Stitches of An Outspoken Love

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    It was the dawn of day when a dark-haired male started setting up his sewing machine. Already, other designers were entering and exiting the design room, getting ready for that night's cat walk. Last minute adjustments and buttons were being sewed, not a word being spoken. To say the least, stress was riding on everyone's shoulders.

    "Kimmy, baby!" a loud flamboyant voice broke the silence, causing the dark-haired male to cringe. It was too early to deal with pestering. He still had to finish sewing the edges of one of his model's skirts. Taking a deep breath to keep himself from exploding, Kim picked up the sewing needle and started on the skirt. He figured the man would come bother him anyway, so he wouldn't let that disturb his work.

    "Darling, do you think you could help me sew a few bows on my model's tunic? It would be a great help, sweetie!" the man placed his hands on Kim's shoulder's, shaking him a bit in desperation. Kim scowled and set his jaw, pausing his sewing in order to sigh in frustration.

    "Paul. I'm trying to finish my skirt, so I don't have any time to help you right now. Go and ask Reggie." Kim snapped, keeping his attention purely on his stitching in front of him. He couldn't get one out of line, or else he's have to scrap the whole piece. No questions asked. The man pouted and gave a huff before turning and walking away. The designer rolled his eyes and set down his needle in order to roll up the sleeves of his light yellow dress shirt. It was already going to be a long afternoon...​
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  2. Jennifer Brooks
    "Stomach in." "Butt out!" "Puff out your chest." "Walk with pride, do a little spin at the end." "Show it off." "Don't mess up."

    These are all things that Jennifer had heard multiple times during her career as a model. She had also heard more than that, but these were things all models heard. Specific to her, she got "You chase all the designers away", "You're just the pretty face for the outfit, don't try to be a part of the designing", and "You'll lose your job if you keep talking about things like that". The last one was a total lie, as she was still in work, so she took none of them to heart and kept doing what she was doing.

    Jen leaned back in her chair, fiddling with the robe she wore absentmindedly. She could model just fine. She was pretty. That's why she was still here. Didn't stop her from thinking it all over, though, especially when she had time to. She stretched out a bit, before kicking her feet up on the table in front of her. She wasn't stressed about it, but when she had nothing else to think about, she just thought about the business.

    She was shaken from her thinking when a young lady with long, red hair hit her lightly on the head with a rolled up newspaper "Ozzy, we need to do your hair, you look a mess!" The lady, Andrea, chided, looking Jen over with a frown "And your makeup. Nails! What have you been doing this whole time, hun? Really, I thought you woulda just started to get ready at this point, everyone else is at this point."

    "Everyone who is here already." Jen corrected, taking her feet off the table and looking at Andrea "I came early. We have a few hours. I have time, Andy, cut me some slack. Plus, I don't do hair, you've seen me on non-work days, haven't you? I'm always a mess."

    Andy rolled her eyes, getting out some supplies "Then I'll do it for you." She replied, getting out a brush "Since you aren't capable. Do you know what you're modelling?"

    "Nope. Don't care, either. You know how I am with these sorts of things." Jen replied flippantly, waving a hand "If I know, chances are I'll complain, so I'm better off NOT knowing for the sake of everyone involved."
  3. Seung Kim (open)

    The minutes were ticking by, and the designers were wiping sweat from their brows. Since some had already finished with last minute touch-ups, they had decided to carry out simple conversations. However, other than that, the only sounds were sewing machines and scissors. Sounds that Kim had gotten rather accustomed to in his years of designing. Of course, no designer has it easy in the fashion world. In his beginning years, he had flops and disasters that his models had to wear on runways. However, as the years went by, he had created a type of technique, and that was to incorporate a sense of himself into every piece he created. It seemed to work, since his fame had grown over the years. Now, he was up near the top. He was almost there.

    "Gah!" Kim gasped, catching his finger in the sewing machine. He pressed his lips together and pulled the thread from his finger. Luckily, it had just got him. Nothing too serious. The designer put the finger into his mouth and cleaned the blood off before pulling a band-aid from his pocket. Although he was successful, he was probably the clumsiest out of the whole company. However, he didn't let it effect his work.

