Still Shot Scene #1: Trio!

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  1. The point of these challenges is to use your imagination and train off thought as the greatest rp tool of all time!

    Write your own scene to the still shot in whatever manner you wish! Make it sad, tragic, funny, or just plain wierd! Make up your own names, scenerio, and setting!

    This week's still shot: TRIO

    GO! >:3

  2. "Come on Derek. Stop whining" James scowl while trying to hide a smile.
    "We have come all the way here just to meet her?" Tanner butted in as he punched James on the shoulder with light force.
    "Yeah dude! At least I have a reason to dislike her!" Derek said while crossing his arms shooting his older brother James a dirty look.
    "Ok ok. Look. This is important alright. If we don't do this..."James shook his head knowing that his younger brothers would know what he meant.
    "I know, I know. If we don't make a deal with her, we would be kicked out the house."said Derek his voice stiff.
    "Very well, just try to put on that charming smile of yours and stay quiet. I will handle this" James said his tone serious as he looked from Tanner to Derek.
    "Don't worry Jammy if Derek can't handle himself I will handle him" he glanced at his younger brother and gave him a mischievous smile.
    "Fine. But be on your best behavior. This woman has influence over the whole town. Better not get on her bad side." he looked ahead at the approaching figure of a woman. Damn, she is one sexy little thing.Behind him, he felt his brothers's laughter.
    "I'll be more than happy to be my charming self" laughed Derek as he stared at the curvy figure of a tall woman with short curly hair, big sensual eyes, and large size breasts.
    "Damn right, I'm with you on this one Dee" chuckled Tanner as he crosses his arms over his chest, flexing his muscles.
    "I'll be mad if I don't agree with you two" James grinned as sized up the woman.
  3. "Steal our shirts will you!?" Jimmy yelled out to the group of thieves that were no longer present.
    "Yo, we better get that shiz back...I paid about like 55 dollars for my My Little Pony shirt!" Bruco told his two buddies, motioning that he was ready to kick some serious tail.
    "You paid 55 dollars for a damn shirt with ponies on it?" Spencer eyed Bruco with the most strangest look you could ever imagine.
    "Dude, you don't understand..Bronies, bronies for life." Bruco grinned raising his fist up in the air.
    Spencer and Jimmy stopped for a moment and just stared at their 'buddy.' Then proceeded to punch him in the stomach.
    "Sometimes, I wonder why we hang out with you.." Jimmy muttered.
    "I second that.." Spencer quickly retorted.
    "Yo, yo..Hold those kids..Don't they look like.." As Bruco pointed out to the group in his vision.
    "They look like a buncha whackos." Jimmy finishing up Bruco's sentence.
    "Listen up you two..Doesn't matter..What matters is..How are we going to get into McDonald's now?..They won't let us in shirtless." Spencer making that point to his friends.
    "Simple, we run in and steal someone's meal when they order it." Bruco actually having a legit idea for once.

    All three of them agreed on the idea and proceeded to head to McDonald's to wait outside the window for people to place their orders, then when the time came they rushed in and stole it and ran back out yelling. "FREE FOOD. BAYLIFE" Which made no sense in reality, but to the three of them it was just downright hilarious.
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