INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING Stellar Skies: Quest for the Celestial Hoard

New update!! ^~^
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In the vast reaches of the Etherium Sky, a steampunk-inspired universe where the very fabric of space is a canvas for celestial wonders, ethereal phenomena, and the boundless adventure of interstellar piracy. Celestial bodies, resplendent in their radiant glow, and floating islands adorned with luminescent foliage, create a mesmerizing tapestry across the cosmic expanse. Each island carries a unique story, from ancient ruins steeped in mystery to thriving ecosystems sustained by the ever-present cosmic energies.

At the helm of this cosmic odyssey is the RLS Legacy, a marvel of aether-infused engineering that slices through the interstellar winds. The airship, bedecked in brass and adorned with luminescent aether crystals, is the flagship of the notorious pirate captain Nebula Blackthorn. Her reputation as a master tactician and daring navigator echoes through the Etherium Sky, striking fear into rival pirates and sparking admiration among her crew.

The Etherium Sky itself is a captivating blend of Victorian aesthetics and cosmic wonders. Brass-rimmed telescopes extend from the airship's deck, manned by vigilant lookouts scanning the vastness for potential treasures and looming dangers. The sails, a vibrant blend of crimson and indigo, catch the radiant winds that sweep across the cosmic expanse, propelling the RLS Legacy toward untold adventures.

As the airship sails onward, clusters of shimmering nebulae dance on the horizon, casting hues of iridescence across the void. Glowing constellations form a celestial map, guiding the pirates through the Etherium Sky's intricate pathways. Cosmic storms, swirling tempests of energy, present both peril and opportunity, forcing the crew to navigate with skill and daring.

The thrill of spacefaring piracy reverberates through the airship's decks, where the crew, a motley assembly of beings from different corners of the universe, collaborates and clashes in pursuit of wealth and glory. Each pirate, whether adorned in intricate steampunk attire or draped in cosmic robes, brings their own skills and stories to the vibrant tapestry of the RLS Legacy.

In this cosmic expanse, where time seems to waltz with the stars and adventure awaits at every gravitational bend, the Etherium Sky becomes not just a backdrop but a living, breathing entity—a playground for those daring enough to seek the elusive Treasure Planet and carve their legend into the celestial canvas of the aetheric void.

space pirates 1.png

Greetings, adventurers of the cosmic expanse! I'm brimming with excitement over a stellar concept—a pirate's odyssey in the vastness of space—and I'm extending an invitation for fellow storytellers to embark on this cosmic journey with me. The possibilities are as infinite as the stars themselves, and I'm eager to weave a tale where every contributor can leave their indelible mark.

There are myriad avenues to explore, a constellation of choices to make, and I'm fully onboard for whatever twists and turns the narrative may take. Should our crew expand sufficiently, I'll introduce various plot threads, offering both collective and individual arcs to enrich our interstellar saga. Additionally, the cosmic theater is teeming with a diverse array of creatures and races, ready to be encountered and integrated into our unfolding narrative.

So, fellow cosmic wanderers, let's set sail together into the unknown, where the stellar winds carry the promise of untold adventures. Your creativity is the compass, and the Etherium Sky awaits our collective imagination to chart a course through the cosmic wonders of our shared tale. If you're ready to contribute to this celestial chronicle, join me, and let's craft an epic odyssey among the stars!
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Hi! Honestly I haven't watched Treasure Planet in years so I might have to watch it again to refresh my memories (I don't even remember anything about its' plot, sadly) but when I saw sea and stars in the same sentence I immediately yelled "YES!" to my computer lol. I'd really love to do a roleplay based on space pirates :>
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Space pirates sounds awesome! I would need to do some research on the lore and such as I don't remember anything from the book. Anywho yeah I'd be interested in some space pirate activity.
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Hi! Honestly I haven't watched Treasure Planet in years so I might have to watch it again to refresh my memories (I don't even remember anything about its' plot, sadly) but when I saw sea and stars in the same sentence I immediately yelled "YES!" to my computer lol. I'd really love to do a roleplay based on space pirates :>
Don't worry about watching it lol. Honestly I haven't seen in some years too. I only remember it because it was and still is one of my top fav movies. I'm glad that the title reached out ^^ and if you have anything you wanna discuss on let me know! I've been brainstorming as well and might have a little story ^^''
Space pirates sounds awesome! I would need to do some research on the lore and such as I don't remember anything from the book. Anywho yeah I'd be interested in some space pirate activity
Glad it caught your interest as well! I honestly never read the book so I'm not sure on how different both the book and movie are. Though I think we can still make it work regardless ^^. Also, if you have anything to discuss or add let me know
I am so interested in this RP in all honesty, Treasure Planet was one of my absolute favorites.
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Awesome I'm glad to hear it! ^^. We could wait on maybe two more people before I put the chars./races with the info on them and the plots. If you all don't wish to wait let me know and I'll post them asap
I love Treasure Planet and this just makes me so happy to see that someone wants to do an rp based on that theme. I don't mind the wait but I would like to preplan an oc so that way I can have her prepped and ready to go.
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That's awesome we got more! ^^. I was planning on doing the c.s today. It will be up along with the plots later today.
Hey! Here is the character sheet as well as the different creatures/races and plots/settings. We can all choose one or have multiple. For this roleplay I think it would be more enjoyable and mysterious if no one knew about each others history right off the bat. We could all slowly ease into it. Hope that makes sense ^^". Hope this isn't a lot






