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  1. If anybody, I mean anybody, wants to pitch their ideas to me about a roleplay, I'll gladly lend an ear. It's not what I'm willing to do/try, but it's about what I'm not willing to do (quite the shorter list, actually.)

    Before any questions are asked, I want to make sure that it is clear that I will play male or female, with a male or female counterpart. I know my profile says male, but imagine me as a genderless mass of writing creativity. Better yet, define me by the character I play.

    Next, what I will not do:

    I'm not into sci-fi.
    I'm not into monotonous.
    I'm not into werewolves.
    I will not play a vampire. (I don't mind playing with one, though.)
    I'm not a very good fighting writer. (Unless I'm fighting myself. Well, figuratively. Two of my characters fighting is easy for me.)
    I limit my series roleplaying to Japanese series. Yes, I enjoyed Hunger Games as much as the next person, but I don't feel comfortable messing with the existing story.
    I will not play or play with an angel. Too complicated, too much folklore.

    Everything else is completely acceptable and I'm willing to try anything else.

    Plots and plot gems I'm searching for:

    -Post apocalyptic.


    -Comedic Romance.


    -Big cities.

    -Seriously, anything that doesn't fall in the list above, I'll at least give it a shot.

    I'll be watching this thread and watching my private messages, so come to me with an idea.
  2. Picture this:

    Two prodigal scientists find a way to cryogenically freeze organisms without damaging the cells. After a round of highfives and shots, they decide to freeze themselves.

    Some amount of time later, The scientists are woken up by two wandering succubus who happened to stumble across their lab, which is now in complete shambles save for a few salvageable tools.

    The succubi explain that the human population has evolved to the point where people have begun to take on traits of mythological demons. There was a power struggle, and now the world has pretty much gone to shit. The succubi think it's amazing that there are normal humans in front of them, and decide to venture with them.

    The humans are now on a task to see just what the hell is going on in the world since they've frozen themselves.

    I can't stop laughing, and what's worse is it actually sounds fun.
  3. Ehhhh....

    That's a bit too sci-fi for my tastes.

    It has that taste of fish when there's no fish... If you know what I mean.

    It's interesting, and on any day that doesn't end in a 'y' I would be interested in trying it out, but it's a foreign realm that I have tread ever so lightly... around. The closest I've gone to something like this is a post apocalyptic scene.

    Now, maybe I should have mentioned this before but... The plot gems I put down are good individually. Put together, they don't make Neapolitan ice cream. It makes kind of a leftover stew after taco and chicken night. There are people who would love it, and I don't do enough drugs to try it.

    'A' for effort, though.
  4. Was just reading the comment thread and was wondering...

    Hmm let's see, I am also seeking a partner for a one to one roleplay...thing is..I need more ideas, strong characters and strong themes....and it's complicated...but I think we can come up with some ideas, if we work hard on them. In general I prefer playing the female gender (but I can change to a male role, if I have a good character to play), I play modern, goth, medieval, and paranormal roleplays..but I am open to any new ideas provided that they have a good theme.

    Other than, what you have mentioned above, do you consider a parallel between Earth, and some other dimension/s for a roleplay or just seperate locations?

    We could discuss exchange ideas, maybe even bridge your ideas with mine and see if we can make it work.

    hope to hear from you soon ;)