Stepping Into Royalty [Zaira]

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  1. Liza grumbled in annoyance as she made her way from her room to the main hall of the castle to meet her new body guard. She had insisted that she didn't need one, that instead /she/ should be taught how to fight, but her parents had insisted more strongly than ever once they started hearing rumors of plans to have her killed, and so this morning they had summoned her to finally meet him. She just hoped he wasn't so weirdly submissive and polite to her as the other servants, as she was quite tired of people bowing down to her wherever she went, but then again she also hoped he was nice, since he was going to be around her near constantly from now on.
  2. Rowan was quiet proud of himself. The princess was under a few threats, and he had been asked to watch over her. It was a pretty important task, especially for someone of his age, and he took it with a great honor. Anyway, he was a little nervous the day he should meet her. Even if he had seen her from the distance a few times in the past, he never even exchanged a conversation with her, and he surely would now that they would be together the whole day. The knight was waiting in the main hall, together with a few servants of the castle. He saw her approach and a silly smile crossed his face. She was, as he heard, really beautiful. He snapped it off as soon as he realized he was smiling and bowed in front of her, as he was supposed to. "It is an honor to meet you, my princess." said, right before standing back up. "My name is Rowan Montfort and I have been part of the security of your family for a few years. Now, I have the honor of personally protect you. And I assure you you won't have anything to worry about, not under my watch" told her, making an awkward improvisation towards the end. Maybe he should have practiced that moment before.
  3. She smiled a bit, apparently amused at him, although she was still annoyed. "Hello, Rowan, You may call me Liza." She said. Her preference for the informal nickname was frown upon by her family and many of the servants, but she didn't really care what they thought at the moment; she couldn't have him calling her "my princess" all the time.
  4. Her attitude confused him slightly. Generally, royal people wouldn't give you a nickname to call them. Maybe she wouldn't be just another typical princess. Anyway, should he stick with his modals or listen to her? Well... a princess order was a princess order, wasn't it? He smiled back at her, as a cordial gesture. "I know it probably sounds terrible having a guard following you everywhere, but I'll do my best to not bother you, my pri... I'm sorry, Liza. Is there any question you would like to ask me?"
  5. She nodded. "That should be fine.. Would you perhaps be able to teach me how to defend myself a bit on my own? That seems very useful, but my parents have refused to find someone to teach me."
  6. He raised his eyebrows. She was definitely not a normal princess. Maybe his job would be a little more interesting than he expected. Anyway, it seemed as a fair request, and he would hate to deny it from her. "It would be an honor. But, I don't think I should contradict your parents decision, we would both get ourselves into troubles. So I think we should ask them." told her, as there were many servants walking around. He waited for them to disperse a little. "Or we should hide it really well."
  7. She smiled, seeming genuinely pleased with that. "I would prefer the latter, thank you." She said, deciding that she liked him so far. Maybe having him around all the time wouldn't be so annoying after all.
  8. He slightly smiled at her once again. His mind flew for a second thinking about the eyes he was looking at. Certainly the most strange and beautiful he had ever seen. Snapping out of his thought, he spoke once again. "Whenever you want to, then, Liza. If that was all you wanted to know, you can move on with your day"
  9. She nodded. "Very well, will you be accompanying me from now on?"
  10. "Yes I am. But, don't worry, you can still go to the bathroom by your own. After I check there is no one in there, of course." told her with a half smile. Normally, he would never even try to make a joke with someone of her status, but since the beginning she was asking him to treat her friendly, so he would do it. He waited standing next to her, curious of how a day in her life would be like.
  11. Liza laughed a little at him, "That's a relief." She said, as she moved to leave the main room to go outside. She spent much of her time outside, for the most part walking around and looking for animals to watch, having always found their behavior fascinating.
  12. He smirked slightly with her reaction. Definitely, she would be more a friend kind of princess than the ones who believes they can make you clean their shoes for her. Spending his days with someone like that was a great relief for the knight. Of course, he followed her outside, keeping a certain distance to not make her uncomfortable on their first day. They reach the gardens, which were really beautiful, and he just stood close. Even if he was curious about what the princess would do, he wouldn't ask.
