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    Suya has been studying abroad and touring with a band these past fews years for his music degree. And just in a few months he would be graduating, thus returning home. Suya was 23 and lived with a family that had power and wealth, but he managed to pay for his own education.

    He stepped off the plane wearing his favorite black outfit and his long hair was in a ponytail, and he had his backpack with him. He headed towards the baggage claim area and saw his limo driver waiting for him. Suya gave him a nod and grabbed his bags.

    "How was the trip, Master Suya?"

    "Fun, glad to be back. How is everyone doing?"

    "Good, they're excited to see you."

    "Do you need to stop anywhere on the way home?"

    "Nope, just take me home."

    The driver loaded his bags as Suya climbed into the limo, and they were off. It took them 20 minutes to reach home. Suya got out and opened the door to the front door.

    "Hello, anyone home?" he called out as he placed his bag by the door.
  2. Shane was in his room asleep just as he heard his step brother walk in. His eyes shot open quickly. He sat up listening for a moment before he gave a fangy grin. " Suya's home! " He shouted before jumping out of bed and running down the stairs to see his step brother at the door.
  3. "Shane!" Suya exclaimed ready to hug his brother. "Look at you after two years, wow. How are you? Where's Dad and Crystal? Come, let us, eat and catch up." he said heading into the kitchen. "I'll take the bags upstairs to your room." Suya nodded graciously and started to make a little something to eat. "How are things with you, anything new with you?"
  4. " Well i have graduated from night chool. " He said as he smiled lightly the tips of his fangs sticking out as his blood red hair shined in the kitchen light. " Other than that nothing new. " He said as he looked behind him. " Mom and dad are out for the week i have been here watching the mansion till they get back. " He said with a grin. " Other than the maid and the4 butler we are here alone to do what ever we please. " He said as he grabbed a bottle of blood from the fridge, he opend it and took a sip of the substance and whiped his mouth.
  5. "Congrats! and oh I was hoping they would be here for my return. Well, I'll see them when I get back, they're weren't expecting me right? Well, then now you're not alone." he said as finished making his sandwich, "Can you pass me a bottle as well? I haven't any for today, I finished my last one this morning for breakfast." he took a seat in one of the bar stools and started eating.
  6. Shane grabbed another bottle and tossed it to Suya and smiled. " So whats new with you? " He asked as he sat next to suya.
  7. Suya caught it, "Thanks. Well I finished my studies and touring abroad for my degree and just in a few months, I graduate with my degree. Other than that nothing else." he said grinning after finishing his bite of food.. "I have pictures of my work if you want to see them. I bet you'll be shocked with the bands I hung out with. Oh that's right they're in my backpack which is in my room. I'll show them to you when we head up. Plus, I bought you, Crystal and Dad a few gifts, but those are in my suitcases."
  8. "You think, I wouldn't back without bringing anything, what kind of son and brother would that make me?" he said chuckling. "You certainly haven't changed in terms of personality." he said smiling. "Alright, alright since your so impatient, I'll start unpacking as I finish my dinner and blood. Let's go upstairs." he said taking his plate and bottle with him.
  9. Shane smiled as he ran upstairs almost floating up them. He smiled as hw waited for his brother to follow behind him. " Cmon! I also want to show you what i did to my room. " He said as he motioned to his room right next to suya's
  10. "Alright, alright, I'm coming." He said following him with a smile on his. In Suya's eyes, Shane was like a kid at heart as if he was in a candy store, he loved that about him, always ready for a surprise. Suya reached Shane's room and looked in, "Wow, looks like you inherited my style of decor. Very nice."
  11. " I like my room dark. " He said as he smiled brightly. " Now what did you get me.. " He said as he looked at his brother.
  12. "As do I, brother. When I left you always had the lights on, guess your vampiric instincts are finally kicking in. Patience, Shane." he said teasingly.
  13. Shane could hardly wait as he was boiling over with anticipation wanting to see what hsi brother will do or had gotten him.
  14. Suya entered his room, placed the food and blood on the bedside table next to him"Hand me my back pack, first, if you don't mind." pointing to it by the door.
  15. He smiled as he grabbed his brothers bag and handed it to him. " Here ya go. " He said with a smile.
  16. Thanks he said and leaned in to give his a brother a kiss on the lips before opening his bag up.
  17. Shane blushed as he just froze right where he was standing. " .... " he stayed silent as his blush intenseifide.
  18. "Bet you weren't expecting that, were you?" he said with a smile that showed his fangs. Suya started to open his bag and pulled out several autographed CDs from the bands he toured with. "These are for you, the newest albums that haven't been released yet."
  19. The sight of his favorite bands cd's AUTOGRAPHED snapped him out of his daze as he got wide eyed. " WHAT Y-HOW DID YOU GET AHOLD OF THESE!!!!? " He exclaimed as he almost flipped out.