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  1. Rose still couldn't quite understand the meaning for the sudden trip her mother had decided they take with her apparent step father and his son. Honestly, she didn't really like the man and has told her mother not to get involved with him quite a few times. But after her real father's death, her mother felt like she needed to remarry, for Rose to have some kind of father figure in her life. That, and somehow her mother actually liked the man.​
    So, Rose gave in to trying to figure out why they were going on a trip, but now she was wondering what made her mother decide on a cruise. Not to mention, she was to be sharing a room with her step brother.​
    She wasn't too thrilled about it.​
    "Do we really need to do this?" She had asked her mother as she was helping get everything into the car. It's only been maybe a couple of days since her new family moved into their home, and there are times when she'd forget that they were there. Like she almost did this day.​
    "Like I said before, to take the chance for the two of you at least try to get along." Her mother said as she put the last bag into the trunk. "I'm well aware that you're too excited about this honey, but at least make an attempt? He is your brother now after all."​
    "We'll see." Rose simply said as she got in the back seat. She was always the friendly type of person, still was too. But she just wasn't used to this. And to make things a bit more to her dislike, her 18th birthday was just a day away and she would be spending it with 2 strangers.​
    She sighed as she leaned against the window of the car, hearing nothing outside. Her mother must have gone back into the house to get the boys.​
    "Let's hope I don't regret this. . " she said quietly to herself, hearing her mother talk to her step father outside by the porch. She didn't try to listen in, and didn't bother looking over in their direction either, knowing step brother was probably outside as well. Right now she just really wanted to get going. Seeing the time as well, she moved from he seat, got to the front and pushed on the car horn which was rather loud..​
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  2. Yuki stands up , walking down the path from his house not bothering to wait for the parents, having heard the walks up alongside her window leaning down slightly and against the car pushing his sunglasses down slighty , "well then, you must be my new sis, huh."
  3. When seeing that someone finally decided to start moving, Rose leaned away from the wheel and sat back in her seat. Had the weather not been slightly hot out, her window would have been shut. But she was stuck having it open.​
    She leaned back in her seat, when her step brother came up to her window. "I guess I am." she simply told him, putting her eyes to the front. This time her mother and step father finally started coming over to the car. From the looks of it though, it appeared her step father was going to drive them to the where their ship was to be, as he was walking up to the driver seat and her mother on the other side.​
  4. He smirks slightly turning opening the door to the back sliding in, carefully shutting the door taking off his sunglasses. He has brilliant forest green eyes and a confident look to him, with gorgeous features. He leans back in his seat waiting for them to arrive
  5. Rose watched him get into the car, as well as their parents. Her mother did attempt to get some kind of conversation going, but it mainly just ended up with her and her husband chatting together, mainly just to avoid an odd silence in the car.​
    The car ride felt like it was taking forever, when it was really only about an hour or so till they reached their destination and once the car was stopped, the parents already exited the car and started to get everyone bags from the trunk.​
    Rose was glad to finally be where they were, and got out of the car as well. She stretched a bit, and looked over towards the ship they were to board, which was actually quite big. "At least there's something I might like.." she said to herself.​
  6. he steps out of the car, glancing at the boat a bit, unimpressed, "well, maybe we'll end up having a good time with each other more then the boat, sis . " smirking, pulling off his jacket throwing it over his shoulder holding it slightly, in a button up black short, black hair shining in the midday sun. Yuki'd always been known to be a bad boy, and almost always a bit over confident. Sometimes it was a benefit, but other times, it got him into nasty situations. But somehow, he always managed to take them down while making it look easy. He was notorious at the private institution he attended. For getting away with whatever, that is. And on top of it, he definitely got around when it came to girls.
  7. Rose frowned when she was broken from her thoughts. "We're only here because my mother was very insistent with us trying to. . 'bond'" she said just before she walked away. She followed behind her mother now, as she headed towards to dock to start boarding the cruise ship. It was a lot bigger than she expected when they were actually on it, had quite a lot of people there as well. She didn't mind that.
    After awhile though, when her mother was leading her to the room she was to share with Yuki, she took her own bags, gave her mother a small and quick kiss on the cheek and then went inside. And when she was in the room, she glanced at the two beds. Didn't take her very long though, till she went to the one beside the window and set her bags down, claiming it while her step brother has yet to enter the room. .
  8. Yuki sighs walking into the bedroom throwing his jacket onto a chair slightly, not saying much. He generally liked cruises, but this, not his typical idea of what a cruise should be. He set down his bag and stretched slightly, running a hand through his hair looking around faintly. He didn't try to say anything to Rose, figuring she wouldn't really reply anyway. He had no want or need for a sister, and the fact their parents were goin to such great lengths to try to get them to bond was absolutely ridiculous to him. In his mind, he had much better things to do. I'll just stay away from her as much as possible and do my own things, I suppose. Might have more fun that way...or perhaps... he smirks a bit to himself, I'll try and chorrupt her. That'd be much more entertaining. She seems like the goody goody type. Let's see how long it takes to break that.
