Still Shot Scene #2: WTF!?

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  1. The point of these challenges is to use your imagination and train off thought as the greatest rp tool of all time!

    Write your own scene to the still shot in whatever manner you wish! Make it sad, tragic, funny, or just plain wierd! Make up your own names, scenerio, and setting!

    This week's still shot: WTF IS THAT!?


  2. "What the hell is that" Adam yelled while pointing at the light coming from the corner of his living room.
    "I don't know man, could it be a ghost?" Jeff said sarcastically as he too stared at the blinding light.
    "No no, I don't think they shine" Adam said absently, gazing at the light dreamily.
    "Shit man, it's scaring me" Jeff lower his voice as he took a step back from it.
    "Dude, stop being a pussy. Maybe its a sign" the tall dark haired boy said his tone serious.
    "A sign of what? Are you crazy Ad? You on crack aren't you!? I bet you put something on my soda too!" the blonde short guy yell.
    "Relax bro! I didn't do anything! Look, I bet its a sign of...G-god." Adam whispered his voice braking on the last word. He was afraid.
    "Seriously! Oh you've done it now! That light doesn't me-" he stopped as her heard...
    " I am the Lord" a voice coming from the light say.
    "Holy Shit!" both boys screamed and ran out of the house.

    Female giggles were heard later instead of the 'glorious voice'. A girl suddenly came into the room with a bowl of popcorn, Jeff's older sister. "Oh they are stupid, really? A light and a microphone scared them?" the girl laughed again, sat on the couch and turned the TV on.
  3. "Would ya look at that Kathy!""What do ya make of it!?" Ian asked at seeing the phenomenon. "No' so sure Ian I've never seen a purple moon." she stated bewildered and as a matter of factly."I'm sure it's never happened over Scottland before!" she added."Then the news on the telly was right." Ian said nervously."It's...the end o' the world."