Steve x Bucky AU

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  1. Ok so I really want to do a AU where Steve is Bucky's Body guard. They would have been friends when they were kids but then Buckys dad ran for president and they were separated. After all the campaigning and such Buckys dad Became president Barnes. Thing went down hill for Bucky from there as he was outed as being gay, ridiculed by the media and became addicted to drugs. It is not until he tried to kill himself however that his father decides to get him a personal body guard who happens to be Steve Rogers his childhood friend. However steve has changed considerably since they last met each other, he had been just a scrawny Brooklyn kid when they were friends but then he hit puberty, went into the military and became a captain before retiring to become to work in security. Bucky does not recognize his friend at first and actually hates him because the last thing he wants is someone following him around everywhere.

    Ok so this pulls ideas from the show political animals and from Captain America XD
    I also got the body guard idea from these videos:

  2. Omg another idea that MUST happen is a fifty shades of grey stucky/evanstan RP!!!
    so steve would be captain America and everyone loves him and everyone wants to be him. But he has a dark side. He is a secret sexual sadist and often lures young men and woman into his life just to use them up sexually then throw them out. That is where Bucky comes in. He is a young naïve kid who has been saved by captain America twice now. Once when he was taken hostage by red skull and once when he had been brain washed and used as a puppet for Hydra. So now he is in debt to steve and will do anything for him. Steve finds this boys innocence intriguing and so badly wants to break it. So when he comes in begging to do something in return for Steve he decides to let this kid in on his little sadistic secret.

    ahhh! i want this i want this now and i want to be Bucky, this is one of those rare moments when i am actually asking to be a sub.

    inspiration from this video: