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  1. Selling your soul to... go to school?!
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    Welcome to Hell...

    Hello there, I'm glad you dropped by! You're obviously here to check out my RP idea to see if you're interested in participating in the said RP (and if not, I'll give you a cookie to do so). Before I begin to describe the RP though, I should warn you that I have a tendency to over-explain and ramble on for a bit. Which means there could (aka. is) a lot to read. I've done a basic summary that you can use to decide whether or not to read on, and put everything into spoilers, but that doesn't change the fact there's a lot of text. Obviously you don't have to read through it all to express interest, I thought I'd alert you of the length though. Anyways, with that out of the way, let's get onto the fun stuff!

    Role Play Summary (open)

    Title (temporary): Selling your soul to go to school.
    Genres: Supernatural, school, action, and comedy. There will also be a little horror, and romance for those who peruse it.
    Setting: A school in the underworld. Sometimes players may go into 'wild hell' though, where there are untamed beasts.
    Role Play Type: Group. And I'm actually going to make an Iwaku group for this role play, so that multiple threads can be used.

    Dedication Level Required: Up to you. Having a group with multiple threads should allow you as little or much dedication as you please.
    Brief Plot Summary: You have sold your soul to a ruling demon of hell in exchange for an earthly wish. Except when you sold your soul you didn't realize there would be... side effects. To start with selling your soul has turned you into a demon of hell, which isn't exactly a good start, is it? On the up side you now have a super natural power relevant to your wish. Up sides come with draw-backs in hell though. Your original wish is flawed, and whenever you use your power you experience a similar fault (example later on). Oh, and you must serve whichever ruling demon you made the contract with in the ongoing battle with heaven. Bad luck.
    At least your not the only one in this position. For thousands of years the very same thing has happened to an abundance of (ex-) humans. In fact, over the years the ruling demons have realized that freshly turned demons can be rather... problematic. Many have turned insane, and those who don't are often unskilled in combat. Not helpful when you're at war angels, huh? So the ruling demons of hell have created a school for newly turned demons, such as your innocent self. At this school you'll be completing various missions set by teachers, attending classes preparing you for the war, and battling other students. The school works on a karma system, allowing you to graduate when a set amount of points is reached... or to be eternally damned if you get to zero points. Basically, you've sold your soul to end up at a school!
    What You'll Be Role-Playing: Wondering what you'll be actually doing in the role play? Well it depends on which thread you post in within the group! You'll have quite a lot of freedom in this roleplay instead of everybody having to follow one set plot. You can either have a character as a student or teacher (or one of both, but they can't interact). Teachers will hold lessons or set missions for students. Students can attend these lessons, complete missions, and additionally battle each other. There will be other small things to do too (I'm thinking of having 'Canteen' and 'Teachers' Lounge' threads for casual role play, character development, and *sigh* romance), but that's the main idea. I'm going to link everything together with the war though- it's not entirely random! As time goes on you'll be able to see developments in war which affect your character no matter what they are doing. Those who want to play are more active part in the overall plot will be able to do so, while those who want to do their own thing can do so too. Oh, and I'd also like to note that we will NOT be roleplaying the awkward moment you turn into a demon and have no idea what's happening. Keep that in your bio.

    A Slightly Stupid Back-Story (open)

    Long ago there were only be twelve demons occupying hell. These twelve demons were originally angels who had been sent to the underworld to look after all of the worlds sinners after they died. Except it turns out the twelve demons never wanted the job, and they got rather angry about having to babysit the world's rejects. So mad they started a war against heaven (they were given the job for a reason you know) in hope of getting new jobs, or at least vengeance. The twelve demons quickly found a problem with the whole war thing though- twelve versus heaven wasn't exactly the best of odds. Thus the demons set about recruiting an army. They originally tried just asking the people of earth very nicely, but for some reason people didn't want to be in the same suck-y position as the first twelve demons. Which meant the demons had to get sneaky. In exchange for your soul, the demons offered ANY wish in the world. Great offer, huh? Excluding the whole part about how when a demon of angelic origins owns your soul you actually become a demon yourself under their control (don't ask me why, it's supernatural). Thanks to this technicality, the twelve demons quickly accumulated an army which they ruled over together. Surely this would help the war effort? Alas, it did not. Many of the fresh demons went insane at the absurdity and misfortune of their situation. Others were simply crappy fighters. Obviously a little training would be required. But the twelve demons were to lazy to do it themselves. So the trained a few of their better lackeys in how to be teachers, and made them teach everybody instead. The system has improved greatly over the years, including the addition of the karma system, leading to the school you now attend!

