Stockholm's Desires.

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  1. Alexander


    One more mouthful... Alex ripped the flesh from the young mans shoulder. He was beginning to feel sick now. After getting horrendously drunk and slaughtering another young man on the weekend, Alex had to get rid of the evidence. His evil way of doing so was perfect for him, eating the remains. The body was potent in smell, so he had to hide it in the bathtub. He was disgusting. And he knew it. He wiped his bloody hand across his face before finally deciding to shower.


    The bar scene made him so uncomfortable to begin with. Everybody was talking to somebody, and Alex looked nervous and shaky. But after a number of heavy drinks, Alexander finally felt cocky enough to attempt to approach some attractive men. They were mainly students or young drug addicts who nobody would care about if they went missing. He certainly didn't. Well, it may seem like he was actually guilty of feeling bad for his victims and their families. But the fact was, he really didn't. He felt ashamed and sorry for himself.

    Now, he always had one thing in his mind as he met men. Murder and flesh. Blood and guts. Sex and gore. All his horrific desires. The men he spoke to were never aware of this until he was strangling them.

    Alexander looked around, whiskey in his hand against his white and blue shirt. He spotted some attractive young men, but then he spotted one real God. Tall, slim and handsome. Hair dark and styled. And a face on him sharp as stone. Alexander smirked and slowly approached him from the side. He rested his arms on the bar next to his new target.

    "Do I know you?" He began his usual opening lines, hoping to get another person tonight.

  2. Dante

    He never liked the club, drinks were overpriced, perverts were just around the corner, and if you hadn't come early with would take at least a good hour just to get in. But something about tonight made him feel like he had to go, his research paper had been turned in and now he was free of anything big. Well at least until Monday. He weaves through the sweaty and sexually frustrated bodies until he made it to his destination. The bar.

    "What could I get you cutie" it was a gruff voice speaking but it belonged to a handsome man, he rolled his eyes at the comment and placed his arms on the bar leaning over so that their faces weren't far from each other. "I'll take a whiskey on the rocks...cutie" he mocked the nickname that the man had given him then pulled away watching as whoever was doing a poor job with flirting, made his drink. Then he heard another stupid pick up line, one of the oldest in the books. "Do I know you?" He almost felt like rolling his eyes, until he looked at the man who asked him.

    The slightly deep voice mixed with an accent matched the face it belonged to perfectly. His stormy blue eyes seemed to fit perfectly with his blonde hair. Of course whoever decided to grace him with their presence was attractive, but he still had to play hard to get...cause what would be the fun in just falling to his knees in the first meeting.

    "Oh wait let me guess where this is going, I'm going to say I don't really remember you and then you're going to pop out some lie that we met at a party, or we met in high school, or we had a one night stand in college...please stop me if I'm wrong" he looked up at the mysterious attractive man and flashed him a small smirk as he received his drink in front of him. The bartender hadn't stayed long but the little time he had watched it was just filled with longing stares, but then he was one his way once more attending to another customer. "I'm pretty sure that you don't know me and I'm pretty sure that I don't know you cause I think I would remember that sexy accent and those blue eyes to go along with it"

    He flirted nonchalantlyas he picked up his glass taking a small sip of the contents inside. Maybe tonight wouldn't be so horrible if he had whoever this was to keep him company.
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  3. Alexander


    Damn. Alexander stared ahead as his new friend picked apart his worn out pickup line. He had made a mistake and picked a clever one. The boys he usually went for measured below his high IQ, but the way this one spoke intimidated him marginally.

    Just as he was gonna give up, the male had initiated flirting back. Alex smiled triumphantly as he leaned up, giving him a proper look. He looked good enough to eat. "Hm." He chuckled a little bit when mentioned. Alexander sometimes thought his accent came off as a little weird, but to some very sexy. He smirked and shrugged, "Damn, I wish we had met before now. I'm Alexander." He said, playing up his accent a tiny bit more, just to entice him further.

