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  1. Stereotypes
    Punk rock, Stoner, goth, emo, gangsta', nerd, jock, ect ect ect ect.

    We've all heard these terms thrown around when describing different groups pf people. Sometimes we judge individuals based on their clothes, or sometimes we judge them based on the activities they take part in, but rarely do we judge based on personality. I hate that, but like almost everyone else on earth, I do it too....

    So my question is

    Have you ever classified
    yourself into one of these groups?
    If not, have you ever been classified by peers into one of these groups?

  2. I remember a thread like this a while back. I'd say I'm a metalhead and no one seems to disagree with me. I'm pretty cool with this.
  3. I get "geek" and "nerd" interchangeably. I'm not even sure of the difference now if I'm honest. I suppose I didn't help it much, used to hang round the computer club and the art-room every lunchtime in high school. And I'm in an anime club too... Yay me.
  4. Nerds are obsessive about a practical, often cerebral, skill. Computers, electronics, etc.

    Geeks are obsessive about impractical topics that result in a negative cash flow position. Anime, manga, video games--all things more expensive than crack and just as addictive.
  5. I've been called a nerd. I think computers and sciences are sexy. I've also been called a geek because of my video game obsession. Was also called an emo kid because of...stuff I'd rather not mention, and I always dressed in dark clothes with my hood on.

    I embrace my nerdiness and geekiness. <3 I otherwise am just me. I'm my own stereotype and club no one else is allowed to join. ;]
  6. No matter how many fights I start over it, 'hipster' is usually the phrase that gets slung at me. I blame my liking skinny jeans and smart shirts. And dying my hair retarded colours.

    I'd pretty much say I'm a geek, however, going by the amount of money I'm prepared to spend on video games and RPG books. I'd always question how much a stereotype can say about a person, however; I frequently play D&D with a dude who plays rugby for the best team in the county, and I know supposedly 'geeky' guys who've never heard of Baldur's Gate.
  7. I've been called: Hipster, emo, geek, nerd, weeaboo (SHUT UP), stoner, punk.

    I feel I am: Geek, nerd, punk.

    I'm excellent at math, love science, can play videogames/tabletops for DAYS, and listen to people like Anti-flag, Against Me!, Rise Against... as well as prefer a mohawk. If I weren't married I'd have one that was like a foot tall.
  8. People who have not heard of Baldur's Gate, I call "deprived of awesome moments in life." they have my full pity.
  9. NERD.
    I play Dungeons and Dragons. It's to be expected.
  10. I don't classify myself as anything.

    I typically am referred to as a "geek." Perfectly fine with me. I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember (Tombstone City on TI-99/4A is the earliest game I can remember being addicted to, back in 1983). I'm a computer technician. I mean, overall, I pretty much fit the bill.