Creatures and Races:

Sky Whales:

  • Enormous, gentle creatures with bioluminescent patterns across their floating bodies. Sky whales migrate between the islands, their presence often signaling a change in the cosmic currents.
Starlight Dragons:
  • Graceful dragons with scales that shimmer like the stars. These creatures are protectors of ancient treasures and are known for their ability to navigate the Etherium Sky with unparalleled precision.
Aetherial Navigators:
  • Mystical beings composed of pure aether energy. Aetherial Navigators are skilled in astral navigation and often serve as guides for pirates seeking the elusive Treasure Planet.
Celestial Sentinels:
  • Statuesque guardians of the ancient star temples, brought to life by the celestial energies within. These beings test the courage and wit of those who seek the secrets hidden within the temples.
Luminar Sirens:
  • Ethereal beings with luminous, flowing tendrils that lure sailors with their haunting melodies. Luminar Sirens can be both allies and adversaries, depending on the intentions of those who encounter them.
Clockwork Gnomes:
  • Small, industrious creatures with bodies made of gears and cogs. Clockwork Gnomes are skilled engineers who maintain and repair the intricate machinery of the airships, often found in bustling floating markets.
Nebula Nymphs:
  • Elemental beings formed from the vibrant gasses of nebulae. Nebula Nymphs possess the ability to manipulate cosmic energies, making them sought after allies for those exploring the Etherium Sky.
Etheric Shapeshifters:
  • Mysterious beings that can morph their appearance to blend in with the cosmic surroundings. Etheric Shapeshifters are known for their cunning and adaptability, making them formidable allies or cunning adversaries.
  • Sorcerers who harness the power of time-distorting nebulae. Chronomancers can manipulate time to their advantage, creating temporal anomalies that affect the flow of events in the Etherium Sky.
Gravity Defiers:
  • Inhabitants of islands with fluctuating gravitational fields, Gravity Defiers have adapted to navigate seamlessly in zero gravity. They often serve as skilled acrobats and navigators, assisting airship crews in challenging environments.
Steam Serpents:
  • Serpentine creatures with metallic scales that emit steam. These elusive beings are often found near volcanic islands, and their scales are highly coveted for crafting powerful aether-infused armor.
Void Wraiths:
  • Ethereal entities that dwell in the dark voids between islands. Void Wraiths can manipulate shadows and feed on the fear of those who cross their path, making them ominous adversaries.
Sky Dwarves:
  • Stout and sturdy beings who have mastered the art of sky mining. Sky Dwarves harvest aether crystals from the cores of floating islands, and their skills in crafting make them valuable allies for airship crews.
Astral Harpies:
  • Agile and cunning avian beings with iridescent feathers. Astral Harpies are skilled thieves, often pilfering treasures from unsuspecting pirates and using their agility to navigate the tumultuous winds of the Etherium Sky.
Nebula Nomads:
  • Nomadic humanoid beings who traverse the Etherium Sky on floating islands. Nebula Nomads are skilled traders and storytellers, carrying ancient tales of the cosmos with them.
Lunar Moths:
  • Gigantic, bioluminescent moths that inhabit the moonlit regions of the Etherium Sky. These ethereal creatures are drawn to aetheric energies and are believed to guide lost travelers to safety.
Spectral Corsairs:
  • Ghostly pirates who met their fate in the Etherium Sky but continue to haunt the cosmic expanse. Spectral Corsairs may offer guidance or pose challenges to living pirates, depending on their own unfinished business.
Galactic Tinkerers:
  • Extraterrestrial beings with an affinity for constructing curious gadgets and machines. Galactic Tinkerers often trade their inventions with airship crews in exchange for rare materials found in the Etherium Sky.
Harmonic Krakens:
  • Massive, cephalopodic beings with bioluminescent tentacles that emit harmonious vibrations. Harmonic Krakens are guardians of ancient sunken treasures and are known to form bonds with those who appreciate their otherworldly melodies.
Eclipse Alchemists:
  • Mysterious beings that harness the power of solar eclipses to brew potent elixirs. Eclipse Alchemists are sought after for their ability to create potions that enhance aetheric abilities and grant temporary cosmic insights.

