Stereotypical Horror Movie Characters!

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    So I was trying to help Diana come up with a horror themed poll for this week, but she said my idea would be much better as a forum topic! So here's my question:

    Which stereotyped character in a horror movie are you?

    Or which do you want to be?

    I know for definite I am the girl who never wants to leave the house. I am the one who will hide in some dark closet or something and get eaten when the thing appears behind me. Or I will run far far away, and still get eaten, probably by something completely unrelated. And no one can save me because I ran away alone.

    Because I am an absolute wuss.
  2. I think I am somewhere between the non-believer and the loner. Why? Because I try to explain whatever is happening around me rationally, but if something clearly supernatural is happening, I doubt that I would try to prove that it is anything but. In addition, the suggestions that I have would probably be ignroed by other stereotypical characters, leaving me cast out of the group despite all my attempts to make them do something sensible. I do not know if I would survive until the end of the movie, but I would try my hardest to do so.
  3. I wanted to say the Sexy Bitch, but... This is more accurate:

    I always expected that if I were in a horror movie, I'd be that one character who gets punished severely for being a non-believer.
  4. I'd probably just be that random background stoner dude.
  5. The one that nobody realises has been eaten/killed? Like the lone wino that stumbles upon his own death during a lull in the action?
  6. Damn Straight. I'd still go out in style though.
  7. I'm the black guy.

    "Oooo~ A door! Let's see whats insi-*TWELVE GAUGE TO THE FACE*"
  8. A Great movie character once said...

    "I've seen this movie!: The BLACK DUDE dies first!"
  9. So I asked my bf and he said "That one chick who dies in the shower"...don't know why...
  10. Well since I'm not the bombshell or half of the couple having sex....

    5. The old dude – This man can be anywhere from 35-50 years old, depending on the age of the other characters. This character always has some kind of traumatic story or some history that ultimately helps him survive till the last 3rd of the movie. He is sometimes out casted by the rest of the group because of his age, but usually he is the one that all the characters come to for advice in the end. In sequels the old dude might be a cast member from the original film that is being forced to relive the nightmare he experienced long ago.
  11. I'm that guy who would be suspicious of EVERYTHING after the first scary thing happened and tell everyone they're being stupid and what they are doing was a bad idea.