Still looking for my first RP on here

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  1. The last thread I posted here saw little success (3 people contacted me, but only 1 RP got started and has seen no activity after my first post for a few weeks), so I figured I may as well keep trying given that I still have this account.

    - What gender characters you play: Male.
    - Whether or not you want a romance or smutty times: Don't mind romance, don't know people here well enough for anything 'smutty'.
    - Whether or not you want a straight/gay romance if you do romance: Straight.
    - What genre or things you LOVE to play: Scifi, modern, horror, fantasy, most things really. Just ask me about something.
    - What sort of things you HATE to play or WON'T play: Yaoi, torture, probably one or two other things. Again just ask me about your idea.
    - How descriptive you expect posts to be, or grammar requirements: I'd prefer it if posts could be spelled correctly but I won't be too bothered by it. As for being descriptive, I don't mind doing a lot of reading but keep in mind that I'm not a creative person. If you're hoping I can write something akin to a novel, especially lengthwise, you might want to look elsewhere.
    - How OFTEN you expect replies and will reply yourself: Once a week at the very least, just so I know you'd still want to continue and so I'd have time to come up with responses if I was busy a lot during the week.
    - Plot/Character ideas you have, or if you're open to partner's bringing the ideas: All I have is the usual quiet, shy nerd character I often use, but I could probably come up with other characters if a story required me to do so. As for plot ideas, refer back to a few lines ago where I said I'm not creative. I don't have any ideas for plotlines, but I'll listen to ideas and tell you if something is an RP I'd be willing to try.
    - How and WHERE you want to roleplay: Uh, on the forums I guess?
    - How people should contact you for the roleplay: This thread or PM is fine.
  2. Oh, a PM I got the other day also reminds me that I should mention that RP for existing works (movies, books, tv shows and the like) probably isn't my kind of thing. It's not that I dislike it in general, but I can guarantee that at least 60% of the time I will either have not heard of whatever it is you're suggesting or have not seen/read/whatever it before. That's not to say I'd say no to it if it's something I have seen/read/whatever, but ideally I'd prefer it if people could approach me with at least one original idea as well just in case.
  3. Lets try and give it a whirl! :)
  4. Haven't been online in a few days so I didn't see your post, but sure if you want to then just PM me.
  5. I'll gladly start one up with you :) One of us would probably have to do a 1x1 forum to start up
  6. I would love to do a roleplay with you, if you are fine with a little action and romance that is~~
  7. Sorry for the lack of response, haven't felt very inspired to check this website much. If you're both still interested then just PM me and we can go over details and ideas.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.