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  1. Addison York sat opposite the weary and lined face of her father, Johnathan York. A soft breeze jostled his thinning grey hair and he sighed, turning his eyes onto his daughter. They were sitting outside of an upscale café, shielded from the midday sun that was just on the wrong side of too hot for comfort.

    "Addison," Johnathan murmured, his voice quiet and the epitome of fatherly concern. "I need you to get out of town for a while. I've...I've upset some people."

    The dark haired girl knew exactly what her father meant. To an outside observer, the exchange may have seemed unusual; a father telling his daughter to leave town was definitely unusual. But, Addison had been preparing herself to hear those very words since she was a young girl. She knew it was only a matter of time.

    She didn't think of her father as a bad man. Quite the opposite, in fact. Addison thought the world of him - but she wasn't stupid. She knew that he had done bad things; continued to do bad things, and when she looked at him, she knew he had finally overstepped.

    "There are people who will want to hurt you--"

    "I know how it works, dad." Addison curtly interrupted the aging man, who in turn closed his mouth. She finished off the now cold coffee that she had been nursing and stood up, raking her splayed fingers through her hair as she did. Her father looked at her and gave her a sad smile.

    "Only until I fix things." He promised, nodding his head once. Addison offered him a reassuring smile before turning and walking from the table, heading down the street and towards her home.

    She needed to pack.
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  2. Justin parked his car on a side street around the corner and six houses down from his target's house. He got out of the beaten up ford and crossed the street onto the right side. With his hands in his pockets and a jaunty whistle on his lips he walked down the street, approaching the house. He'd caught her leaving the house on his way there and had driven on by, circling a nearby block a few times until he was sure she'd be long gone. He'd then double backed to park and approach on foot, no need to spook her by having an unfamiliar car near her house. She was the daughter of a man who knew his trade and would likely be as suspicious as he was.

    But she'd given him the perfect opportunity to set up an ambush and make his life easier by leaving. Arriving outside her place he checked down the street both ways to make sure there was no one else about. When he was sure the coast was clear he walked around the side, hopping her fence and landing in the backyard. Pulling out a set of lockpicks he approached the back door, working quickly. After a few minutes of work the back door was open and he entered the house, closing the door but not locking it behind him, that was one risk he'd have to take.

    He walked very carefully through the rooms making sure not to disturb anything. He wanted to get this done without too much of a scuffle which meant he needed to strike form somewhere she couldn't see. Preferably from behind, but that took some guesswork. After a few more minutes of searching he opted for the bathroom which was opposite her bedroom. He put his back to the wall next to the door and pulled out a rag and a bottle of clear liquid. He very carefully loosened the cap from the bottle and waited. He wouldn't pour the chloroform on the rag until he heard her enter the house in case it lost its strength.

    Then he waited.
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  3. Addison soon arrived home, removing her key from her pocket and unlocked the front door, entering and sighing softly as she closed it behind her.

    "Fuck," She muttered aloud, dragging her hand down her face. She really didn't want to leave town - not again. The first time, she had been ten. Her father had almost been killed during a gangland fight and had decided to move them a couple of towns over in the dead of night. They had lived, for two long months, in a cramped one room apartment.

    Shaking off the memory, Addison shrugged off her worn leather jacket and hung it up on the hook on the left wall. Shuffling down the hall, she headed towards her bedroom when she suddenly stopped, her stomach twisting.

    Something wasn't right.

    She couldn't pinpoint it but the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end as her stomach continued to twist. After a few moments, Addison slowly shook her head and stepped into her room, stretching her arms up above her head with a tired sound.
  4. Justin heard the sound of the door open and the close, signalling his target was home. Using two fingers he lifted the cap off the bottle and held it there as he poured a decent helping onto the rag. Replacing the cap he used the same two fingers to twist it closed before putting it back into his pocket. A slightly sweet scent rose from the fabric and he held it away from the door hoping it wouldn't be noticeable.

