Still Dealing With You

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Karen woke up feeling exhausted. He haunted her dreams. She remembered his touch as if it was yesterday.

Her alarm clock played "Shattered" by Trading Yesterday, stopping after three attempts of shutting it off.

"I should call in sick today", Karen whispered to herself, staring at her ceiling.

Rolling over to look at her wall, a calendar with a drawing of a broken heart on the November 10th almost screamed "LOSER!" at her. "Two weeks...", she muttered to herself, remarking on the fact that it had been two weeks since her boyfriend had dumped her "to find himself". Two weeks since she lost herself.

Karen forced herself out of bed, her oversized "Animals Taste Good" shirt ending at mid-thigh, with a pair of blue shorts.

Trudging down the stairs, her Australian Kelpie barked happily at her, his tag wagging.
"Hey, Buster", she yawned.

He barked, and headed off to get his leash, which would be dragged back to Karen.

(PM me with any questions, since the plot is not obvious)
Henry knocked on Karen's door, waiting for an answer. He had transferred schools in this town, and now he had to stay with with his Aunt Karen, how depressing. He heard Beast, or Buster, or whatever her dog's name was bark. Last time he seen Buster, he had been a puppy. He sighed lowly as he moved his duffle bag around his shoulder.
"Just a minute!". Karen called, walking around her dog carefully, who was chasing her feet.

She opened the door to see her nephew, Henery. "Hey, Henry!", she smiled, exhasperated. "Long time no see! Come on in."
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