    Character...stuff (open)

    In this roleplay you shall be playing a demon. You sold your soul to one of the twelve ruling demons (http://www.lizaphoenix.com/demons/month.shtml) earth in exchange for a wish. But selling your soul has turned you into a demon. A demon with a special power from the wish, but a demon still. To make things worse your wish has a minor corruption, and using your power has a side-effect similar to this corruption. I'll make it clearer with an example. Mary wishes her little brother didn't have a terminal illness. Satan grants this in exchange for Mary's soul. Mary's brother is healed, although he gets amnesia. Mary is turned into a demon with the power of healing. Whoever she uses her healing powers on loses some of their memories.

    Most of the demons shall be attending hell's school as a student. You can go to class, complete missions, battle others, or simply mooch around. As a student you are trying to gain 1000 points via the karma system in order to graduate (although as a player your main goal is to enjoy yourself). You can also choose to be a teacher instead of a student. They
    can teach classes, set mission, and also mooch around. I suppose their goal is to help the students with the whole karma thing. Anyway, what specific things you do at school is up to you, as there shall be multiple threads to post in. If you want to have both a student and a teacher character then that's fine, but those two characters can't interact with one another, and both should stay active.

    Character Sheet Template (open)

    For Everybody:

    Name: At least a first and last name.
    Gender: Fairly self explanatory.
    Date of Birth: Day and month only- not year.
    Apparent Age: What age does your demon look like? This will be the age your character made their wish at.
    Appearance: An image, description, or both may be used.
    Personality: (Optional) A brief description of their personality.
    History: (Optional) A brief description of their life as a human.
    Wish: What did they wish for? What is the downside of the wish?
    Power: What is their power?
    Drawback: What is the disadvantage of using your power?
    Contracting Demon: Which demon did they make the wish to? (Helpful links- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classification_of_demons and http://www.lizaphoenix.com/demons/month.shtml)
    Weapon: (Optional) What 'normal' weapon do they prefer to use?
    Other: Is there anything else notable about your character?

    For Students Only:

    Stamina: Minimum 5 from 50 points allocated across 3 stats.
    Strength: Minimum 5 from 50 points allocated across 3 stats.
    Defense: Minimum 5 from 50 points allocated across 3 stats.

    For Teachers Only:

    Subject(s): What subjects do they teach?
    Method of Teaching: What sort of things do they do to help teach students? Do they prefer practicals or essays?

    For People Taking Fizz's Class:

    Alligned Animal: What animal do they resemble while evolving through stages?
    Reaper Weapon: What sort of blade do/will they use as a Reaper Weapon?
    Angel: What is the name of the angel they are/will be connected to? You can give other information about the angel if you wish.

    The School and Karma System (open)

    The school is kind of like most high schools. Well, it's not, but use a basic school as a template. Now this school has teachers who are skilled demons that were trained by the ruling twelve demons. They teach a specific subject that could help you in the war. As well as giving lessons on their subject, teachers also create missions which are open for any pupil to pursue (in groups if desired). Missions can be war-related (eg. Delivering weapons), school-related (eg. Fixing the school roof), or just plain random (eg. Go and slay a particular beast). Since it will be players playing teachers setting the missions (by filling in mission sheets which shall be checked by me) they can be about anything, and I encourage creativity (although also). I'll have a 'Mission Bulletin Board' thread in the group where these missions can be posted and accepted. Missions will take place in separate threads. There will also be an individual thread for each teacher's class. I'll write more about how the missions and classes work when I create the group. Additionally, the school encourages fighting between individuals. So I'll have a thread where you can seek a battle partner, and then you can create another thread for the actual battle. I'll write about the whole battle system later, which may also be incorporated into missions and shiz.