    He listened to her as she moved about the house, swearing first then the sound of movement growing louder as she moved down the hall. And she suddenly stopped. Justin's last breath didn't leave his lungs as he held himself perfectly still, not even daring to breathe. He was almost tempted to jump out of his hiding spot and strike before she acted herself, relying on surprise to take her down. But his own experience held him in place.

    A few seconds later he knew he'd made the right choice as she began moving again. He heard her right next to where he was, making a yawning sound. It was time. Still moving quietly he stepped out of his hiding spot and found himself behind the target. For a moment he was surprised by how tall she was, that would make his job more difficult if she struggled. Then instinct took over again. His left arm shot out and aimed to grab her around her throat, while the right looped around to the front of her face and attempted to press the rag over her mouth and nose. As he did this he kicked at the back of her knee with his foot to throw her off balance.
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  5. Addison's relaxed breath was interrupted and replaced with a startled sound as she was suddenly seized and her left leg buckled forward, her arms flailing to the side for a few moments before shooting up to grab at the arm around her throat, her nails scraping against flesh.

    She should have known. Always go with your instincts, that's what she had been taught. That's what she had been taught from the minute she had been introduced to this world. Addison removed one hand and lashed out with a backwards elbow jab, feeling it connect yet unsure where or if it did any real damage.

    A strong aroma assaulted hee senses as a rag was forced against her mouth and nose, her eyes watering as the only thing she could process was the smell. As her vision blurred around the edges and slowly swirled inwards into complete darkness, her mind repeated a single truth over and over:

    Should have trusted your instincts.
    Should have trusted--
    Should have--

    Her world fell into darkness.
  6. Justin grunted as the nails cut into his scarred arm. There wasn't that much pain with so much scar tissue but the feeling of them catching the skin and pulling on it was very disconcerting. What was painful was the elbow that slammed into his ribs suddenly, taking him by surprise. He hadn't been expecting that much fight with the rag over her mouth. Still it wasn't enough to break his hold and it wasn't long before the target was on the floor unconscious.

    Letting her fall down with a thump he quickly searched her pockets then moved down the hallway and searched her jacket. He took her wallet and keys and any weapons she might have then moved back to the body, pulling out a pair of hand ties. Pulling her arms in front of her body he cuffed them together. He also positioned the rag over her mouth so she continued to breath the chloroform while he was gone. Now was the time for speed.

    He ran out of the house and back to where he had parked his car. Jumping in he threw it into a u turn and drove to her house, reversing into the drive way so the trunk was close to the door. Getting out he popped it open in preparation. Then he ran back inside to where she was lying. While he didn't like the idea of leaving her in the trunk to her own devices he wasn't risking her in the backseat. Grabbing her by the arms he dragged the body to the front door. He then lifted her up like a baby and carried her outside and placed her in the trunk. Slamming it down he got back in and drove off.
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  7. Addison awoke to a dim light and the sound of her own heartbeat mixing with the sound of an engine. There was a rag laying against her shoulder and as she attempted to lift her arm to remove it, she found them to be bound.

    Her eyes darted from left to right as her breaths came in harsh puffs. Calm down. Calm down. Breathe, her mind barked at her. Forcing her breathing to a steadier pace, she squeezed her eyes closed and concentrated. What had happened? She struggled to concentrate.

    "I've...I've upset some people." Her father's voice, her father's concerned face. What had happened after that? She had...she had gone home. She had unlocked the door and taken off her jacket.

    Addison's eyes shot open as she recalled the strong arms suddenly around her, the rag on her face. She glanced towards the rag at her shoulder and grimaced. How much time had passed since then? How long had she been out?

    Addison kicked out her right leg, groaning in frustration. So, she was in a trunk. That explained the engine sound.
  8. The location Justin had picked to hold the hostage was half an hour from her house. It was also far out into the countryside and a safe house his gang often used. The drive out there was peaceful, he only passed a few cars and by the time his captive could be awake at the earliest they were already beyond the point where screams would help her. However through the entire ride he heard, or more felt, only a single bang from the trunk.

