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  1. Lately I been stepping out of my comfort zone and been craving some interesting plots. With my previous partners taking long breaks or stepped down due to real life, I have plenty of room on my plate for some extra Roleplays. Here are three of my ideas that I would like to play, but I am OPEN to your ideas as well as long as they are not ideas that are...typical...over used.

    Late Night Bartending (open)

    Looking for Muse B.
    Muse A owns their own bar in the downtown of Detroit, where violence is an every day thing. Tensions rise through economic reasons, political, racial and plenty of other reasons. Generally this specific bar had no troubles, but lately things have been getting sketchy and Muse A does not like it. Muse B comes into the bar one late night, eventually getting to know Muse A. They grow to be close friends as Muse B shows up more often. One night, a shooting takes place within the bar causing a panic. Muse A and B are left to fend for themselves against the gang violence. After the shooting occurs, they duo decides to take things into their own hands...
    -Relation between the two is open, friends and/or more.

    Internet Love (open)

    Looking for Either Muse, Preferably B.
    Muse A and B meet each other on the Internet of some website. Things kicked off real well and shared many joyful moments and stories. As things moved on, feelings were developed between the two but before Muse B could confess their feelings Muse A had a confession. Muse A was sick and would not let anyone know about it however, did not explain the full extent of the condition. Muse B did not care and only desired to be with Muse A. Few months went by, then one day Muse A vanished without a word or call. Where did they go, are they okay? Fear, Determination and plenty of other emotions filled Muse B as they started to search for them. Finally finding some sort of information, Muse B attempts to go meet Muse A for the first time...

    Trusting the Untrustable (open)

    Looking for Either Muse. Setting Adjustable.
    Muse B is a sly, mischievous being who is been know to lie their way through life. Muse A captures, runs into, etc Muse B and is left to deal with them in whatever way the setting calls for. Both Muses are caught up in a risky situation and Muse A has to make a choice; Trust and Let Muse B go to survive or sacrifice them both.
    This idea can be used and twisted in so many different ways, it depends on the partner how this goes.

    I am looking for a Roleplay Partner that is...

    - Preferably long lasting; however, I understand things don't always work out.
    - Someone who is able to at least attempt to be the ideal 'perfect partner' and willing to communicate with me.
    - I do not mind most genres, though I do have a few I refuse to do. I'd like if they could respect my favorites and dislikes just as I would theirs.
    - I would also like someone who can at least post a paragraph or more. Novella posts are my candy posts (Even if they do take longer to write up.)
    - Someone free flowing, and do not get easily upset if something does not work out.
    - Would like to go further than One x One (one day) and work together to build a Group RP. It's optional but a girl can dream.

    Personally I....

    - Like to write Multiple Paragraphs or Novella as long as the other person is willing. (If not, I won't waste my time.)
    - Mirror Post if my partner is the Leader. If they write a one-liner, I will end up doing so because I was not given enough information to work with. Meaning I won't continue until I get more information.
    - Will post anywhere from once a day to a few times a week. Sometimes, multiple times a day if I am not working or have time.
    - Favor the Horror and Romance Genre.
    - Am easy going and willing to listen to whatever my partner has to say even if it's not RP related.
    - Hate/Dislike MxM and Yaoi. As a female, it's hard for me to grasp my mind around those sort of things.
    - Do 18+ RP's but not limited to.

    For more info, Go Here:

    PARTNER REQUEST - Everlasting Search <Always Open> |
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