    "So, what does a place like this offer a gorgeous young man like you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow a little. He leaned on the side of the counter, swirling his drink around a little. Alex nibbled on his lip a bit, he could notice that he was a little older than the young man in front of him, probably only by five or so years. The more he complimented him, the more he hopefully could convince him to come back home with him later. It was beginning to get too easy.
  4. Dante

    He sure was charming, charmingly hilarious. Of course he was a bit older than him, maybe by five years or so. His eyes though, they were unreadable. Of course he could tell that he hadn't gotten out very much cause he used corny pick up lines and just seemed out of place. But that wasn't what he was looking for, he was looking for a past, daddy issues, the only thing he could insinuate was that he couldn't pick up with a guy who wasn't dumb enough to fall for those pick up lines.

    Dante looked up at him a small smirk just sitting on his face as he held up he glass asking for a refill. "I don't know if you couldn't tell but I have a pretty high that whole flattery thing doesn't work for me, I mean it isn't bad to get a compliment here and there, but do I know you and the. Using the while what's a gorgeous thing like you doing's hilarious, but cute on you" he stepped closer to the man he now knows as Alexander and ran his finger around the rim empty glass. "I'm Dante...and yes like the epic poem Dante's Inferno...but Alexander, just a tip I'm throwing out there...if you want to flirt with me and successfully get in my pants..."

    He pushed himself closer closing off the space between them so that he could whisper in his ear. "loosen up...give me a smile and dance a little, and don't give me those cheap pick up lines cause I'm not some dumb whore who gets off on stuff like that" he pulled away from him the smirk never leaving as he looked over flashing one of his award winning smiles at the bartender as he finally got the drink to him. "So...Alexadner, tell me about yourself...Why's an intelligent man like yourself trying to pick me up with stupid pick up lines"
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    Oh, he really had caught himself a clever one. Alex watched the man talk like he was the superior one, but he allowed it. Now he really wanted this one to stay, and if he wanted to feel intelligent, he'd damn well let him. Alex didn't mind following lead, for now.

    As he spoke, Alex smiled with amusement, sipping at his spirit. "You must find me really attractive not to of walked away by now." He chuckled before Dante got closer. His body heat radiated against Alexander's chest. The close contact made him breath out with lust. This would be better if he were unconscious. His hand resting lightly on Dante's hip, not wanting to go too far. But it was like this kid knew what he was doing. The bartender looked at the two with longing, and Alex gave him a smug face, as to say 'this-is-mine-now.'

    Alexander pulled away and licked his lips, he hated being questioned. His usual way was to blow up their self-esteem, and make it all about them. But he was in too deep now. "Damn, I'm gonna have to rely on my pretty face to get you outta here." He spoke, his voice deep and with accent.

    "I'm just your average guy who apparently can't use his pick up lines correctly." He chuckled, keeping his hand wandering around Dante's hip and bicep. He was a bit taller than him, and a little more muscular. His eyes accessed the possibility of Dante over powering him, but he didn't see any immediate threat. "I'm good at using other things though..." He mused, biting his lower lip as he looked at Dante's piercing green eyes.

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    You must find me pretty attractive to not have walked away by now. Dante found himself thinking about this as he felt Alexander placed his hand on his hand and let it wander around. Dante found himself smirking at his last comment. He's good at using other things, hm...he shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows a bit, playing coy.

    "What could you possibly mean...Alexander, what other things are you good at using?" Of course he was attracted to this man, why the hell else would he still be standing here casually flirting with him. He was easy on the eyes, he just needed to stay away from the pick up lines. Dante found himself chuckling at the thought as he watched Alexadner bite his lower lip. It was a small act but on him it looked so provacitive, Dante found his gaze shifting to his lips as he licked his own lower lip letting his teeth latch onto the bit of flesh.

    "Awe don't say that, I'm a tease but I would never tell you that you have to rely on your pretty face..." He smirked mischievously and brought his finger up to Alexander's shoulder and ran it down slowly and softly. "Plus you might have had me at hello, I've always been a sucker for foreign men...and sexy blue eyes but I can tell, your a dangerous one and mom always said keep away from the dangerous ones" his voice held a slight purr and he brough his finger back up once more and brushed it back down again.

