Stickers for Positive People! As promised! 8D

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  1. At the start of the 31 Days of Happiness thread, I promised a sticker to everyone who tried hard to participate!

    And I wasn't kidding! I just finished designing up the stickers and put in an order for them. >:]

    If you would like a sticker, you need to PM me with your address so I can mail it to you.

    I'll give EVERYONE a sticker, but I am sending them out to the people who participated in the thread first, in case I run out. XD

    The sticker will be a rounded square sticker that looks like this!

  2. You can put my sticker in my room in the liquor book or with my ring that Pan is guarding.
  3. Don't I get anything for 24 years of negativity?
  4. You get a punch to the nuts. D:<
  5. The stickers arrived today! 8D

  6. Are there any left? I missed this thread. And can you hold it for me until I get settled in the UK? *gives Diana big pleading eyes!*
  7. There are pleeeeeenty of stickers left. >:]

    I need to put these letters in the mail. o__o;
  8. Once again you prove your hatred of me. I did nothing to you to earn this... recently... today... maybe...
  9. *wants stickers!*