    Onto the karma system! Instead of having years and grades the school runs on a point based karma system which needs a name. Suggestions welcome. Anyways, each new demon starts with 100 karma points. You gain points from good actions, and lose them from bad actions. Getting 1000 points allows graduation (aka. WIN!), while getting 0 points leads to being eternally damned (aka. Game over...). The point is to try and reach 1000 with your character... although I can't exactly force you to. When you get to 0 or 1000 you may create a new character. Or just revamp your old one. Anyways, I haven't got actual point reward/penalty values for certain action yet, but here's an idea of what will gain/lose points...
    -Posting so many times in a classroom thread.
    -Being awarded points by a teacher for getting a question right or something.
    -Completing a mission.
    -Beating another character in a fight.
    -Being awarded points by me because you did something awesome.
    -Not posting in a thread after X days, without an explanation, when others are relying on you posting.
    -Having points reduced by a teacher for being an idiot.
    -Failing a mission. Which is possible. Especially if it's a mission I set. >:3
    -Losing to another character in a fight. And to make sure people actually lose, I'm developing a battle system.
    -Breaking rules, be they school rules or RP rules.
    This system still needs work, so suggestions are not only welcome, but asked for!

    This Would Be The Battle System (open)

    This is a WIP.

    The battle system works using three different stats: Stamina, Strength, and Defense. Each stat has a stat point cap of 65 points (so once they get to 65 points, they can't be raised any higher). You start with fifty points distributed between the three stats. Each stat must have at least five stat points put on it. When you win a battle, you can distribute another 4 stat points. If you lose a battle, you may distribute another 2 stat points. Stat distributions may not be changed when done.

    Stamina is basically how many health points you have at the start of a battle. If your health points reach zero during a battle, you lose. No, you don't die, you just lose. When you get to your next battle, your health points are reset (to your stamina stat number). You must keep a running tally of how many health points you have at at the start of each post.

    Strength is the basic amount of damage an attack can do. If in an attack was to succeed, the strength of an attack is health points it would take away from your opponent's overall health points. However the strength of an attack varies with the type of attack you are doing, so the amount of health points it can take away will vary. I will describe the different kinds of attack in a minute.

    Defense is the chances of your opponents attack not hitting. When an opponent attacks, they roll two fifty sided dice, and add the totals together. If the sum of the rolls is equal to or lower than your defense stat number, then the attack fails. If the sum of the rolls is higher than your defense stat number, then the attack succeeds, and you lose health points. However your defense can vary with different kinds of attack, which I'm about to describe.

    You can attack your opponent once during your post. You can use one of three different types of attack. The first kind of attack is a normal attack. A normal attack uses your base strength stat and your opponents base defense stat, with no variations. The second kind of attack is a quick attack. A quick attack uses half of your base strength stat, and half of your opponents base defense stat. The third kind of attack is a strong attack. A strong attack uses your base stat plus fifty percent, and your opponents base defense stat plus fifty percent. You must state the type of attack you are using and its stats at the end of your post.

    Alongside the battle system, I expect you to describe what it happening. Don't just say 'Failed attack. Quick attack,' because that's boring. When using an attack, describe what your character is actually doing for the attack. If your opponent fails an attack, describe how you avoided their attack. If your opponent succeeds an attack, describe what sort of damage your character takes (keeping health points in mind). Any other actions in between receiving and giving an attack should be included too. You are also allowed (even encouraged) to add in your characters thoughts and speech too. Just because I'm adding in a battle system to make sure things are fair doesn't mean all role play skills have to be thrown out of the window.

    1- Make a post.
    2- Hover over the 'More Options' button at the bottom right of your post.
    3- Select 'Throw A Dice'
    4- In the 'Throwing A Dice For...' section, write the type of attack you are doing.
    5- In the 'Faces' section, write 50.
    6- Click 'Throw A Dice'.
    7- Press 'Throw Another Dice' on your roll to throw a second dice.

