Stolen Magic



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Zanna wandered through the forest, not having anything to do at the moment. Small animals followed her from time to time as she walked and soon she noticed it was starting to get late. She looked to the sky as the wind lightly blew through her hair. The sky was darkening as the sun finished setting and the moon was soon rising. It gave her light in the forest and she was able to see better. A smile came across her smooth face as she continued her walking.

Zanna was heading home now, having the feeling it might not be too safe to still be out in the forest. She lived not too far from where she was now. Her home was a small cottage, perfect for her. Of course thought it could be kind of lonely living it since she always lived alone. Fairies have been disappearing a lot more recently, making it very hard for one to find any new friends.

It did worry her a bit though with how little the fairy population was becoming, but she was always sure to be careful when she was out on her own. So far she hasn't had any problems with it and didn't think she ever would. But she was careful with not getting her hopes up, knowing it could very well change one day. She wasn't looking forward to that day though, and had no idea what she'd do if that happens any time soon.


In a forgotten piece of land deep into the dark woods, the demons had made their small town, they were outnumbered to win a battle against teh humans, but they were fierce warriors.
But the demons aren't the smartest of creatures, mainly this cast, they were soldiers, living together was hard, demons are selfish beings, this conditions had forced Trevor to became more than regular soldier they had fights and they fought dirty, at the end of the tournament Trevor was appointed as one of the most fierce demons and one of the more clever ones, he was sent to the woods where small giggles could be heard from time to time, his quest to find a fairy, and bring her back to the demon city.

After searching in the forest Trevor found a small cottage, he thought no human would live this deep in the forest, but the place didn't seem abandoned, so he remained hidden in the woods nearby waiting for the owner of the cottage to return home.
Zanna was very close to her home now. She couldn't see it from where she was. When she started walking up the light dirt path to the door though she stopped when she almost thought she might have heard something. That's when she then started to get the feeling that she might have been watched. She hated that feeling. It's mostly just the animals in the forest, but this time it felt like something very different.

She turned her attention away from that rather quickly, not wanting to think too much about it. She just wanted to get home and to bed since it was getting later. Her pace did quicken a little, for this feeling was worrying her a little bit more the closer to her home she got..


Trevor watches her, he can't belive his luck, he waits untill she is past halfway the dirt path so she won't be able to hide in the woods, then he rides his demon horse quickly out of the woods towards her path, making her stumble in her feet in order to avoid running into the beast.
Then before she can balance her self he trows his big strong hand at her, reaching her arm and pulling her towards him, lifting her in the air, and putting her above his shoulder.
Zanna stumbles back when suddenly a horse came out of nowhere. She can sense all the evil in both the beast and its rider and it was obvious to her that it was a demon. Before she had any time to regain her balance to try and get away she was grabbed and throw over the shoulder of the demon. This was not suppose to be happening.
It worried her greatly, for demons were the reason the fairy population was thinning and she didn't want to be another fairy used till death.
Unless she was able to move herself she could have tried to fly away, but the demon was too strong for her to even struggle.
"Stop Struggling!" - he yells in his rude brutal voice.
"It's useless to resist!"
He carries her throught the dark woods as the night falls, soon he reaches the gates of the demon city.
"Open the gate!" he yells at the sentry.
As the gates open you can see the demon kingdom, it looks like a small fortress, very rude and raw in it's construction, it's like walls around a mountain with some caves, there are some simple raw cottages where the more important demons reside, those are guarded by lesser demons.
He rides his horse around the mountain to his cave where he descents, his cave has a simple wood bed, a few weapons on the walls and not much more.
He trows Zanna into bed, she fears the worse, but he merely chains her so she can't escape.
Zanna didn't bother looking at where they were. She it was full of demons and nothing else. She didn't bother to try and struggle anymore, seeing no point in doing so. Demons were too strong for a fairy to even try to get away. It wouldn't take much for them to kill or harm her.

When she was then thrown onto a bed, she did fear that something else was going to happen. Instead she was being chain to it, obviously so that she wouldn't escape. Why would she? She knew how dangerous it was if she even made a small attempt to do such a thing. But being chained was very uncomfortable.

