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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Soulserenity20, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. I believe this was a New feature but I've no clue how to make a post sticky... Meaning it appears at the top of each page in the thread.
  2. When you create a new thread you can choose to sticky the first post. The button is a bit under the create thread button on the page where you write your opening post, so it's important to not be too fast when creating the thread, otherwise you might miss to look there. I don't think it's possible to stick them after the thread is created at this moment.
  3. It is possible. Just go into the "edit thread" information at the top of the page (like where you'd change the title), and one of the options should be "sticky first post".
  4. I actually can't see that option.. At least not on mobile.
  5. As far as I can tell, Redblood is right; there is no option to sticky the first post of a thread after thread creation. Unless I'm missing something but I checked both Thread Options and the options under "More Options" when you edit a thread. At least, not for mobile users.
  6. Urgh. That's stupid. What good is this for anyone who had an existing RP?
  7. You CAN edit an already posted thread and make it sticky, under the "Edit Thread" option. I have no idea why it's not showing up on mobile, though. Because it should be. o__o
  8. The only options I get under "Thread Tools" are "Edit Title," "Add Poll," "Bump," and "Export Thread."

    When I click on the edit title, it gives me no option to change anything but the title. So I can't find this on my laptop either...
  9. It might be permissions, Diana. Because I can definitely see the option on mobile.
Thread Status:
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