    STAMINA: Your starting health points.
    STRENGTH: Your attack's basic strength.
    DEFENSE: Your basic defense to an attack.
    Your character gets 50 stat points to distribute between their stats to begin with.
    Each stat must have at least 5 stat points.
    Stat distributions may not be changed when done.
    NORMAL ATTACK: 100% of your strength, and 100% of your opponent's defense.
    QUICK ATTACK: 50% of your strength, and 50% of your opponent's defense.
    STRONG ATTACK: 150% of your strength, and 150% of your opponent's defense.
    You get ONE attack in your post.
    The kind of attack you are using is stated at the end of your post.
    Also put the attack's strength and defense stats at the end of your post.
    Roll two fifty sided dice when you attack.
    FAILED ATTACK: The sum of your rolls is equal to or lower than your opponent's defense. Opponent takes no damage.
    SUCCESSFUL ATTACK: The sum of your rolls is higher than your opponent's defense. They subtract your attack's strength from their health points.
    Keep a running tally of your health points at the start of each post.
    First person to reach zero health points is the loser.
    Health points reset after a battle.
    Winner distributes another 4 stat points between their stats.
    Loser distributes another 2 stat points between their stats.
    Remember to be descriptive in your posts- this is still a roleplay!

    Fizz's Magic System (open)


    The subject of Demon Arts is formed by the combination of four sections; magic, swordsmanship, agility and hand-to-hand combat. Whilst it may seem that these are the four areas which any army must be trained in, Demon Arts use a form of life force to power incredible moves and spells. The Demon Arts uses the soldier's own life force to power their actions. No newly-turned demons can recharge their own life force, and therefore using the Demon Arts shall eventually kill any user. However the original demons do have the ability to recharge their own life force, as well as donate it to others, meaning that the demon you bonded to can recharge your energy/life. The majority of teachers in this establishment also possess the same regenerative ability. If you want to know why, read the original copy. Also, teachers prefer to deplete their regenerative reserves before accessing the reserves which do not regenerate and must later be replenished by an original demon. It must be noted however that original demons will not waste their time replenishing reserves unless you can prove yourself worthy and above the rest. You'll probably have to rely on the teachers.

    Oh, Fizz didn't write this, but I think it needs to be mentioned. This is what Fizz shall be teaching at school in the RP. Obviously you new demons wouldn't know any of this stuff, so you'd be taught it by Fizz's character. I've edited out the references to it being taught, as Fizz frequently mentioned at what level each thing would be taught, but for this shortened version I didn't deem it necessary. I did, however, add in a paragraph about this not being the only magic class being taught.

    Spell Magic:

    Magic is closely linked to one's life force and can be divided into three parts. Each of the three forms of magic have 99 spells, with 1 being the least powerful and 99 being the most powerful. Lower spells require less life force and less control, making them fairly easy. Higher spells require more life force and more control, making them hard to perform. Demon magic is a mockery of angelic magic, stemming from the original demon's power. To perform a spell you must recite an incantation and project your own life force outwards to summon the demonic power in exchange for your own. The greater amount of life force you can project, the greater pure demonic power you shall receive in return. The demonic power is only used for performing magic, not healing yourself. Magic requires mastery in the areas of accuracy, imagination and control. With magic you usually push your life force out from vents located in your wrists – this is also where the exchange takes place. You must learn to predict and also tolerate the recoil when you release a spell. To add to that you must hone your control, as the life energy which normally contained in your body must be controlled by your own willpower upon leaving your body. Pure demonic energy is even harder to control. Magic also requires the user to envisage the desired effect, thus spells can be mixed together by powerful masters. It should also be noted that those who are able to regenerate their own life force to whatever extent are powerful enough to use magic sans incantation. Some magic is also classified as forbidden because of the risk of driving you insane.

    The first type of magic is destructive magic. Destructive magic typically requires a link to an element (eg. Fire, electricity, darkness). Magic also typically rises in stages, for example; Byakurai (4) is a simple spell, whilst Raikoho (63) is a powerful one. They are both however lightning based spells. Destructive magic of number 100 and over requires the user to sacrifice a portion of themselves. All demon bodies can be regrown thanks to healing magic, however the greater the number of the spell the more the user must sacrifice (possibly their own life).

