Stihlgears Junction: It Begins



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What once started as a crossroads with a small airfield, a single docking tower, and a meager intersection that housed a few local shops had grown. So rapidly indeed that it's infrastructure needs far outpaced that of the technology trying in vain to keep up with it. As major crossroad city now, it's the last large point of civilization before setting out for the frontier. In many of the slums power cables drape the ground, whether by sheer laziness of the local ICC (Infrastructure Control Council) or an adapt and overcome attitude of the populace, power is routed everywhere; just not in the safest of manners. As usual steam power is a given.

Foxfarrow Airfield:

The Foxfarrow Airfield proudly boasts 6 airship docking towers with an additional 6 Docking Pens for those airships that need repair work. Commercial, Cargo, or Personal it can handle all airship types. All requests to dock must be routed through port control. All baggage and cargo are offloaded by indentured servants, most of which owe 3-4 years service to the city government for debts. However should you not trust such individuals with your belongings you are welcome to offload yourself or rent a baggage bot from Mech Control.

-Foxfarrow Airfield Port Control:

The only structure larger than the docking towers is the port control tower. All the docking towers are controlled from this room, Wendel Welheim; the Port Manager controls the airspace around Foxfarrow for 5 miles around, requests to dock, be penned or restocked through the airfield supply office are routed through him.

The Market of Stihlgear:

Whether you are looking for parts, food, supplies, water processors, transaction engines, hose, bot repair engineers, or perhaps the loose with her or his charms escort. You'll find it in the market. A sprawling expanse of shops, lean-to tents, and the occasional musician performing for a few spare pieces of tin. Be wary the pick-pockets, muggers, and genuinely ill sorted people. They run rampant in the market at nights, the local Safety Board suggests keeping off the streets after midnight.

Local Pubs:
----- Drunken Ferret Pub: A couple rooms here are routinely available for rent but it's not registered as an Inn. Clandestine dealings are a common occurrence here.
----- Timestar Inn: The largest Inn in town, it can house up to 40 individuals. Room rents vary on the amenities you choose.

Safety Office of Stihlgear:
Much like a police authority of the nearby towns, the Safety Office is responsible for the safety and security of Stihlgear.

Araviem Mining Corp:
The Araviem mining corporation controls all the mines to the east of the city, the biggest pollutant of the city, much of the population works in the mines.

Araviem Smelter House:
Where the minerals pulled from the mines are smeltered into useful materials, often sent to market. Located outside the mines.

Mech Control:
All service bots are controlled through Mech Control. However there are a number of sentient bots that roam the streets on their owns, some have purpose, some don't.

5th Street Slums:
A dilapidated block of housing now falling apart from disrepair and neglect. The ICC does not care about this block, it's cared enough to fence it off and forbid anybody from entering the rickety creaking structures. A favorite hideout among the less desirable of Stihlgears.

Road Network:
The roadwork of Stihlgears is laid out with a primary intersection at it's center, additional roads are built and added as needed. In order to navigate one must have a thoroughly researched map or be doomed to walk around with the hopes of getting a lucky break, or perhaps a good sense of direction will guide you.

The North road of the intersection runs to the market
The South Road of the intersection runs to City Hall, and other government buildings
The East road runs straight to the mines and smelter house
The West road takes you out of the city and towards the frontier

This is just to give the players an idea of the city, should you feel the desire to open your own shop, or add another inn to the list then by all means do so, the first two are added in order to broaden the possibilities. Everything is open ended, if you feel you want to play a particular role, whether it be as governor of Stihlgears or even the port controller Wendel Wilhelm you are welcome to. I'll try to update the thread with some pictures but I'm afraid i'm horrible at finding pictures that nicely sum up each of the places listed. For any questions or clarification, please message myself or NovaPierce