Still Waters

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  1. Stella, a well mannered and proper girl, stared outside the window of her bedroom. From the window of this large and exquisite house, Stella could see the entire town. From the market place, to the residential area, all the way to the vast ocean port.
    Already, Stella had been ordered to go to bed, but sleep seemed to escape her. Running her fingers through her chestnut brown hair, her green eyes gazed in wonder at the ocean. It had been her dream to see what lie beyond the waters, but she knew she could never truly travel there. Especially when pirates were still going about their business.
    Pirates, one of the many fears Stella had retained from childhood. Her late mother had always told her wonderful stories of the ocean and the creatures within. It was almost as though her mother was speaking of experience, but thanks to her father, the fear of going out there was drilled into her skull.
    Running her finger around a ring on her left hand, she sighed. Quickly, her thoughts traveled from the waters, to her very unwanted fiancé. Just days before, Stella's father had announced that she was to be married to a man of his choosing. And what a dreadful man he was. All he cared about was money, and he only seen Stella as an object. A toy in his eyes. But "business is business" her father exclaimed numerous times to her objections.
    Stella wished she could run away, escape the glamorous life she endured on a daily basis. But alas, it would never happen. Not in this life time. She could never run away, even if she wanted to. One must deal with the problems placed in front of them. At least, that is what she as always been told.
    The moonlight began to glow off the water, casting a silver light all around the town. It made her smile.
    "I guess I should try to sleep again..." she spoke quietly to herself, brushing off the silken nightgown she wore.
    Hesitantly, Stella took refuge in her bed, her mind wandering to many different places as she drifted off to sleep.
  2. [​IMG]

    "Raise the sails and drop the anchor! We've reached land!"

    The pirate crew readied the ship to enter the port. Their intentions were cruel, they wanted to take the town and collect it's riches. Captain Timothy Urhold stepped from the wheel and moved toward the main deck. His first mate David O'Callaghan rested his hand on his sword and moved beside him.

    "The night is young captain, there will be much to plunder."

    David gave the captain a smirk as he readied himself for the raid. The crew of Ironwork sheathed their weapons and loaded their guns. An excitement came over the crew, they were ready to take this town for themselves. Captain Urhold pulled his sword from his sheathe, with a quick twist of his hand the crew charged forth into the town.

    David walked behind the the hollering group of pirates with his sword unsheathed. He enjoyed his work, but he only enjoyed it due to circumstance. The work he did was out of love, love for his mother and father. At a younger age he was taken by Captain Urhold so his father would not have to be taken. During that time his father was rather sick, and would have died at sea if it weren't for David's sacrifice.

    The bells rang as the pirate crew reached the town. David set his eyes on Stella's home. He only preferred looting from the rich, it was a way to set a balance. If there was no balance, there wouldn't be any pirates.

    David watched as his fellow swashbucklers knocked down doors and woke the sleeping townspeople. His stride would soon come to a stop as he came to Stella's house. He rasped at the door for a moment, and then continued to kick it down.

    "Give up your valuables or you will be in the ground!"​
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