    Pulling up at the location he got out of his car and walked inside. It was a small, abandoned house that had once been part of a farm. The farmer had left the business though and no one had taken after him. It had a kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom. But more importantly it had a basement accessible from inside the house which meant, stocked up as it was, he wouldn't need to leave anytime soon. He gave it a quick search to make sure no one had moved in before returning to his car.

    Curling his hand into a fist he wrapped on the trunk three times. "I'm opening the trunk now. Sit still and don't move a muscle and we won't need to break any bones." It was a fair warning. He then put his key in the trunk and unlocked it. But before he opened it up moved to the side of the car. If she came out kicking she'd only hit empty air.
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  9. A muffled voice from outside stopped Addison's attempt of forcing her hands free from their bounds. She couldn't help but scoff; big talking kid, no doubt about it. As the lid of the trunk opened, she squinted her eyes against the sudden light, a sharp contrast to the near pitch blackness of the trunk.

    "You think you could even put my pinkie joint out of place? Go fuck yourself." She growled out, her green eyes now open and settling on her abductor. Tattooed, well built, not terrible to look at. Addison sat up, careful not to bash her head against the edge of the lid.
  10. Justin's only response to the target's words was a smirk. She was certainly a feisty one, as his ribs would agree, and he'd have to be careful. Now he wasn't rushing to get a job he could actually take a moment to look at her. She looked like a gang member herself as he expected, and a tough one. The visible scar on her throat made it clear she'd survived at least one killing blow and it hadn't scared her. She was attractive, in a dangerous way.

    "Alrighty." Justin said, clapping his hands together, "Here's the rules. You shut up and do as I say and we'll get along fine. Make an annoyance of yourself and I'll shut up your myself and your pinkie will be the least of your worries." His smile was filled with the promise of pain to come. "Now out of the car and walk inside the house like a good girl." He reached forward and grabbed her by the arm to start pulling her out of the trunk.
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  11. Addison swung her leg out and over the lip of the trunk, struggling to her feet. She cast a glare at the man, attempting to pull her arm from his grip. "I know how to walk. I learned all by myself quite a while ago."

    They were approaching a small house that was clearly abandoned and obviously made to keep looking abandoned. Addison glanced around; it must have been a farm at some point. She briefly wondered why it had been abandoned - maybe the gang this man belonged to chased the owners away? It was possible.
  12. "I'm sure you can also use the potty without my help." Justin replied to her sarcastic remark. Despite her struggling he didn't let go of her arm, keeping a tight hold as he pushed her into the house. He kept her walking in front of him so she couldn't pull any surprises, and led her to the living room where the basement door was located. There were two two seater couches within and an additional two wooden chairs. The floor had once been carpet but now there were only some scraps on the edges, most of it was hard wood. In the corner was a large wooden door with a heavy metal lock and chain securing them closed.

    He pushed Addison down onto one of the threadbare couches, releasing her arm, and pulled a key from his pocket. "Sit still." he commanded. He crouched down by the door though kept an eye on her, and inserted the key, jiggling it until the lock popped open.
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  13. Addison scowled as she flipped him off with both of her hands, irritated that they were still tightly bound. She was silent for a short while, taking in her surroundings, before she asked:

    "What am I meant to call you, huh? I can call you a bunch of things but I'm offering you a chance to choose."

    She couldn't help her smart mouth and sarcastic remarks. She wasn't stupid; she knew that she could get seriously injured. But Addison had never really been one to think things through, nor care about the repercussions.
  14. Pulling the chain from the handles Justin dropped it next to the door and pulled them open. They swung open easily and without the dust cloud that had accompanied them the other day when he had been preparing. "You can call me Justin." he told her. He had been tempted to add a "or sir" in there, but he had a feeling she'd turn that against him quickly. "Now let's go, back on your feet." he grabbed her by the arm again and pulled her up and walked her down the stairs to the basement.

