Steve x Loki AU

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  1. So I had this idea that Loki knew steve during the War, and they were extremely close and maybe even in love, then Steve crashed his plane. With Steve gone Loki no longer had any reason to be on earth and returns home to Asgard where he slowly begins to lose himself. Without Steve he feels so lost and as he discovers the truth about who he is he is only thrown further into the loathing anger that filled his heart. Then after he falls from the rainbow bridge and falls into the clutches of the chitari (totally butchered that) and Thantos any ounce of who he once was is gone. When he goes to earth to enslave the mortals the last thing he expects is to be facing Steve... the man he thought he had lost so many years ago. He was completely shaken by this but he kept hidden behind the hard exterior he had put up through the years and pretended he didn't even recognize Steve, who was heart broken to see what Loki had become. When they finally defeat Loki, Steve demands that Thor take him with them to Asgard so he could try and reach the old Loki he once knew. Thor was open to any idea that might bring his brother back, however it took some convincing on Odins part who is more than ready to give up on Loki. But after a firm talking to from Friga, Odin reluctantly permits Steve to stay and interact with Loki but is always looking for a reason to send him back to midgard.

    Yeah so that's my idea..... I don't know if it's any good. It just sort of popped into my mind. I would like to play Loki but I guess I could play Steve as well.