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Well it's been over 3 years, but all things must come to an end. This is my final message as Adminstrator of Iwaku.

I do not leave because of any falling out or nervous breakdown or (as some of you may have heard) because of a girl. It's true I found someone special, but she's gone now and it didn't turn out to be the great love story that I wanted. Yet for what it's worth, she reminded me that there are other things I need to be doing. Things that will take my time away from Iwaku.

To run this site the way it deserves to be run, it requires time and energy in vast amounts. The need to keep things fresh, to weather the endless cycles of drama and ignorance, to promote ideas and be sure of your staff - these are things that now fall to someone else.

For a long time, as my Iwaku World posts will attest, I've resisted letting go, for fear that no one will replace the structure, vitality or pure arrogant confidence that I bring to the table. And it took me a while to realise that whatever follows my time will be neither better nor worse, but only different, as all new generations are.

So I leave you in Diana's capable hands. She's been a godsend to Iwaku and although she'll never admit her emotions publically I know that she cares for this forum with all her heart. And since I'm no longer staff I can freely say that most of the people who don't like her are just insecure little infants who can't admit that a woman knows better than them. :D

So to her and to the ever-present and counterbalancing advisor that is Rory, I entrust this forum that has been my companion through some of the hardest years.

Some of you have already sent me messages, and I apologise for not responding, but I wanted to get the dramatics all done at once.

Kitti, Sakura and Miru - your spirits have made me feel young again and I cannot thank you enough. I hope to continue roleplaying with you all as long as I can.

Piro, I have dreamed of the day when my name would be placed alongside those of the Administrators I so admired when I first joined. Too see you do that is the greatest honour you could afford me.

Grumpy, thank you for reminding me of Legacy, the roleplay that truly lived up to its name. I count it as one of the greatest writing projects I've been involved in and I'm truly grateful that people like yourself and WMD were there to see it through with me to the end. If I have any parting wish it's for you to reconsider your stance on joining the staff. Iwaku could benefit greatly from having someone like you in the driving seat.

To the staff I say this: Defend nothing but the dream. Iwaku does not need rules. It does not need polls. It does not need regulations and false humility. It needs personality. It needs courage. Sometimes people need to trampled. Sometimes twats need to be banned. Sometimes you need to tell the members to shut the fuck up and do what you say. Iwaku is not a democracy - it is a community safeguarded by its elders who are chosen because they are entrusted to enact a dream - the dream of a place where adventure and glory is forged and the real world escaped. Be accountable first to your own dreams, and second to expectations.

To the members I say this: Use this place. Enjoy it. Live it. Learn from it. Because it will not last and life will take you far from whatever joys you find here. But that is not a bad thing. It is the continuing beauty of this life that it retains the capacity to surprise you from out of nowhere. I've been astounded by the twists and turns of my own life, and in them I have seen the hand of karma and providence. I do not wish to force my beliefs on anyone, but I have always accepted that Life is a story a hundred times more intricate than any of our roleplays, with characters and plotlines beyond our comprehension. But there is meaning, there is pattern, and there is resolution to be found.

And though a thousand roleplays fail, there are still some that shine. There are moments and formulas - times when things work. Some paths and some adventures will always succeed if you are in the right place at the right time.

The readiness is all.

I had personal messages for you all, but I probably would've forgotten someone, so I'll spare the awkwardness. And it's not like I'll be gone forever - there's still 3 roleplays that I want to see through. Plus I could never truly break the addiction to hard and fast ego-stroking. ;)

All that's left to say is this: despite my arrogance, despite my cruelty and despite my aloofness, I count you all as my my truest friends, who have seen sides of me more beautiful and darker than any who have known me in real life.

Merry Christmas to you all, and may your GMs watch over you. ;)

Thank you for being there with me in the dreamspace.


It's been a pleasure working under you, have fun and good luck!

Merry christmase.
Agreed. To whatever roads your feet will tread, you have my ardent support and well wishes.

We shall miss your burgundy name.

But seriously, much love big man. It's been a lot of goddamn fun, and at the end of the day that's all we can really hope to achieve sometimes, I reckons. Merry Christmas and good luck.
I will miss your authority, but I'm glad you know what you need to do!

I hope we will keep talking to eachother! You're a wonderful inspiration and a wonderful representation of Iwaku!

You're the best Admin I've ever worked with and I'm really REALLY upset you've decided to move on, even though I know it's inevitable for all of us. t___t I will forever hold out hope that you'll decide real life sucks, lock yourself in a basement somewhere to write novels and keep admining Iwaku.
You're stepping down when I just join?? Ooh poopie... well, I'm sure you were a great Admin as I got the impression as soon as I noticed this place. Enjoy life oh and

Merry Christmas <3
Asmo, you were always there for Iwaku, and did what needed to be done for the site in its time of need. The impact you leave here will never disappear, and I truly appreciate the kind words. I'll always be around on MSN, and I hope to continue roleplaying with you.

My regards and respect to you, Mr. Greg.
Merry Christmas! ^^
Asmo, you embody the magnificent bastard and when you brought me here a year and a half ago I never though I'd stay long. I have learned and grown in my time here and have striven to capture part of your vision. I have always had the greatest respect for you as a writer and as an admin. But life happens and never stops happening. Good luck if your search, we'll be here, different but always here.
Best of luck in life, Asmo! You may be a sourpuss to me, but I love ya anyway. :D

Asmo, Best of wishes, and regards. May you find what you are looking for.
You're leaving? FOR REAL!? GOOD NOW GTFO! D:<

Of course I jest, I really do admire you and respect your creative talents. It was an honor to see you work even for the short while I've been here. Don't worry, I'll still pseudo-hate you~


*checks outside to insure the rest of the world is still as it was*

Well, hats off to you Asmodeus. I'd say you've done an excellent job as Administrator for these past few years, 'n tis a shame to see you step down.

But as it goes, nothing lasts...

Fair wishes and good luck on all your future endeavors!
Place your bets on whether or not asmoman goes through withdrawal.
I think we've been promoted to staff roughly at the same time, but we never really worked together until you became admin. And a hell of an admin you've been. The GREAT EXODUS will always be my favorite part of Iwaku history, and I've enjoyed every single moment of ass-hattery with you.

Au revoir, mon Capitan.



*joins group*

Viva la Revolution!

It's kind of sad to see you go...
Okay, who am I kidding, it's like MELANCHOLIC DEPRESSION.
See? I'm not even making any sense D:

Butbut~ I learned a lot & I will keep learning, because Asmodeus has offered so much to help us grow (: Both as writers & as humans.
And I will always remember that as your legacy.

All the memories are equally precious.
So, thank you (:

Wherever you go & whatever you attempt to accomplish in life, I want you to remember that Iwaku will always support you. We believe in you. We honor you ;D For us, you will always be our hero.

Hehe. So, make sure you always do your best && give it your all! Don't leave room for regrets (:

And LALALA, once in a while, drop by & tell us how you're doing :P

NUUUU~~~ ;)
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