    Another type of magic is binding magic. Whilst destructive magic is useful in attacks, binding magic also has its uses. Binding magic comes in two forms – binding and barriers. These types are spread evenly throughout the numbered scale, which ascends in power and requirements as before. Lower numbered spells generally focus on rope-based magic whilst higher ones generally use chains. There are also a few spells which lock people into a dimension. Barriers also increase in strength and size with higher values. Lower numbered spells are easier to perform, but also to easier to break, than higher numbered ones. Binding magic with values of 100 and over are viewed as seals and are very complicated as it requires a skilled user. Fizz wrote a complicated paragraph on how it works, but I feel that it's unnecessary for this shortened version.

    The final form of magic is healing magic. Whilst some traded their souls for the ability to heal others, these spells can do the same thing. However these spells take longer, have a much lower success rate, and require the sacrifice of your life force (spiritual power is used to heal your/other people's physical body). Once again, the higher their number the more effective they are, therefore being able to cure greater injuries. Additionally, healing spells tend to require a set phrase rather than a full incantation. You can also heal yourself when mixing certain healing spells with another sector of the Demon Arts – hand-to-hand combat. Whilst this may not make a great deal of sense it shall be explain later.

    Now if after reading this you're wondering what's the point in having your own power, then don't worry. Each spell is influenced by your power in some way. As Fizz said, healing spells are easier for those with healing powers, likewise the electric spells mentioned would be performed better by people with electric powers. Alongside this, you also have 'raw magic', which my character shall be teaching. Instead of using a set of sophisticated spells, it will focus more on your individual power. Both courses will have their advantages, and your character is more than welcome to attend both. While Fizz's may be considered the main structure, I thought it would be worth mentioning that it's not the only option available, since I'll have a more simple magic class. Additionally, if you're wondering about what each spell number does, Fizz will teach you them other time.

    Hand-to-hand Combat:

    THIS SECTION MAY BE ADOPTED! If you want to play a teacher, then this can be your subject.

    This form of fighting is unarmed. There are certain machines which can be used to enhance the concentration of magic at a certain point of the body, however that should only be necessary for those who do not perform as well as others. Whilst the physical skill of this is practiced in other classes, this class shall teach you how to combine magic with physical skills. A constant flow of energy should be pushed out of your wrists, used to surround your upper body, then exploded outwards. This allows for a wall of compressed energy to act as a shield on vulnerable parts of your body (eg. your stomach), but can also be fired out to attack your opponent. Stronger demons can surround the entire body with magic, as well as trap opponents in this wall of energy. As previously mentioned, body regeneration using healing spells can be used by converting the simple store of energy held as a shield into a spell. This spell wraps around the body, and is activated whenever the body it is touching is injured. This means it only needs to be set up once as once. Technique enhancement, battle strategy, and martial arts are all also important factors of hand-to-hand combat.


    THIS SECTION MAY BE ADOPTED! If you want to play a teacher, then this can be your subject.

    Agility can be seen as a series of skills regarding footwork, which can be mixed with a person's life force. Elsewhere you may be taught how evasiveness is a form of agility, however this is not the case here. The most defining feature of all techniques covered is speed. The basic form- called Flashing Steps- relies on pushing life energy out of vents surrounding your ankles, then guiding it around your legs in order to speed up movement, allowing you to travel quicker than the eye can follow. The difference between hand-to-hand combat and Flashing Steps is that this technique focuses on providing the legs with power, whilst hand-to-hand combat relies on using the upper body in its simplest form.

    Flashing Steps can be mixed with other techniques to form more complicated attacks. The first in-cooperates weapon-wielding or swordsmanship and redirects some of the life force from the legs to the arms and the blade you carry in other to make two consecutive jabs as you move past an opponent – once in the heart from the front, and once in the liver from behind. This is a highly deadly technique and shall only be covered in the higher course. The other two techniques will however be taught in the lower course. The first is a move which incorporate the use of illusion powers, which can only be used by those with illusion-related or time-related magic. The technique generally requires that you stay in one position for a fraction of a second and then move to another location and pause there for a second before moving back and repeating. It is also possible to create clones. Another main technique is Sondio, which belongs exclusively to demons- more to be explained under swordsmanship.


    This is by far the longest section, so I have incorporated italics. If it's in italics then you don't have to read it, but you will get a better understanding by doing so. For those who want the shortest version possible, ignore everything in italics.

