Step's Never-Ending Quest For 1x1 Partners

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A few guidelines before you venture further...

1. I prefer to role play through pm, but if you have to role play on a thread for whatever reason, I can adjust.
2. I can't do one-liners. They don't do anything to advance the plot, I simply can't work with them. At least one paragraph at a minimum, but I'm not looking for novel replies either.
3. Basic grammar and spelling is a must, occasional typos I understand, but text slang is a no-go.
4. Of course, basic Iwaku rules apply. Please no perfect characters or 'God Modding'.
5. I try to post at least once a day, or at least every other day. I expect the same from my partner. Of course, life > role play, but I need some notice if you are going away for a week or something.
6. No fandom preferably, I don't watch a lot of anime, and the ones I do I'm not too interested in role playing.
7. I enjoy having an out of character chat as well to just chill and chat. If that's not your thing, it's cool, but I do enjoy it. ^^ Developing a friendly relationship is fun and can also help the role play.
8. I don't really care how old my partner is, but please remember that I'm a teen member and therefore can only role play sex with my own age group.
9. Sometimes I read your reply when I'm busy, and then forget to reply back. If it's been two days and I have not given you any notice, feel free to give me a little bump. ^^
10. If you feel like the role play is not advancing and/or is no longer fun for you, message me so we can talk about how to fix it and spice it up! I will do the same!
11. I usually prefer playing the male role, but I can adjust to females.
12. If you are interested in role playing with me, please shoot me a pm. I'd prefer if you'd do this instead of posting a comment on this thread asking me to pm you. It's a lot easier if you'd just pm me out right.

Now that I've gone over my guidelines, let's get to some plots and pairings I'm craving!


[BCOLOR=#000000]Plot 1, Teenage Girl x Alien Male: A group of aliens fall to Earth one night. No warning, no ship, no show. They're just there in the morning. The world's initial wonder and awe quickly turns to paranoia and fear, turning Muse A's hometown of Coney Island into a military zone. The aliens, dubbed the Alpha, are of all ages. And Muse A is quickly thrust into the middle of them when the teenage Alpha are forced to attend her high school, and she is recruited to help their crown prince, a battle-scarred boy, (Muse B) adjust to life as an American teenager. The Alpha is full of anger, and violence follows him everywhere, yet sfinds herself drawn to him. Their love is a dangerous one, with forces on both sides working to keep them apart. How will their story unfold?[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Plot 2, Kidnapped Female* x Kidnapper Male: For years, Muse B has had his eye on a particular beautiful female (Muse A). He has watched her every move for years, and lusts over her. However, Muse B has seen that throughout every year Muse A has never once taken an interest in any man. She has turned down the many men who have also lusted over her. When Muse B lays all of his cards on the table and asks Muse A out, she bluntly turns him down. In a rage of anger, Muse B kidnaps Muse A a few days later and takes her to his home. Will Muse A eventually find out she actually does love him or will she die trying to escape?[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Plot 3: Gang Member A* x Gang Member B: When character A's gang is challenged by character B's gang to see which gang really rules their city, a real challenge follows. When character B figures out the identity of one of the opposing gang members (character A), he sets up a plot to get himself acquainted with her. As character A grows unknowingly closer to her enemy, the plot to wipe out her gang grows closer. When the time comes, will character B be able to kill the opposing gang, including the girl he had been having a fake relationship with for months? Or had the fake relationship turned into something more by then? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] TAKEN[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]NOTE: This symbol * indicates the role I'd prefer to play![/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Blue= male Pink= female[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Kidnapped Princess x Pirate Captain [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Peasant x Queen[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]*Scientist x Captured Alien[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Peasant x Princess (Childhood friends)[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Thanks for taking an interest in my thread! PM if you'd like to try out one of the plots/pairings![/BCOLOR]

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