate a life of swashbuckling. One very telling mark was upon his left arm, on the top of his wrist - a branding. It was quickly covered by a band of cloth that was secured into place after pulling the shirt over his head, though. The captain witched out his trousers for something more fitting of the sea, and pulled his black, worn boots back on.

    "If she desires dry clothing, you may see if there is something here that will fit her. If any complications arise with her... you know where to find me."

    On his way out the door, the captain grabbed his belts, sabre, and flintlock to secure to himself as he walked. He secured the double doors of the cabin behind himself, leaving the doctor to tend their captive since he would do no good with it. The first step onto the deck was accompanied by a large inhale of salty sea air. The main deck was alive with men shouting back and forth as they tied off ropes, scrubbed the deck, or maneuvered cannons. The decks below were just as busy - no man finding themselves without something to do.

    Captain Grey stayed in place a moment to observe the work going on around him, before turning and walking up the six steps to the helm. He took over the wheel of his ship, never letting someone else have it for long if it could be helped. The harbor was only a spot on the horizon behind them now, with nothing but open sea before them.

    The first mate, having found himself unsuccessful with the captain's last order, joined him at the helm after a time. "Cap'n, we ain't got any extra coats," he said.

    "Don't worry about it, Mister James. Lady Beaumont is being taken care of. I want a man watching for Sepselle's navy to pursue at all hours. So long as they heed the warning, we'll find a merchant ship sailing in that direction and send ransom terms back."

    "Aye, Cap'n. I'll see to it. But... if Lord Beaumont decides he doesn't want to part with so much gold?"

    Cadogen chuckled at the suggestion. Though the Lord of Sepselle was long steeped in war and likely weary from it, he highly doubted the man would simply leave his daughter to a frightful fate with pirates. Perhaps he would attempt brazen rescue, but the captain was certain he would think better of it after a miserable failure and stern threat to the lady's safety and pay up. "Then we'll send word to every other family and see how much they'd be willing to part with for her. I'm sure the Kahns would pay handsomely for her, especially after their latest defeat."

    "Their intentions with her would be less than honorable."

    "That would be their decision to make, should they decide to pay the coin for her. Now, enough talk, Mister James. The sea is calling and we'd best heed her cry."

    The first mate nodded and left the captain at the helm to delegate duties out to the crew. Even when they weren't in the process of attacking another ship, or kidnapping a noble lady, there was plenty of work to be done.
  17. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de Akihiro had pulled some of the Captain's clothes from his trunk, the whole time he rummaged he had to figure his Captain wouldn't mind a spare article here or there going missing, if only for the young lady's sanity. All she would do was grip the edge of whatever surface she was near and stare openly into the empty air nearby. She was silent again, as she had been in the hour the doctor had been coaxing a response from her, but there was no such luck. The best he could do was get her dry.

    He set down a common white tunic and a long pair of black trousers in the girl's lap, going so far as to take her hands in his own and setting them then over the pile of clothes. "Lady Beaumont, you need to stay dry, alright?" She nodded, and complied with his requests to change.

    While she changed he turned away to save her some decency. Odette pulled the blue dress away from her body, more or less peeled it off now that it was only damp and let the silk drop to the floor in a shimmer of her family colors. Her skin yearned for another garment to take its place and warm her bones back to their usual temperature, and she did what she could after slipping on the white tunic that looked so similar to Cadogen's. She pulled up a corner of the neckline and sniffed it. The shirt smelled faintly of some kind of soap and was thick with salt from the sea. It was going to be a long ride, and that scent was something she'd soon be accustomed to.

    "Are you decent?" Akihiro asked from behind her. Although he couldn't see, Odette shook her head in the negative.

    She slipped on the black trousers with ease and was no more surprised when they didn't fit than anyone else would have been. The clothes weren't her own. Instantly, the faded trousers slid down her frame and onto the floor around her ankles. Odette scooped them up in her hands and held them awkwardly around her waist before calling for any kind of help. Without words, she managed to get Akihiro by turning around, she nudged his shoulder with the end of her hand, eyes looking dejectedly towards the floor.

    "Is it too large?" Akihiro asked, to which Odette nodded her head, deep curls swaying in agreement with the pirate.

    There was nothing to do but let her rest now, nothing Akihiro could say to her to lessen the torment she was feeling. He figured the Captain wouldn't mind letting her use the small bench inside Cadogen's quarters. Odette followed his hands, not his eyes, wanting to trust in his clean movements instead of his dark eyes. She trusted his hands. They were so sure, and he washed them, and it made a larger impression on her than anything else about him. He worked aboard a dirty vessel with limited water, and his hands were spotless, she could trust the man with commitment to cleanliness.

    "Rest." He told her, to which she could easily comply. It was lights out for her, as she all but fainted into slumber.

    Akihiro moved to the door, but it rattled with heavy chains on the opposite side. So that's how it was then? He chuckled lightly. No matter, he was the doctor anyhow, and of all the people to be locked in with the Lady the best would have been him.
  18. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    The captain did not return to his cabin until the sun was well on its way to the horizon and things aboard the ship were calming with the approaching night. With the darkness, a skeleton crew would operate to keep them on course and watch for any threats on the horizon. Night was one of the most peaceful times on the sea - but it could also be the most dangerous. It was a time when enemies could approach unnoticed, or small storms could grow to monstrous size and threaten to pitch even the heartiest of ships.