"What do you want from me?" she then asked the demon who had captured her. She wasn't aware of the reason why the demons have been trying to capture her kind, and so wanted to know.

"You'll have to ask that to my superiors... I am merely a soldier obeying orders." - He says noticing for the first time how beautiful the fairy was.
"Please hold no grudge against me, if I wasn't the one to capture you someone else would."
One of the other demons walks by my cave and he spots Zanna.
"Trevor, you done with her, can I take my turn!?!" - the other demon yells.
"What?! No! You know I don't participate in those kind of activities..." - Trevor answers.
"To be honest I don't care to see who else fuck my meatholes..." - the savage demons replies.
"Begone!" Trevor replies pushing the savage one out of his cave.
Zanna sighed quietly. She'll never get an answer, for she honestly doesn't want to have to try and get them from a demon with a higher rank than the one she was stuck with at the moment. When she heard another demon speak she simply tuned them both out and looked else where. She knew what the other demon meant, she so she decided to try and distract herself by letting her mind wander. Of course she was scared with the situation she was trapped in, but she did her best not to let that show. She never had to fear anything before until now.

Her thoughts soon took a turn for the worse and she frowned. What was she going to do if she never makes it out of here? Was she to be trapped here until something horrible happens to her? Her mood fell greatly and the shimmer of her wings went out. She had no idea what she was to do..
Trevor looks back at Zanna.
"Well fairy it's time to go, since you're chained, I don't mind letting you walk by yourself, being carried must be disconfortable."
Trevor felt confused, why was he caring for her, worse yet, why was he protecting her, he never cared about the orgies his comrades commited, it's the natural demon way, but he had dedicated his existence to be the best soldier he could be, he never carried luscious thoughts.
"Where are we going?" Zanna asks. Going anywhere where there will be other demons was something she actually wished she could avoid. She looked to the chains she was trapped with, but was at least glad to be able to walk on her own instead of being carried. She got off the bed though, but didn't move to him, not yet. She wanted to know where exactly they were going.​
"We are going to see my superiors, they are the ones asking us soldiers to capture your kind."
He says right turning to you with his back to the entrance of th cavern.
Then all of a sudden



The demon he had just pushed outside has returned with a few others.

"You disrespected me, so I called in a few buddies..."
That said they charge on Trevor...
Zanna was close to walking over to the demon so that they could get to wherever they were suppose to go. She didn't really want to of course, but had no choice in the matter. But just as she was close to the demon, she heard someone call his name and saw the demon he had just made leave. But this time, there were others. As they went for her captor, she stepped back, sort of trying to figure out what was even going on.
"What are you do..." Trevor has to defend himself, blocking the first demon sword with his gauntlets, pushing towards the other stoping their charge giving him an opening to draw his sword.
"" he finishes the sentence.
"I want her, you won't stand in my way!" the other demon says assuming a fight stance along with his companions.
What was about this fairy that drove this demons to the point of attacking each other for lust, worse what was about this fairy that made a loyal demon like Trevor fight his own kind for her sake.
With that thought Trevor trows his sword spinning like a boomerang, effectivily knowking 3 demons down with the charges on the other 5 with a rain of punches from his big strong fists with his bigger stronger gauntlets.
He each time they hit him, he blocks pushing them against each other, delaying their actions, giving him more time to charge with mighty punches, giving him space to pick up his sword, some of the demons flee on the sigh of Trevor with his sword, since he gave them a total beatdown without it.
The ones who remain try to mantain a distance and surround him.
When both Trevor and his foes are about to charge on each other a dark figure with a hood and really big horn emerges from the out side.

