Step Right Up! It's WhisperingTwinkle's Partner Request Thread!

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Hello, and thank you for dropping in! I'm seeking a fresh face to strike up a brand new RP with either short or long term. I've been role playing on and off for many years, and I love the idea of spinning a new story together with a willing partner.

Below are a list of themes and pairings that I have done in the past (or would like to accomplish), as well as a few notes and rules that I follow by when developing a new RP. I'm always open to suggestions for new themes and pairings, don't hesitate to share if you have a good one in mind! If you're interested in everything you read below, shoot me a PM and we'll go from there!


1) Please be literate! I cannot do one-liners as they give me absolutely nothing to work with. I prefer at least 1-3 paragraphs, anything longer than that will ALWAYS be accepted and I will always attempt to match or exceed your post length. If you feel that the quality of your post will decrease with length, then make it shorter by all means.

2) Spelling and grammar is a must! I understand typos every once in a while but do not make them a habit. Do not hesitate to let me know if English is not your first language, I will understand. :)

3) If you have no desire to continue the RP, please let me know. I have been burned before and I feel it's a common courtesy for both parties involved. If you plan on being away for an extended period of time and will return afterward, please also let me know.

4) If you prefer an RP that is sexually centered, or prefer that I play a bisexual/homosexual character, please let me know upfront!

5) Please note that I ONLY play female characters. I will only do male characters upon request if they are heavily secondary or of no importance to the RP.


These are some pairings I have done in the past that I immensely enjoy writing, as well as a couple that I'm curious to attempt. If you have any suggestions for potential pairings, please feel free to share them with me. Anything in bold are roles I have played in the past and am willing to play again.

Kidnapper x Kidnappee-- I have done this pairing before and do enjoy it! Sex can be involved with this pairing but I prefer if it's not the central theme.

Master x Slave-- I have yet to attempt this pairing and would really like to give it a go with the right person.

Angel x Demon-- I have done this pairing before several years ago and would love to do it again!

Demon x Human-- Another pairing that I've done some time ago and would love to do again.

Prince X Princess-- I've always been curious about this pairing and wouldn't mind giving it a try.


These are a few of my favorite themes I love to RP by. I'm always open to any suggestions for new themes as well.

1) Romance-- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE romance! The more it makes me gush and my heart pound, the better!

2) Medieval/Renaissance-- I'm a sucker for this theme since it's my favorite period in history.

3) Fantasy-- Another theme I'm a sucker for!

4) 1920's/1930's-- I've done this theme before and love it! More than willing to do this one again.


1) If you're curious as to how far I am willing to go in a sexually based RP, PM me and I will link my F-List for you to view. Anything falling under the 'Maybe' column is negotiable under certain circumstances.

2) I do enjoy chatting with my partners in a friendly setting outside of the RP. If you feel like striking up a conversation, don't hesitate to open up an OOC thread!

3) I am open to both short and long-term role plays. Please let me know upfront what type it will be before submitting your first plot post.

4) I am quite passive in an RP setting. I will provide any feedback, opinions, or suggestions if asked, and will actively seek my partner's opinions as well.

5) I strongly prefer doing RP's through PM.
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Hello there! I saw your list and have found a strong attraction toward Demon x Human pairing! I do have a faint plot in my mind, but if you have one, I can go along. As for the length of the roleplay, my wish is to keep it long, but as always, I fail to do so. Don't know why (shrug). So I guess it will be just short-intermediate rp? By short, I mean at least a few months though. Lets just see how it folds out! Do browse my rp resume and send me a pm if you're interested too!

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I have a character in my head that I'm just dying to try out. To give you a quick outline, he's a former royal guard who is one of the few survivors of a fallen Kingdom/empire/whatever who could never quite let go of what happened. He's taken to roaming the land as a mercenary, day laborer or tavern bouncer. Basically whatever nets him a few coins and a roof over his head. He's been hearing scattered rumors that one of the royal family still remains, secreted away for many years. However, she was just a young girl when this happened so the wandering former royal guard has no idea what she looks like, nor does she have any idea about him at all.
So one day through a turn of events, he happens upon a job notice for a caravan guard and takes the job.

That's an extremely condensed version of what I had in mind, and in all honestly it's still quite a new concept (having just come up with it a day or two ago and been adding bits and pieces here and there to it), but if you're at all interested shoot me a PM and we can discuss. Of course, be sure to check out my roleplay resume to see if I'm the type of player you'd like to join a game with. :)
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