    At the bottom of the stairs he flicked a switch and a lone yet bright bulb turned off, bathing the area in light. It was a fairly empty basement though it was also quite large. There were some random pieces of metal which may have once been farm equipment parts in one corner. In another corner was a old cabinet, the sort with glass doors on the front of the top to display things in. The glass was there but the selves were empty now. A lone chair lent against one of the walls too.

    The main feature was in the centre of the room through. There had obviously once been some sort of generator or other device there that had been plated to the floor to prevent it falling over while it was being used. Now there was a manacle on a short chain attached to the plating. Justin walked Addison over to it and pushed her into a sitting position, then bent down to attach it around her ankle.
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  15. Addison squirmed as the manacle was attached to her ankle and lashed out with her other leg, hitting against Justin's wrist. She hoped that it hurt, though she had attempted to at least sprain it. It didn't twist or crack, something that made her frown.

    "I hope you're not too fond of your spine, Justin. Because my dad's gonna get some real cold fuckers to rip it right out when he finds out that you've taken me."

    It wasn't a completely hollow threat. Her father did have connections to many colourful characters, some just on the wrong side of sane. Addison set her cold eyes on the man, her mouth pressed into a thin line.
  16. Justin grunted as his captive's foot whacked against his wrist. This was becoming quite a painful affair for his body. If she didn't stop fighting back soon he'd just have to start using the chloroform a bit more. Maybe he would break something to teach her to stop. Once the manacle was around her ankle he quickly stood up and moved away, massaging his wrist. It certainly wasn't sprained but there would be a bruise.

    As she threatened him Justin's only response was another smirk. Her cold gaze didn't faze him and he calmly pulled her wallet out of his pocket to look at the cards within. "Let's see Ms York. First name Addison." Replacing the wallet he crouched down to be at eye level with her. "I would worry about your own spine a little more than mine Addison. Do you think I picked you to kidnap at random? Your father has overstepped his bounds, he needs to be taught a lesson. And if he doesn't step backwards quickly, you and me, we're going to teach him that lesson." He gave her another pain promising smile.
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  17. Addison's first response was to spit directly in Justin's face as he came to be eye level with her. Her stomach twisted a little in nervousness; not for her own safety but for her father's. She knew that he had gotten in too deep but didn't realise just how far it had gone until now.

    "I don't give a shit. But if you or any of your people hurt him, I'll kill you. You think I'm kidding? You have no idea what I've done."

    Addison then averted her eyes, leaning back as she was now irritated with her personal space being invaded. She tapped her fingertips against her thigh, a nervous tic that she had developed from childhood.
  18. Justin barely blinked as the spit hit his face. Far worse had happened. But it was still unpleasant. He wiped it off with one hand and flicked it off onto the ground and then stood up. While Addison's eyes were averted he took a step forward and kicked her right in the stomach. As she spoke to her his voice was calm. He wasn't actually angry, but he had made it clear to her earlier there would be pain if she didn't play nice. He was making sure she believed him.

    "Addison you have no idea what a mess you are in, you have no idea who your father has annoyed. But we don't plan on hurting him. Nor do we plan on hurting you much, as long as he does what he's told like a good little boy." He looked down at her, "You better hope your father cares for your well being."
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  19. Addison folded forward, coughing violently. That definitely hurt, though she was determined to give no indication beyond her natural reaction. Breathing hard for a few moments, she looked up at Justin, a now furious look on her face.

    "You've made your point. Sorry that I'm not adequately intimidated but if you had done your homework, you'd know this isn't my first rodeo."

    She shifted, grimacing at the residual pain in her stomach. 'Fucking lowlife', she thought bitterly.
  20. She wasn't making his job easy, that was for sure. Defiant till the end. If her father was as bad as her this tale wasn't going to have a happy ending. "Start thinking of those as practice Addison. Because now you're in the big leagues thanks to Dad. Speaking of which, would you like to let him know what's going on?" Justin pulled out his phone and dialed in her father's number before showing her the screen so she could see it. "I wonder if he's noticed you're missing yet."
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