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  1. A little about me:

    Name: NeeraEnds - Just call me Neera
    Status: Craving a slice of life, also need some inspiration!!
    Literacy: Lazy Lit - Lit - Adv Lit
    Interests: Onexones, Originals, Fandoms (Message for deets!)
    Currently Craving: Slice of Life - (Plot Idea), Zombie Apocalypse - (More on the side of R.E.), RWBY (Blake x Adam), Star Ocean (Till the End of Time P.I.), .Hack//Sign (OCxOC)...
    Posting: I don't reply once a day. I do have a life outside of CC. Whether I'm nerding out and playing video games, studying, or spending time with my bf, I don't post every day. Expect a post from me every 2-3 days or once a week. I have to be BUSY to post once a week. Finals are coming up so I can get started in about a week. <3

    Updated 12/4/14

    As you can see, THERE ARE OPTIONS! Throw your ideas at me!
    Also, I what I checked is not what I'm limited to..
  2. My samples: [x]

    Plot Ideas!:
    Slice of Life (open)
    I want this to be brutal. This Slice of Life is going to be honest and real. Two best friends that have been there for each other for everything. Whether it's abusive parents or boy/girlfriend and the friend provides an escape, or falling to drugs and the friend helps them through it.. This is going to be harsh and honest. It's going to take a lot to stomach this, so if you can't handle that, this may not be for you.

    Zombie Apocalypse (open)
    This is going to be on the Resident Evil side. There's a disease outbreak from a company of experiements and suddenly people are cannibalistic. They're eating others and losing the sense of themselves. A used to be a part of a resistance group, but due to their girl/boyfriend finding someone else to please them they decide to go rogue. They meet B in a city, trying to restock up on supplies and they try to avoid contact. When it becomes unavoidable, they begin to see each other's quirks, and how they've changed since the outbreak. Growing more fond of each other with each passing day.. (Throw ideas at me and tune this up)

    RWBY (open)
    Blake and Adam have a history. We only know briefly what that is.. But I want to either play that out (throw ideas at me) or incorporate a group rp and show Blake and the group's struggle. PM me for details..

    Star Ocean (open)

    .Hack//Sign (open)

    Updated 12/4/14
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