Stolen Hearts

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Hello! Let's get straight to the point. :p


You need money. Now. And what could be easier money than a crime you know all too well? All it took was a drug and place to hide the body. You and your crew do your research, and discover a very rich man lives in your town, and coincidentally, his wife and little girl are his two most prized possessions.

But as you use her as a mannequin for money and your needs, while time passes, do you develop something for her? You better make up your mind. Time's running out.



APPEARANCE (or you can describe throughout rp):
LIKES (opt.):
DISLIKES (opt.):


I don't mind extra characters or NPCs! I actually encourage them, to keep the rp interesting. If you want, we can add people in later if we don't want to play lots of characters.

This roleplay can be clean or mature. In either one, there can be romance without mature scenes. However, my character for this originally is pretty young, but I can change her depending on what makes you comfortable.



1) PLEASE help with the plot! You can add twists and turns, or take it somewhere else, as long as it makes sense! You don't have to, but I don't want to have to be so aggressive I'm carrying the rp. If you have ideas you want to run by me or questions, feel free to ask or talk to me!

2) When you post, please make sure it contributes to the roleplay, or at least gives me something to respond to. I don't prefer one liners, but if it contributes, go ahead! Please try to have at least one paragraph though!

3) Pleeaaassee respond at least two or three times a day! I truly understand if you're busy, as am I, but lots of rps of mine have died due to inactivity, which also causes loss of interest, etc. If you're only able to reply once a day, that's fine. I just don't want to be pushed to the side and/or forgotten about.

4) Of course, please have decent grammar!

5) Communicate with me, please! If you lose interest, can't rp anymore, anything, do NOT be afraid to tell me! I'm extremely understanding and I won't be offended. :) I don't want to be a burden to you!
Not open for further replies.