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  1. That catch your attention? Good.
    Now that that the Macho Man references are out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of taste and wealth a guy with a roughly intermediate level of skill. Adept, on a good day. Pretty much everything else can be found in my resume.
    Anyway, before we begin, here's some things I think you should know.
    • I'm not asking for you to employ professional-level editing skills, but try and at least run your work through a spellchecker before you post it. I like my replies legible, you know.
    • When it comes to my rate of replies, I am... inconsistent. I'll get one to you, but I don't know when.
    • Sometimes I forget to reply. It happens more than I'd like. You will probably need to remind me to post on more than one occasion. If we end up RPing, and you think I've forgotten, give me a poke.
    • I'm fine with playing females. But if I am, and things get... steamy... then we're going to have to fade to black. I have no idea how a woman's body works, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.
    • Please fill out your resume before responding. If you don't know what or where it is, ask someone.
    Read through that? Good. Now then, on with the plots.
    I don't actually have any plots. I'm all out of ideas. Hit me up with yours because I'm drawing blanks. The only type of RPs I won't do are horror ones. I don't dislike them, I'm just not scared or horrified by them.
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  2. Come on, what's a guy got to do for some RPs?

    It's the beard, isn't it? I KNEW it was a bad idea.
  3. I see your Macho Man grab and raise you one Macho Alduin.


    With that glorious introduction out of the way, I'd love to throw some of my ideas at you and see what you think, because I have a lot. :D
  4. Really Useful World Eaters for life, yo.

    Anyhow, shoot me a PM. Let's see what you've got.
  5. -cough- It's Snap into a Slim Jim -cough-

    Though I do wish you luck and would like to direct you to my own thread full of plots and ideas if you're interested~

    Shameless link.
  6. I'd be very willing to have a good 1x1 with you.
    Do you prefer to set these up through PM's, I find threads highly annoying to find sometimes.
  7. Sure, just shoot me one and we can get to talking.

    By the way, I am now unavailable for any more RPs. Sorry if that inconveniences you, but them's the breaks.
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