    With the locking of the captain's quarters, no curious souls could sneak a look at their captive. A rough padlock held the length of chain together - and that evening Cadogen would move it to the inside. He couldn't have a certain someone trying to sneak out onto the deck and see herself overboard. Lady Beaumont was the captain's personal guest and his responsibility until her captivity turned into profit for himself and his crew.

    The rattling of lock and chains could be heard before the double doors to the cabin opened and the tall pirate stepped inside. The ship's cook followed him inside, and crossed to the table to set down a platter of food - there was more than enough for two. As silent as he had come in, the cook turned and let himself out again to tend the meal line down below.

    Cadogen had quickly learned the importance of fresh food on his ship. After having sailed beneath men who could not have cared less if their food was filled with weevils and maggots, and seeing the crew's disdain for spoiled meals, he had decided to keep his own ship well stocked. Of course, there were times when they were stuck out at sea for longer than anticipated, but as much as the captain could, he saw his crew well fed with fresh food. To make sure they did not waste the salted and pickled meats and other foods they brought for long spells at sea, it was mixed in with other meals - if nothing was wasted, they wanted for nothing.

    Two pigs had been slaughtered and roasted for the night's meal, and the leftover meat would be used with the morning's breakfast. With the pork was yams, boiled eggs, and apples. A bottle of rum and another of fresh water accompanied the meal that had been brought as well.

    "Doctor," Cadogen addressed Akihiro. "Go see your stomach filled and rest for the night. I'll look after Lady Beaumont tonight, and will send word should I need your assistance."

    The captain unbuckled his belts and hung them up the hook by the double doors - effectively disarming himself. After that, he walked over and sat himself at the table, grabbing the bottle of rum. He pulled the cork out of it with his teeth, then spit the stopper out onto the table top. He would give Lady Beaumont a chance to show interest in the meal that had been brought, but if she showed none he would attempt to get her to eat.
  19. Odette Beaumont: Lady of Sepselle, #7ea6de "Yes Captain." Akihiro bowed his head low to Cadogen, his place after all was below that of the Captain. He belonged below deck with the rest of the crew, scrambling over their own meals with an excited fervor of the empty stomach. He certainly was hungry after having watched over the Lady all day. The doctor left with his head still halfway bent, and the doors rattled behind him with the chain and lock hanging on the inside of the double doors.

    Odette eyed the food with suspicion at first. Rest had proved useful after all, and her head had cleared considerably. No longer did her lungs feel so terrified for air, and her eyes had settled like the calm after a storm. She still didn't speak much, preferring to listen to Akihiro when he'd spoken at all. The doctor had tried to convince Odette that all was well, and she'd be returned to her family as soon as the ransom was paid, without so much as a few hairs missing from her head. The salted smell on her clothes could be washed away, the memories forgotten, and in time Odette might even grow from her experience on board.

    All if it felt like a lie.

    If they wanted to poison her they would've done it on the bay before being kidnapped. At least, if they wanted to kill her they would have done so long ago. Odette took a hesitant step towards the table. Waves of heat rose up from the pig, an apple lodged into its mouth, dripping the sweet fruit's juices down off onto the platter beneath. Her own mouth watered at the sight. It had only been a day, not even, her stomach grumbled a protest to her silence. Oh, hush.

    "May I eat?" She asked quietly. The Captain seemed inclined to allow her food.

    She sat at the far end of the table, her eyes darted from the food to his waist, weapons absent for the time being. If she weren't so hungry Odette might have thought about the three walls with their decorated window panes as something of an escape. It would take a fist to shatter the glass and a heart of steel to jump again into the ocean waters beneath, but Odette could hardly stomach enough courage to even lift her fork to eat.

    "May I ask where you are taking me?" Odette cleared her throat and was more able to familiarize herself with her casual voice, with a small purr described as being almost velvet like, but it was only her voice. "I suppose that's too much of a question, isn't it."
  20. Cadogen Grey: Captain of the Ocean's Dagger, grey

    Cadogen took a hearty swing from his bottle of rum before answering the young woman. He was quite pleased that she would not need convincing to eat, and that she was able to speak. Any damage to her well being would lower his asking price for her, including if she had gone mute during her frightening ordeal of being kidnapped.

    "The little dove has found her voice again," he mused as he leaned forward in his chair to set the bottle aside. He pulled a good portion of each food item offered onto his own plate, the excitement of the day having grown his appetite. "See your stomach full. The Ocean's Dagger has an excellent cook, so you should find the meal quite pleasing."

    Her second question went unanswered for a time, though. The captain decided his own empty stomach was far more important than a question of where they were going. As expected, the food was quite savory - spices used sparingly and only to enhance the natural flavors, since they weren't needed to mask the taste of rotting meat. Cadogen ate his fill quickly; men of the sea never took long to fill their stomachs, lest someone else take their food or they fall to attack and not have a chance to finish.

    "If your father wisely pays for the ransom, you'll go no further than a few days out to see before we turn around and take you back to Sepselle," he finally answered. With his hands free again, he took hold of the bottle of rum again. "If he does not... then I will have to figure that situation out when it comes about."
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