Steve Rogers X Tony Stark RP Concept

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  1. RP Rules
    .: I'm looking for Steve Rogers (Captain America) only.
    .: I'm looking for a partner able to post between 2-5 paragraphs in an Intermediate skill level.
    .: Players 18 or older please.
    .: I am both an aggressive and passive player. My partner should be able to lead just as well as they can follow. If I feel like I'm doing all of the leading or I have to DM our RP, I'll most likely end up dropping the RP.
    .: I post between once per day to several times per day. I expect at least once per day. If you can't, please be courteous and let me know. I shall return the favor.
    .: Possible Themes: Explicit Sex, Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Gay, and Mild-explicit Language.
    .:I play only Via PM's.

    Steve Rogers X Tony Stark RP Concept:

    After the battle with Loki, the Avengers have gone back to their respective separate ways but remain active with S.H.I.E.L.D, Tony's increasing PTSD symptoms make it almost impossible for him to continue being Ironman. The nightmares, the panicked attacks often show up even while in action, causing him to hesitate when he shouldn't. Making more and more mistakes, Tony steps down and away from the Avengers, even further; From Ironman.

    Nick Fury informs the other members of the Avengers of Tony's unknown reason for his departure. Steve thinks Tony is show boating, wanting to be solo for the sake of saying he's a 'hero'. Steve shows up at Tony's front door step to confront him. What Steve learns shocks him.

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