  13. Once in the gardens, she decided to go and check on a bird's nest she had found in a tree a few days before. At the time there had only been eggs in it, and she wanted to see if they had hatched. She quickly found the tree and climbed up. It was obvious that she had done that a lot, as she was pretty good at it despite always being made to wear a long dress. After looking into the nest and seeing that the eggs still hadn't hatched, she fowned, sitting on a branch and looking down at him. Was she allowed to do this? Of course not, but that rarely stopped her. "You're not going to tell on me, are you?" She asked.
  14. Rowan raised her eyebrows seeing climbing the tree that easily, that was definitely not the first time she did it. He looked up and slightly chuckled at her question. "Liza, princess, I'm here to protect you from murderers, not for babysitting you. So you shouldn't worry about that kind of things." answered her, and stayed right below, just in case she would fall. Anyway, she was definitely stable, so wouldn't need his help at all. "And speaking of murderers..." started telling and climbed up the tree, without much effort. He spotted a bird's nest. So, that was what she wanted to see up there? After trying to figure out which kind of eggs were they, he sat on a branch, close to hers but obviously not the same one. "High places provide a better view to spot them." said, as if it would explain why he climbed up too. Actually, it only seemed fun.
  15. Liza smiled, and nodded. "I see. It's also harder for them to reach me up here, as well. I guess that's why birds make their nests in trees, too." She said, glancing over at the nest again. There were three eggs, and she guessed they were from a robin because they were a light blue color and the next was made mostly of stick and mud like ever other robin's nest she had found. "How long do you think bird eggs take to hatch?" She asked, not expecting him to know, but still curious.
  16. He nodded at her deduction, she was right about the nests. Anyway, he knew that the people that were after her would probably burn down the tree or simply cut it if they couldn't climb, but wouldn't like to make her think about that. They better spoke about birds. "Um, well, I had a condor when I was little. Actually, it wasn't mine because she was free to live, so it was more like a friend. She put eggs once and I went to see them everyday. I perfectly remember that they took 52 days, except for one egg that simply never hatched. As this bird is probably a lot smaller, I'm guessing it should take about a month." told her, hoping he was right. "Do you come here often?" asked, simply out of curiosity.
  17. "A condor? Those are pretty big and scary, for birds. What did the babies look like?" She asked, seeming impressed by that. She had seen adult condors a few times, but never any babies. She tried to imagine what they would look like, wondering if they'd be so weak and featherless as the other baby birds she'd seen, or downy and able to walk around like chicks or ducklings. She watched him, occasionally glancing around at the rest of the garden around and below them.
  18. "They are pretty ugly, actually. With their heads and neck bald. But they grow up and become really majestic creatures." answered her, with a smile. She seemed really interested on birds, and probably animals in general. Hearing a noise, he turned around. He spotted someone approaching a few meters from there. It was a man than belonged to the king's council, Lord Varam. It wasn't any threat, but he would definitely tell the king and queen that her daughter was climbing trees with her new bodyguard. Rowan jumped from the tree and landed on his feets, without even losing balance. He looked up at her and stood right below. "Hey, there are no murderers around, but there is someone who would tell your parents dangerously close. So you may want to jump, I can catch you."
  19. She nodded. "A lot of baby birds are like that, they're really ugly when they're born, but look good once they grow up." She said, looking down and sighing in disappointment when she saw Lord Varam. She knew from previous experience that he'd tell her parents if he saw her climbing trees. Not only that, he'd probably try to get Rowan in trouble for climbing with her as well. "Alright." She said, giving him a moment to prepare to catch her before jumping down from the tree.
  20. He caught her with no problem, and put her down in the floor immediately. Having the princess on his arms would probably look a lot worse than climb trees with her, so he made sure she was standing on the floor by the time the man reached them. Furthermore, he even got to take a step back, separating from her a little. As the man passed by, he greeted them, and Rowan greeted back with a cordial bow. He smiled amused at the princess as soon as he couldn't see them. "See? I'm also useful to protect you from your parents and their people."
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