    "But don't forget something Mr.Alexander, you may be easy on the eyes...but I'm not the type of guy that just puts out, I can tell that's what you're used to so I'm just warning you..." But Dante sure as hell wasn't objecting to go home with this guy. He was already intrigued by the guy when he couldn't really read him, but now he was intrigued and attracted. Curiosity killed the cat though and he hadn't wanted to be that cat.
  7. [​IMG]

    "Well, I have been told I am a dangerous one." Alexander said with irony as he moved closer. Probably one of the most dangerous men he could be flirting with in this club. The police had finally caught onto the fact they had a serial murderer on the loose, but no evidence that even remotely pointed towards Alex himself.

    If he was any more sober, Alex would have given up on this kid and moved to one of the easier options. But he was in too deep and more attracted than ever. He could smell how good he'd taste. It was a mix of clean cologne and alcohol.

    "I didn't think you would be." He said, licking his teeth in amusement as his hand wandered around his hip bone, "But what makes you so special I have to jump through hoops for you?" Alex chuckled. He already decided in his mind he wanted this guy, so jumping through those hoops would be worth it if he could convince Dante that he was in control. His foreign accent had always got him far in America, USA boys were such suckers for the European gentleman.

    Alexander picked up his drink with his other hand, sipping at the content as he kept eye-contact strong. He let his glass back down as he leaned up, leaving only a few inches between them, "I'm not complaining about jumping those hoops though..."
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    Okay, this was getting bad...this was getting dangerous, this was getting hot. He breathed out looking him dead in his hypnotizing blue eyes without moving an inch away. A small smile arose with his question and he moved even closer leaving them to breath in each other's air. Dante moved his hand to the nape of Alexander's neck then played in his golden locks before he finally came up with an answer.

    Why was he so special to make this man try so hard, he had never had a guy stay this long after playing so hard to get. "Why don't you answer that question for me, what makes me so important to make you try so hard, cause it's apparent that you aren't used to this...but you wanna know why I think you're still here even after all my attempts to play hard to get?" Dante smirked moving his hands from his hand then moved them slowly down his back right into his hack pockets. "I believe that even though you might not get it a love the thrill of the chase...yeah sure men probably throw themselves at you and that's okay but you just want to chase after one person once in a I wrong?"

    Dante finally closed the space between them once more and smiled at the heat that was radiating from his chest, and the lust that was radiating from his words. "Well sometimes I get a bit bored of the guys who just give up after one failed attempt, plus I've always had a thing for older men..." Dante leaned in and brushed his lips slightly against Alexander's keeping eye contact the whole time before he just pressed their lips together in a quick but passionate embrace.

    "In a second you might not be jumping through hops cause I'm tired of watching you jump through hoops...I wanna know what else you're good at, Mr.Alexander"
  9. [​IMG]

    "Hm, you've got me all figured out." Alex grinned, this boy definitely was on his level of intelligence. Well, maybe Alex had a one up on him, but he always did.

    "Older men?" Alex raised a questionable eyebrow before he was caught off guard by a kiss. He quickly adapted and kissed him back. Already he was pulsing with mad bloodlust over this man. He wanted to kill him so bad. But, he had to work a lot harder than he thought.

    "Well, I'm more of a show rather than tell sort of man, maybe I can give a demonstration of my skills." He said, his voice sultry and accented. There was a smile on his lips which said interest but also a little malicious. He thought he would be nervous that Dante would of spotted some sort of fault with Alex, but apparently tall, blond and European was Dante's type. Lucky him.

    As he said that, Alex picked up his drink and downed the rest before taking Dante's hand and tugging him towards the door. He managed to get outside with Dante and turned to him, "But as you could guess, I'm not willing to give a public performance." He grinned, looking down on his fresh meat.
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