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  9. When Rose saw there were two dressers, one for each bed, she smiled lightly. She opened her suitcase, started setting all her bathroom things aside on the bed, and removing her clothes, soon to put them into the dresser. While she was doing all of that, she heard the door open, and knew by the sound of the footsteps that it was Yuki entering the room now. For once that was actually a bit of a relief to her, since it wasn't one of her parents coming in.
    "Hmm, seems you're not as thrilled about our parents idea of this either." She soon said, sorting through her clothes.
  10. He glances over faintly, "you've got that right, but I'm not going to pout like a child, like someone I know. On the cruise. In the room. Other then me. Like maybe someone named Rose." Smirking with a smug look. Throwing his bag into the dresser, and pulls off his shirt, starting to undress for some reason.
  11. Rose simply rolled her eyes at his words, but also couldn't help but to smile faintly as she returned to what she was doing. "Well, you're wrong if you feel someone is pouting over something such as this." she said, putting her last thing of clothing into the drawer she was filling.
    She then closed her suitcase, since there wasn't really anything left inside that needed to be taken out. She tried to ignore the fact that he was removing his shirt, as she grabbed at her washroom items and started heading across the room to the bathroom to put them where they belong. Just because she didn't like her mother's choice in men, didn't mean she never thought Yuki was attractive, but that was something she planned to keep hidden.
  12. Yuki glances at the door to the bathroom she went into and smiles slightly before sliding off his pants, his plain black bathing suit on under it and throws the pants into a drawer grabbing a towel. "I think I'm going swimming. See you sis." Giving a chuckle as he exits the room , not awaiting a reply
  13. Rose heard Yuki's words, and whether he was waiting for a reply or not she didn't give one. Instead, she waited in the bathroom, sort of pretending to still be sorting things out when she was actually just waiting till her step brother left the room. She was listening until she heard him walk out the door and she sighed in relief. Swimming was something she was looking forward to, but she didn't want to change while he was still in the room. That was one thing that she felt she wasn't going to be used to here, despite the fact that she can use the bathroom to change.
    Now that he was gone though, she walked out and over to the dresser her clothes were in, going through it to get her sky blue bikini to change into. .
  14. Yuki saunters up the steps to the highest level of the giant cruise boat where the large pool is, and surprisingly, there isn't really anyone around at the moment. He throws his towel over a chair taking off his sunglasses, which he grabbed when he left the room. He had to admit, he did kind of like Rose. Her type of attitude in a girl always intrigued him. Made him want to break down their walls a bit.

    He walks over to the pool diving in before coming up a bit smoothing his hair back from his face, and then floats on his back staring up at the clear blue skies. It was a beautiful day too. Now...all he had to do was figure out a way to break the little goody two shoes act of his new "sister".
  15. After Rose had changed, she found a book that she had forgotten she had brought with her. Tempting it was to bring it with her. Perhaps the pool didn't have too many people, which would make it a wonderful spot to lay down and relax to read as well as enjoy the view as they went out into the open sea. With a small nod of her head, she made up her mind, wrapping her beach towel around her waist and grabbing her book. It was one of her favorites, a bit of a romance novel like always, but this one also had a touch of fantasy to it.

    Rose left the room after that, and made her way to the upper deck pool that had the best view of the ocean. It was also where her step brother was at, along with a few other people, but she paid no mind to them. It wasn't crowded, and that's all that mattered to her right now. She found one of the many beach chairs that was beside the pool, a beach umbrella right next to it like with all the others as well as a small table.
    "Perfect." she told herself with a smile, removing her towel and laying it out on the chair before she sat down and relaxed. .
  16. Yuki notices her in the middle of drinking some water, and decides to try to make her squeal. He needed to find a way to entertain himself somehow anyway. He walks up silently behind her and leans close to her face, over her shoulder, warm breath brushing her neck whispering, "is the book any good?"
  17. As Rose was starting to read her book, not expecting any kind of a disturbance, she suddenly found herself jumping slightly and losing her place on the book. She sighed when she realized it was just Yuki who had snuck up on her. "You don't seem like the type to be interested in books." she soon said when she let herself relax once more. She had to keep herself from blushing faintly however, just now realizing how close her was to her. No guy has ever come that close to her, and she didn't even care that the only reason Yuki was, was because he tried to sneak up on her.
  18. He smiles a bit, "you'd be surprised." Still close to her as he scans the writing on the page raising an eyebrow, "you're into romances?" He grins a bit, his breath still caressing the skin on her neck . He doesn't seem to care he's so close to her.
  19. Rose closed the book and set it down on her lap when he asked his question. "Was there something you wanted?" she asked. She highly doubted he came over here simply about the book she was reading. And since that reason has yet to show itself, she had to ask. At the same time, she half avoided his question.
  20. "Tsk. I'm not completely shallow you know. Not usually at least." He grins at her a bit, turning his head slightly studying her features. "You know, you don't look bad in a bikini." He sticks his tounge out a bit leaning out of reach to avoid a slap if she got angry.
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