    After applying the band-aid, Kim finished the rest of the stitching on the skirt and held the hem, looking over the stitch work. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he nodded slowly in satisfaction. He finally finished it, and the last thing to do was to do touch-ups for the blouse. For the first time since five that morning, Kim looked around the room, seeing many of the other designers working like their lives depended on it. It was a lovely thing to see in his workplace. He looked over at Paul, seeing him with Reggie, trying to figure out how to get the bows on the tunic. Sighing in slight defeat, Kim placed his skirt down and headed their way. Immediately, Paul's eyes gleamed and he clapped happily.

    "Kimmy! Did you come to help me out? Aren't you just a sweetie!" the man's voice echoed in the somewhat quiet room, causing Kim to cringe and scowl a bit. He really hated that nickname, but Paul and the others insisted on using it.

    "Could you please stop calling me that? It's embarrassing. Give me the tunic." Kim growled, snatching the tunic from them and heading to his little personal area. Most of the others there knew perfectly well not to disturb him when he was working. To say the least, he was a demon if someone broke his concentration.

    Without another second's hesitation, Kim grabbed the gold satin bows and placed them under the folding collar, so they could peek out slightly, but leave enough to the imagination. Mystery. After sewing them in place, Kim stood and held the tunic out to Paul, his eyes lazy with what seemed like boredom. "Even a simple designer can figure out something like this..." Kim muttered to himself as Paul took the tunic with glee. Wasting no more time, the designer walked back to his area and started carefully adding sequins to the bosom area of the blouse. When the light would hit it on the runway, it would create a type of rainbow effect, grasping the audience's attention. Although it looked plain at the moment, he knew when the time would come, his model would surely "shine."
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  4. Jennifer Brooks
    It took a bit for Andrea to comb out Jen's hair. Alright, scratch that, it took a long time. Sure, it wasn't badly knotted, but it was curly. Andrea never seemed to like how it looked once she finished combing, and just tried again once she finished the time before. Eventually, though, she accepted this was as good as it was going to get, and moved on to making sure it stayed in place.

    Jen's strong spot had never been sitting still. This made the job more difficult. Andrea slapped her shoulder at one point, telling her to stop twitching. Which, it wasn't HER fault. She just couldn't sit still. She always had to be doing something, like moving her leg or her hands. Head was also an option. Wrangling her into sitting still was a miracle, and one that hadn't been performed by anyone as of yet.

    Eventually, the hair got done, and that was that. Andrea refused to do Jen's makeup, understandable, so she had to do it herself. By the time she finished, it was almost show time, ans she was exhausted already. She had messed up several times on getting a good look, and doing your own make-up is a bitch, especially mascara. She almost poked her eyes at one point, and that had not been a fun experience.

    Sighing, she leaned back in her seat, before swiveling it around to face the door. Might as well be on look out for the designer. She wasn't sure who it was this time, but they were going to have a hell of a time. Everyone did. And then they ran off because they couldn't handle her. She couldn't say she didn't TRY to do it; it was rather funny. But she didn't try too hard. It appeared she was just naturally annoying.
  5. Seung Kim (open)

    Kim rubbed his chin slightly as he eyed his outfit on the mannequin. He nodded in satisfaction, narrowing his eyes slightly as he circled around it. At one glance, the top looked fairly bland compared to the others. It's exactly what he wanted the others to think. That way, they'd be surprised when his model walked into the lights. With the sequins he used, they'd easily shimmer in the light, making it look like a rainbow was wrapped around his model. A grin pulled Kim's lips before he felt a hand clap his shoulder. Immediately, he scowled and turned to see Paul, who was grinning at the outfit.

    "Well, look at this lovely piece! But, I have to say, it's a bit dialed down compared to your past work, Kimmy." Paul said, putting a hand on his hip. Kim merely blinked before sighing, starting to push the other designer from his work.

    "Yeah, yeah. I'm fully aware, thanks for reminding me, Paul. You'll see when my model walks." Kim said with a defeated sigh. Once Paul had went back to his own piece, Kim clapped his hands together as his grin returned, raising an eyebrow at his outfit. The shirt was plain white with an elastic band that supported the model's bosom and let the rest of the shirt hang just above her belly button, covered in sequins, while the black skirt stopped just at her mid-thigh. He made his design based off of his model's measurements, which came in handy more than he would have thought.

    Kim was fairly proud of his work as he looked over it. A few other designers stopped to look at his work before patting him on the back, a few of the girls smiling in awe before heading to their own designs. A smirk pulled the designer's lips. They all looked as if it could be more... extravagant, to say the least. Excitement bubbled in Kim's gut at how the light would reflect on the sequins. Now, all that was left was to wait for his model to arrive and try on the outfit. He was just hoping she wouldn't give him any trouble. It was one of his pet peeves...