    There are four forms of power the first is the power which the bonded demons receive after dying as a human. The second is the power unique to demons (eg. Sondio, but not Flashing Steps of 99 spells). These are all part of a power called Reaper Powers. Reaper powers can be used by both demons and angels. However the incantations of angels praise God and pure souls in the garden of Eden, trading their life force with God, as opposed to the 12 original demons. This power CAN be used by either race, yet it is not the source of their most natural powers. Angelic students learn the powers associated with their own race first though, while demons learn reaper powers before learning demon powers. This is because demon powers require a great deal of willpower to control, and many early demons who were bonded died from insanity because they attempted to learn it before refining their control first. Angelic power is referred to as the Power of the Holy. Unlike both demon and reaper powers, angelic weapons focus more on firing/long range weapons, as opposed to common blades. The balance between the holy and demon powers is such that they are deadly to one another, and will poison the body of their opponents if they are bonded to such power without the transitional power of reapers. This shall become relevant later.

    There are three types of power: holy, demonic, and reaper. Thanks to research, it is possible for demons to acquire weapons aligned with holy power just like angels. Whilst demons may use the magic and movement techniques of reaper powers, they must bond to an angel first. When accepting a weapon you must develop a separate spiritual entity within you which embodies the qualities you associate with power. Demons are unable to do this without holy powers, which is why you must be subjected to them through the medium of reaper powers upon the day you receive your weapon. While you only have one reaper weapon, other classes may teach you to use 'normal' weapons. The only way that you may receive your weapon is by bonding to an angel which already wields a compatible weapon, and who has mastered their spirit (more on that later). This means that you shall explore your own traits in class before using a summoning magic (class: binding) to create a bond between yourself and a compatible angel. By doing this you shall acquire a matching inner spirit and a carbon copy of the weapon possessed by your bonded angel with the same, powers, abilities, releases (more later) and more. It is from this point on that you shall develop your abilities separately. If the angel you bond to dies, you keep their power.

    Any blade of reaper power has the basic form of a sword. It then has a maximum of two releases to be learned, using the powers of the blade's spirit. The first release changes the form of the blade into something more unique, and will frequently have one or two powers using life force. These powers are standard attacks, which require little control, although they still require life force. The second release usually expands the size of the blade, and frequently it is no longer in blade form – it may become something like an animal or giant warrior. In general the second release is a power upgrade from the first. Most second release forms are expansion types used to affect a large area, yet there are also compressed types which increase the success rate of defeating a single opponent. Some blades focus on using melee combat whilst others are tailored to a user who prefer using long-range attacks. Magic can also be incorporated into weapon attacks in various ways. To learn the first release, you must simply use your blade repeatedly, and learn the various techniques which it develops. To learn the second, you must use your life energy to project your inner-spirit into the outer-world, and subsequently defeat them in battle. Should you lose, you may try again later. If your blade breaks at any point in time, it may be fixed by molding it with your life force. The exception is if it breaks while using the second release, when you must bond to a new angel, as your inner-spirit has died.

    The demon power related swordsmanship requires great control and willpower. By learning reaper powers you acquire an inner-world where your inner-spirit lives. With demon powers there is no such world to house a demonic inner-spirit because said spirit is formed by the instinct in a demon's heart, and therefore it lives there. However, a demon power inner-spirit will attempt to overthrow the actual demon and control their body. They do this by dragging them to an inner-abyss where an inner-world is located so that the actual demon cannot fight back whilst he or she is being overpowered, leading to insanity.

    There are four to seven stages of evolution for a demon. When actively engaging with/using each stage you take on a different appearance to your 'normal' form.

    The basic insane level is where everybody starts. Here you have no weapon, and take on the form of an animal wearing bone armor and mask. You reach this level once the teacher places a spell on you. The crucial stage is where you must enter your inner-world for the first time and battle your inner-demon. Once you have defeated them, you will have control over this form. If you lose they take over your body, and you must try fighting them again. We may be forced to kill you if your inner-demon gets out of hand. The main ability of this form is that your instinct drives you to consume life force. In the first stage you can disengage your form and have quick regenerative abilities. Consider these present in all forms, unless stated otherwise.