"STOP!" - the figure says - "What is going on here?"
All the demons drop to one knee, including Trevor.
"Sir, Trevor..." the one who started this all starts
"I caught a fairy, but this savage wouldn't let me bring her to you." Trevor interrupts
"I just wanted some fun before you guys skin her, it's not like that matters..."
"Skin her???" Trevor things out loud.
The savage one had seen how they "collect" the fairys magic, they torture her to death absorving all their energies that they unleash in the struggle to stay alive.
"You do not know what we do to her king yet? Is this the first one you bring?" The dark figure asks.
"Yes it is." Trevor replies.
"Well bring her then." the evil demon replies and turns his back walking of the cave.
Trevor walks to Zanna to pick her over his shoulder.
After finding out that the whole fight issue was over her it made no sense. Why would they even care? Zanna jsut stayed quiet and at a distance, unsure of what to do. After awhile she saw the figure appear and stop the fighting. But it only made her being here all the more terrifying when she heard what was to become of her, and as the demon came towards her, she backed away from him.
((Notice I described what happens to fayries as narrator, so for now you just know they'll skin you.))

Her efforts were futile, Trevor pick her back and carries her above his shoulder.
the other demons look at him in rage, but they won't dare to defy the dark one.
He walks to a cottage with closed windows and doors, so that no one can see from outside, as the dark figure enters Trevor follows, but he stands at the entrance, where he spots fairy corpses skinned alive, corpses that the blood was fully drown, bones, body pieces hanging around on hook... a vision so terrific reminded him of hell from where he was brought years ago, but these creatures are not sinners who deserve punishment, the fayries are pure an innocent.
Trevor grabs Zanna tighter, not hurting her, more like demonstrating a bit of care.
He walks in breathing slowly, his head is turmoil he doesn't know what to do...

"Put her here." the dark figure says disposing of a body that was on a torture table.
Trevor walks near the table and leans to drop her, then he suddenly lifts up the table trowing it agains the dark figure smashing him against the walls.
Trevor then, jumps high in the air breaking throught a window with his shoulder (the one not carrying Zanna).
He then runs fast towards his cave, he's allready allmost there when a dark figure walks from the cottage and yells

"Get him!!!"
Zanna didn't like that she had no way of getting out of going with them. When she was picked up once more and put over the demon's shoulder she couldn't stop imaging the pain that might come from being skinned alive. If only there was a way to not let that happen... When they got to the cottage, she started to feel rather light headed. She could smell the corpses and sense the death of other fairies who did not deserve it. She didn't try to look though, knowing she'd most likely faint from the sight if she did. Worry and fear consumed her more so now than on their way here when the demon went to put her down on the table after being told to do so from the dark figure. But something else happened...something she never would have expected. Instead of being put down on the table she saw him pick the table up and throw it at the dark figure. Now she was left with confusion while he broke out of the cottage and took her back to his cave. "Why are you doing this..?" she found herself asking quietly.
Why am I doing this? - he thinks at the exact same time she asks him.
Demons cross his path, he can't think about this now.
He draws hiw sword holding it with one arm, the other is carrying Zanna, he must protect her, so he assumes a fighting stance with that shoulder facing his back.
He whistles and his horse responds.
He charges with his enormous sword on the demons in his path, even blocking the hit with their own weapons they are pulled back by his strenght, just enough for his horse to appear behind them.
He jumps on the horse, and places Zanna in his lap, he uses one hand to ride the horse and the other to swing his sword as he slays his path to the gates.
Zanna noticed he didn't answer her question, and found that it didn't bother her at all. She had the feeling he probably didn't know himself, and she couldn't blame him either.He was a demon after all and demons were normally suppose to be evil and cruel beings, not protecting a fairy from their own kind. When the other demons appeared in the area she remained quiet, finding this to definitely not be the time to speak. She tried to distract herself, not wanting to be aware of what was happening at the moment. At least that was until she was suddenly in Trevor's lap on the horse. There was obviously some kind of unknown reason for his actions that maybe he wasn't even aware of about. She bets they were both confused about this, but she was somewhat thankful for what he was doing. She couldn't deny that.
They reach the gates.
"Open the gates" he yells.
The sentinel was not yet ware of what happened, this all happened so fast the opens the gates.
The demons who crossed my path and the darker figure emerge from our back.

"Close the gates!" they yell before they are yet fully opened.
"Hold tight!" Trevor says says and he rides towards the gates, crashing with is large blades on the gates so hard, the demon sentinel pulling the lever to close the gates is draged to with the lever as the gates sucumb to Trevors strenght.
They go deep in the woods to flee from the demons.