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  1. Hello, eternalsinger here looking for a roleplaying partner. I have several plot ideas, and the ones I most desire are listed below:

    . Boy of the shadows x girl of the stage: Basically, it's about the son of the phantom of the opera, who is supposed to follow in his father's footstep and become the next phantom upon his parent's death. Throw in a young woman, who soon catches his eye. He attempts to befriend her, but is very careful not to fall in love. How well he can do that remains to be seen. Mix in some drama, darkness, trickery, danger, and maybe even an arranged marriage, and you've got my idea.

    . Servant and master (with a twist): may sound cliche at first, but hear me out. This plot is set in France on the eve of the French Revolution. To avoid being sent to the guillotine, the master must rely on his/her servant to help them escape. Doing so may bring about quite an adventure, and perhaps giving the riches of nobility in order to survive.

    One thing I have to mention is that my replies will probably be short (longer than three sentences though, so don't worry about one line responses) because I am stuck on my iPod until I return home in August. I will try to post as quickly as I can other than that.

    So if you are interested in role playing, please post or pm.
  2. I would be interested in the Servant and Master roleplay. I like those historical with a twist roleplay :)
  3. Awesome, I'll send you a pm so we can plot :)
  4. you got a fan for both but mostly the Phantom of the Opera one BIG fan of POTO
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.