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  1. Just like everyone's a hypocrite, I think everyone's guilty of doing this at some form or another. It doesn't make it right of course. Usually it's a huge annoyance and looks ignorant.

    I also find it funny that some people complain about being stereotyped yet they have no trouble doing that to other people themselves.

    Sadly some people stereotype based on personal experiences which I think everyone is somewhat guilty of doing.

    Also as bad as it sounds, just like every legend stems from some form of truth, some stereotypes do so as well. Plus some stereotypes can be good ones!

    These are pretty much my overall thoughts on stereotyping/generalizing. A big annoyance most of the time that everyone's guilty of but sometimes it can be a good thing and it can be a harsh truth.
  2. Stereotypes. Often based on some realistic nugget of info from a particular culture/race/background/job/hair color/eye color/ etc etc etc.. Almost always blown far out of proportion.

    This thread will go places.
  3. This probably is not what you were looking for, but I am just going to post this here..
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  4. Stereotypes often exist for a reason. Reality might be tame in comparison to the stereotype, but it it's still reality on some level. I'd be lying if I said I didn't conform to a lot Californian stereotypes, but it's all pretty mild. I have never heard a valley girl once in my life.

    So there you go, most stereotypes are just traits blown out of proportion

    Except for stereotypes about Utah, those are entirely true and accurate 100%. Everyone is a mormon there, no exceptions.
  5. Canadian sex organs all taste like maple syrup.

    Black people smell like peanut butter.

    Mexicans are amazing at Yatzee.

    Chinese people are the most likely to talk to cats.

    Chilians are prone to mad llama hugging sessions.

    French people often use types of bread as euphamisms.

    Koreans only are really good at BBQ because of apocalypse preparation. They actually hate it.

    Australians use spider venom as discount viagra.

    Germans think sausages fit all 4 food groups.

    Native Americans are universally shape shifters.

    Costa Ricans worship sloths.

    South Africans learn how to speak vuvuzella as a third language.

    Egyptians are addicted to cat puns.

    Saudi Arabians are actually birds of paradise who think expensive cars are just a normal mating display.

    Russian blood is 50%caviar and cologne.

    There. Sterotypes are improved and updated to reflect the real world.
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  6. Don't judge individuals by collectivist metrics, and stereotypes become instantly irrelevant.

    The end.
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  7. All ferrets are cute! :D
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  8. I mean, if you want a more serious version... (Excuse any typos, I am inebriated and depending on the spellcheck gods to save me.)

    People care way too much about what their neighbour thinks of them. Jerry the white misogynist asshole who chain smokes and watches racist cartoons from the 40's and 50's doesn't generally give a shit about Eddie, the black guy who lives four blocks away. He may dislike Eddie, he may hate Eddie, all because of a few stereotypes he learned growing up, but Jerry is not actually hurting Eddie. Jerry is an asshole to be sure, but unless Jerry is voting to enslave Eddie, or Jerry is attempting to murder Eddie, then Jerry is harmless.

    There will be people who think fucking shitty things of you all the time just because of whatever group you may belong to. I'm an atheist so some people think I'm a soulless devil fucker. I have a mental disorder so some people think I'm just a bad day away from mass school shooting sprees, or that I can't formulate proper fuckin' opinions of my own cuz' my brain's wired a little different than theirs is. And you know what? The koolaid drinking fucktards over here are never gonna change their mind 'bout me or the beliefs I have or the feelings I posses. They will always think pretty shitty things of me because of the stereotypes attached to my name, to which the unmistakable ichor which drips from their serpentine words, will always be, "that atheist."

    And you know what?

    Their existence doesn't stop me from living my own fucking life, irrelevant of whatever stereotypes are attached to me.

    Pretty sure "all black people are dirty bike thieves" didn't stop Morgan Freeman from kicking ass in box office several times over. Or Samuel Jackson. Or all of these people while we are at it.

    Fairly sure "black people are the inferior race" didn't stop captain fucking fantastic there from whooping an entire hateful regime's ideological ass.

    "Haha women are weak" well fuck you too pal.

    "Womens can't handle adventure they should stay in the kitchen" sure didn't fuckin' stop this kickass chick from taking names.

    Stereotypes are fuckin' funny jokes. Some of them have hints of truth, sure. But if one applies to you, it's only as true as you allow it to be in your own head. If some asshole thinks you can't do something because you have a dick, or a vagina, or you're white, or you're black, don't fucking whine about it. Don't validate their shit. Just fucking prove them wrong by powering on and kicking ass at stuff. That's the difference between a decent person and a hero: Heroes don't fucking quit just because some asshole labelled them as a weakling, or a thief, or inferior, or whatever. Heroes keep pushing on until they succeed. They aren't perfect people. Sometimes, they don't actually succeed, sometimes they fail, terribly, and die, but they never quit trying.

    So a stereotype is really only as real as you make it your own damn mind.

    And I wish people quit empowering it by whining about its existence. The more they cry, the stronger it gets.

    And that's drunk Brovo wisdom, barely maintaining a filter. Off I go to watch some Netflix. Hope that was fun to read. :ferret:
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  9. We group and categorise by nature. It's a time and effort saver. Human intelligence in general is held up by a web of associations. If it weren't we'd philosophise until we were nihilists and would all collectively jump off a cliff because we'd come to the conclusion nothing could be known or fucking mattered.

    Also sex- and racisms are bad because fuck there will be someone who can't fucking read.
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  10. The term stereotypes is shit, that's what it is.

    Because, who cares if your a flaming homosexual. Be you, be fab

    If you're a stay at home mom you rock, even if you cook all the meals for your hard working husband.

    If you're black and you like gospel music and are devoted to your god, do it.

    But as soon as others start expecting someone to act a certain way its shit. Let people be who they are, we're all unique individuals, no matter our "group" no matter our sex.
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  12. ALSO may I add that trying to get rid of stereotypes all together can be offensive as well. Gay culture is a thing, black culture is a thing, femininity is a thing like don't bash those "stereotypes" down trying to get rid of it. Let people define themselves you don't have to do it. Now I'm out, again, I never reply to public threads it feels weird.
  13. I need to watch this video at least once a month to make sure the world is working as it should. Even after he blackest night comes the brightest He-Man.
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  14. H-Homosexual?! Pfft, what?! Blaspheme!
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  15. Isn't this generalizing?
  16. The opposite. It would be generalization if he claimed all black people kick ass at the box office or all women have the strength of an adrenaline-cranked ogre.
  17. "Women are weak" implies all women, then a video of a trained martial artist. Ronda Rousey's strength doesn't speak for all women? Maybe I'm not getting it.
  18. You're not getting it. It isn't that all women are weak OR all women are strong. I think they're implying that we can't look at all women the same way. Some are strong, some are smart, some are not so strong and not so smart but thats fine.
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  19. If it spoke for all women, that'd be generalization — regardless of the associated positivity.
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  20. Aw c'mon, everyone knows all Swedes are the same.
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