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While I know of one other steampunk based RP that's been started, I and NovaPierce are looking at starting an additional one. The basis for the RP will be open world. We might create NPC characters that you could interact with but the overall idea is inter-character interactions. The RP environment will be large with a number of different locations within the RP to interact with. These areas will be described in detail during the opening post of the thread.

We will not ask for profiles, but in your entrance post we hope you'd be willing to describe yourself in a little detail as it's the details that make the RP that much richer and more fun. Multiple races would be allowed, Magick would be allowed but in limited amounts, we're not looking for straight fantasy here. The focus is gadgets, steam powered engines, airships, bots, etc...

We've started drafting the original post and would love some feedback from those that are interested:)


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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.


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Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic. Roleplays with plenty of action, violence, and romance. I don't mind if the base is on one of those alone, but it gets boring when nothing else comes into play, know what I mean? - Also, I'll do something modern if it seems like something I'd be into, but that doesn't happen often.