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  1. About me:

    * I've been roleplaying for about 3 or so years now and I love to write which helps.
    * I prefer to have my main character be a female but I can play both male and female side characters that show up throughout the rp. I also prefer mxf pairings but if asked nicely and there's a good plot, I may be convinced to do mxm.
    * I have school and work so I may not be able to post too frequently but I usually manage to get a few responses in a day or at least one or two a week. Sometimes I like to let a few days pass between responses just to kinda 'pace myself' which helps me remain interested in the rp.
    * My post length is anywhere from a paragraph to several paragraphs. I just usually tend to copy my partners length, though I can't write novels worth as a single response.


    * No one liners please. These will dampen my creativiness very quickly and I won't be able to stay interested in the rp
    * let me know if you're no longer interested in the rp and don't just simply vanish.
    * Have decent grammer and spelling.

    So as you can see, I don't really expect much from you. But what I expect from you, I also apply to myself to keep things going smoothly. Hopefully I still have your attention as I keep going. I can also usually come up with some pretty basic plots for different pairings so if one of the pairings interests you but you have no idea of what to do for it, I could probably come up with two or three ideas that we could flesh out together :)

    (** = how much I crave it and may have plots for)

    monster x human
    royal x servant ***
    pirate x stowaway*
    knight x dragon
    rancher x ranch hand*
    cowboy x Indian
    mermaid x human*
    mythical creature x vampire
    werewolf x mermaid**
    centaur x human***
    Alpha/Omega universe type of thing*****
    elementalist x prince**
    vampire x dragon
    science experiment x human
    pokemon x trainer ***
  2. Hello! If you need a partner I would be interested in the elementalist x prince, mermaid x human or royal x servant. ^_^
  3. Great:) Could you please send me a pm with the one you'd like to do most? I can't cause I gotta head off to work right now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.