  6. Jennifer Brooks
    She waited a few moments. And then a few more. Then, finally, she got up, groaning slightly "Aw, fuck it. Andrea! I'm gonna go find the dude I'm working with. Later!" She called, before making her way to go find the guy. He was in this building somewhere. He had to be. She just had to search.

    And, eventually, she did find the area, and walked in. All the designers appeared to be here. The only problem? She didn't know the name of hers. So, she had to go searching. She tried to scope out anyone without a model, but not too obviously, as that would be a bit creepy. She really didn't want to come off as creepy, not this early on. So, she attempted to be subtle. She succeeded, thankfully, and soon spotted someone who looked like he matched.

    "Hey!" She said, slowly walking over and waving to the man "I think you're the guy I'm supposed to be with. Not too sure, but, uh......yea. Pretty damn sure." She smiled a bit at him, really hoping that she had gotten the right guy. If she hadn't, this would be a bit embarrassing.
  7. Seung Kim (open)

    The room was buzzing with activity since the runway was getting closer and closer. Models had started showing up to find their designers, and Kim could already hear many of the girls squealing with excitement as they saw their designs. The designer's mind was focused on the runway order before a girl's voice broke his concentration. He turned to the voice and gave a slow nod. She was stunning, which would be perfect for his outfit. While looking over her, Kim rolled the sleeves of his yellow dress shirt just above his elbows, pressing his lips into a line.

    "Yeah, you're Jennifer, right? Kim." Kim quickly introduced himself before walking to the mannequin with his outfit on it. Slipping the top from it, as well as the skirt, Kim turned back to his model and grinned, holding them out to her.

    "Here. Change into these, and then put on these black heels. When you're finished putting it all on, I'll need you to do a few walks for me so I can see how everything moves together." Kim said, motioning with his head to the three inch sleek black heels. He easily towered over the model by quite a few inches, and it was obvious when they stood next to each other. Kim was just ready to see his finished project on the model after all of the tiring hours and sleepless nights he spent making it. It was obvious he had been working since earlier that morning, his styled hair starting to stick in a few random directions.

  8. Jennifer Brooks
    Jennifer held up the clothing items for a brief moment to get a good look at them. She couldn't judge quite yet, considering they weren't on and she hadn't done the walks, but she was almost sure she would find something wrong with them. Now wasn't the time to complain about it, though, so it didn't matter. Now was the time to get on with it and get changed. So, with a nod, she walked off to go get ready, sure that everything would go smoothly. Or as close to smooth as possible.

    She put it on, and pursed her lips, reminding herself not to say anything as she walked back. She already had a few things she didn't like about it. For one, she felt that the sparkly fabric was better more fitted to her body than loose and flow-y. That was her personal opinion. It also just felt a bit.....well.....plain. After all, she was used to extravagant outfits, and this felt like something she would just throw on on a normal day and go out for coffee in. But whatever, she still had to do the walk. Maybe it would look better then.
  9. Seung Kim (open)

    Grinning at her retreating body, Kim turned and looked at the rest of the dazzling models, a few already dressed and speaking quite excitedly to their designers. For most designers, they chose as many as two or three models to design for, and Kim could easily see the groups of models and designers gathering together in the wide room. It was easy to tell that the designer was the odd one out, almost always sticking with one model. However, it never bothered Kim too much, as he was quite memorable as the solo designer. He didn't want to be like everyone else, making clothing "just good enough" for three girls in the short time limit given. If he was given a limited amount of time, he wanted to use that time to make the best clothing he could in order for that one model to dazzle and shine in all her glory.

    Looking up once more, Kim watched as his model walked toward him, narrowing his eyes and pressing his fist against his mouth in a thoughtful manner. He looked up and down the girl's outfit and slowly nodded, walking a bit to the left in order to glance at the side. Perfect, great. Just how he had envisioned it. Taking a deep breath, Kim moved his arms across his chest, watching his model closely.

    "Alright. Start with walking from the far end of the room to me." Kim ordered lightly, tilting his head a bit as his intense work mode seemed to kick in at that moment. Everything needed to be in line and moving at the right angles. Needless to say, Kim may have been overcome with a bit of his OCD nature in that moment. It always happened before shows, and would immediately disappear after the show ended.
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