    The second stage is a sudden power-up where you temporarily lose access to any other ability save those used by this form. You gain the form of a giant-size mountain with legs hidden under a black cloth. Your neck becomes surrounded by bone thorns and your mask is individual to you and frequently reflects that of your previous animal form. To pass on from this stage you must consume more life force. The ability you can use at this level is a potent and powerful blast of red which takes several seconds to charge fired from your mouth. It is called Zero. In the second stage you cannot disengage your form.

    Once you complete this and attain the third stage you can disengage your form once more, however you still cannot access your other powers. You also have a new threat, if you do not consume enough life force quickly enough you shall degrade into previous forms. In this form you are much smaller, however still larger than a human and in the shape of your animal. You no longer have bone covering all of you and you are much more physically skilled in combat. You can now develop your own demonic abilities associated with your body. You keep your mask however.

    The next form is disengageable, and the shape you take is that of a human, except slightly greater in size. The majority of your armor vanishes, generally leaving a few plates and your mask. In this form you learn a quicker and less powerful form of Zero called Bullet. Zero can now also be fired quicker, from different parts of the body and can be different colours such as green. In general the differences in power of the previous stages were pretty steady, however the leap to this form is dramatic and gives you a very strong amount of power which can only be achieved by a few people with a LOT of POTENT life force (more later). This form is the pinnacle of pure demon power.

    The next two forms are even harder to achieve as they mold your reaper powers to give you a second blade. Your original reaper powers may have the form of two blades already, in which case consider this as simply an additional blade. It allows your inner-demon access to the power of the blade and unlocks all the powers you have learned so far to the demon as well. From this point on they shall look like a white-skinned version of your human form with black eyes and gold pupils. The real demon loses pretty much all of its mask and its remaining body armor – leaving for example a ring of bone around an eye. Using Sondio becomes easier and more natural than Flashing Steps. Also a natural ability called Hyde develops, which is in essence derived from the body armor of previous forms which uses life energy to strengthen the skin through the cells as opposed to shielding it from the outside. From this point on few demons have quick regeneration as it is often sacrificed for brute strength. The sword you carry like reaper powers also has two releases – Resurrection and Resurrection: Second Stage. In both these releases you gain the animistic instinct and properties from your previous forms allowing you to have greater agility, power and reflexes. You will gradually look more and more like your signature animal. Your basic form loses these elements during your power-up, to allow you to no longer desire to consume more life force. Very few people are known to achieve the second tier of Resurrection.

    Unfortunately, angels have succeeded in tapping into demonic power and can summon a mask after bonding to a demon and achieve similar power to you. Like with our bonding, after joining your evolution of powers split off from one another.

    Angels also have access to their inner holy powers and their main weapons are bows and arrows. Whilst we can use this power after bonding to an angel, the majority of weapons required to perform many of the techniques are pre-made and Hell contains few of them. Even then they are only given to the most gifted soldiers.The natural form of said bows is a bracelet with a pentacle charm. Upon activation, a bow made of life force forms, and arrows are fired at will. Skilled fighters can fire using one arm, and even directing with purely the mind. All holy power weapons vibrate so fast that they weaken the bonds between all life energy and absorb it to use as their own. There are additional weapons and the holy power techniques, including the holy power movement, defense and attack techniques – Swift, Blood Vein and Blood Artery, respectively. Swift works similarly to Flashing Steps and Sondio, while Blood Vein and Artery mix spirit energy with your blood. Vein pushes the blood into cells momentarily upon the point of impact to defend and artery quickly pumps blood to the areas you need it most when attacking.

    Unfortunately, angels are also able to summon our powers in the form of a mask they create out of life force which provides them with a sword and techniques used by a demon. Due to the power it takes to control an inner-demon without being experienced with the nature of instinct already, few angels have made use of this opportunity.

    In addition to these techniques you shall need to learn physical techniques and styles of the sword. Some techniques teach you how to: subdue your opponent; create a defensive barrier around yourself by quick slashes in succession; superficially graze your opponent; swing a blade by an attachment and fire in a form of darts before reeling the blade back in; shredding the opponent with multiple quick slashes; bisecting an opponent; thrusting a blunt object into the chest cavity; a powerful slash which has such speed that the after images vibrate to create a powerful stroke – as opposed to a single blade there is a greater are which acts as a blade; and many others.


