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Sterek Roleplay Request[Teen Wolf AU]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ☠ Ɠнσѕт Ƙιηg ☠, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. Intoxicating-[Teen Wolf AU]

    Stiles isn't entirely human.... He is an elemental, though he hasn't grown into his powers, his clan has told him that he is most likely a wind elemental. Derek is an alpha, and his father the head alpha of their pack. One day, Stiles trespasses into the alpha's territory and Derek is the one that catches him. Derek had been patrolling around the Hale territory when he caught the little thief trying to take some of the Hale territories herbs back to his dying clan member... Derek takes none of this. Throwing the young elemental over his shoulder[ though Stiles tries to escape twice] ends up back at the Hale's house bruises and bloodied as Derek had tried beating him into submission. Stiles is forced to remove a necklace that conceals his natural scent... And everything explodes inside Derek. He forced himself onto Stiles and whispers one word that shocks them all... "Mate" into Stiles ear.

    Stiles doesn't want Derek as his mate.... Which is understandable if you knew what had happened to him years ago... His mother had been killed by a werewolf and had forced himself on Stiles, also biting him... This making Stiles none other than a hybrid... Yet he is completely oblivious to this... But he will find out soon enough along with Derek. Derek finds it hard controlling the urge to mate with the scrawny, awkward, but definitely defiant boy... Even with the mating ceremony coming up, Stiles scent is just intoxicating and almost too much to handle.

    What will happen to Stiles? What will happen to Derek? And will there ever be something between the two?

    -Looking for someone to play Derek Hale/ The dominant character.-

    -One paragraph at least 3-5 lines. To keep it interesting and third person please!-
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.