    In general all the techniques mentioned here which power up over time, or require greater skill, rely on both quantity and strength of life force. Whilst you gain potency after being recharged by a demon, the area which you can hold your life force in increases with practice. This means you are able to house a greater volume of life energy the more you practice magic.

    General Notes (open)

    Hopefully you're still interested in being a part of this roleplay. If so, then please just comment below! If several people show interest I'll actually make the group for the roleplay, and finish working all of the mechanics out. Also I'd like to beg you all to help me with developing this roleplay. If you have an idea, please feel free to shout it out! Any kind of suggestion is welcome, especially those for the karma system and battle system. Other contributions, such as plot ideas, or even just better names for things, are encouraged too. Don't worry if you can't come up with anything though, I'll be overjoyed for you to just be here.

    Including comedy in this roleplay is essential in my opinion. While there are lots of action and slice-of-life elements to this, there should be plenty of humour too. Now there is no specific plot or rule I can add in to make sure things are funny. All I can do is request that you guys try and add humour into your posts. Don't take this too seriously- it's supposed to be fun, remember? Having your character achieve graduation should be your secondary goal, with your first goal being to enjoy yourself. Allow things to go a little wrong, and then use it to create laughs. A
    n entirely sincere outlook wasn't what I intended- it's allowed, but I'd prefer things to be more amusing. I'm going to shut up now as I am starting to sound like nag, but you get the idea.

    If you have any question or inquiries, please ask them below.

    Update from after I finished writing all of this: Holy s*** this got complex...
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  2. I love the idea it's original, I have some ideas and suggestions ready.

    You said you can revamp your character after it graduated, a fun idea would be having that character coming back as an teacher and just letting it bully it'd ex-classmates.
    Be carefull with the amount of points given in the karma system otherwise it would be a short RP. Limit it at certain events.
    You said that contracting to any demon doesn't have any meaning at the moment. You should, some demons can only grant wishes in a certain category. This way you can make easily classes for the carachters.
  3. Sup Lovie, thanks muchly! <3

    Hehe, I can totally see two character having a contest to see who can graduate and become a teacher first in order to torment the other one! Sounds fair enough, so I'll allow people to do so if they wish,
    Yeah, I'm very aware that points will have to be given out in small portions. Like tapas. And you guys need to try lots of different kinds of tapas.
    And I was thinking of doing so, but I'll have to do more research into the demons first. But it's a good idea!
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  4. Yo! I am totally in! I wanna go in there and kick some booty. tumblr_mrtvxqzavX1rby56yo1_500.gif
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  5. Welcome Domeki (still don't have a nickname for you...)! Glad you came to grace us with your presence. ^.^
    As for that cookie...
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  6. SOUND LIKE F**KING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I always wanted to sell my soul
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  8. YES!
  9. *cough* With all this enthousiasm we have here we need something. A F***ING AWESOME THEMESONG FOR THIS RP SHOULD BE ADDED HERE!!!

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  12. ...IT FITS TOO WELL!
    Adding it to the main post!
  13. OK... Ahum.. ok I also have some suggestions no nice AMV though. Very fitting that song Cry.

    nightcore version
    again nightcore I just like it

    Hhhmmm... still cry fits better.
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  14. I like them too ^^
  15. XD yeah that song will be the I listen to when I write my character ^^
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  16. Okay I feel awkward that I haven't posted on here despite listening to the squelch or Tape Recorder's guts being ranted out so therefore I pronounce "Good Eve, my fellow demons!" And is anyone else aware of Voltaire's awesomeness here?
  17. Hey there Fizz! I'm glad that you've finally posted. >:3

    I've only heard of them because you, as you are already well aware.
  18. Hehe I suppose. I hope there are several other lovers that shall gather here shortly. Maybe I should link a few as taster samples hmm?
  19. <w< I'm glad to see I atl east made an impression somewhat on you Cass. I would love to join this~ <3
  20. Yes, I'm sure many of my lovers shall be here shortly. I can hardly keep my harem away. XD
    And you've emailed them to me already, so thanks. :)

    Of course you made a good impression on me, Ari! I'm super glad to see you here~! :D
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