The Celestial Map:

  • Your character stumbles upon a holographic map that points to the location of the legendary Treasure Planet, a celestial body rumored to hold unimaginable wealth. The map is said to have been created by a long-lost navigator who once sailed with the greatest space pirate in the galaxy. The crew catches wind of this, and rumors of the elusive treasure spark excitement and tension.
Crew Dynamics:

  • Captain Nebula Blackthorn, a charismatic and cunning pirate, proposes a collaborative effort among the crew to find the Treasure Planet together. However, distrust and rivalries among the crew members threaten to fracture any alliances. Your character must navigate the intricate web of relationships aboard the RLS Legacy.
The Cosmic Isle:

  • The journey takes the crew to a floating island suspended in the Etherium Sky, where they encounter challenges like gravity-defying landscapes, sky creatures, and ancient guardians. The island holds clues and tests that lead them closer to the elusive Treasure Planet.
Betrayals in Zero Gravity:

  • As the crew approaches their destination, betrayals and secret alliances come to light. Your character must navigate the weightless environment of trust and deception, all while facing the challenges of space navigation and the unknown dangers of the Etherium Sky.
Battle Among the Stars:

  • The climax unfolds as rival pirate factions and space-faring authorities catch wind of the Treasure Planet's location. A space battle ensues, with your characters engaging in ship-to-ship combat, navigating asteroid fields, and dodging energy beams. The fate of the Treasure Planet and the RLS Legacy hangs in the balance.
The Cosmic Choice:

  • In the aftermath of the battle, your character faces a crucial decision. Will they share the treasure with the surviving crew members, keep it for themselves, or perhaps forge a new path among the stars? The choices made in the cosmic expanse will shape the destiny of your character and the RLS Legacy.
Celestial Wonders:

  • Imagine a breathtaking celestial canvas where floating islands drift amidst nebulae and glowing constellations. These islands vary in size and terrain, hosting diverse ecosystems from lush jungles to crystalline caves. Each island presents unique challenges and rewards, and only the most daring pirates venture into the far reaches of the Etherium Sky.
Astronomical Navigation:

  • Navigating the Etherium Sky requires advanced astronomical instruments powered by aether crystals, a precious resource found on the floating islands. The crew of the RLS Legacy must skillfully chart their course, avoiding asteroid fields, navigating cosmic storms, and harnessing the unpredictable currents of the Etherium Sky.
Steampunk Aesthetics:

  • The RLS Legacy is a marvel of steampunk engineering, adorned with brass fittings, intricate gears, and sails adorned with luminescent aether crystals. The crew sports Victorian-inspired attire, complete with leather goggles, corsets, and airship pirate attire. The airship itself is a floating fortress, armed with energy cannons and propelled by aether-powered engines.
Spacefaring Creatures:

  • The Etherium Sky is home to fantastical spacefaring creatures, from majestic sky whales gliding between islands to nimble starlight dragons that guard ancient treasures. The crew must navigate encounters with these creatures, whether forming alliances or fending off attacks.
Cosmic Phenomena:

  • The Etherium Sky is not without its mysteries. Cosmic phenomena such as gravitational anomalies, time-distorting nebulae, and wormholes add an extra layer of unpredictability to the journey. These phenomena hold the key to uncovering the location of the legendary Treasure Planet.
The Floating Markets:

  • Amidst the Etherium Sky, floating markets emerge where traders and pirates alike gather to exchange goods and information. These bustling markets, tethered to the largest islands, serve as hubs for alliances, rivalries, and the exchange of coveted treasure maps.
Ancient Star Temples:

  • Scattered across the cosmic expanse are ancient star temples, remnants of a bygone era. These temples hold clues to the Treasure Planet's location and are guarded by celestial sentinels. Solving the mysteries within these temples is essential for any pirate seeking the legendary treasure.
what are the playable races
We could make all races playable and I don't mind if its a hybrid. Half human and half something else but only with one other race. Also, if wants you can play more than one character but I would make the limit only 2. That way no one including yourself gets confused or overwhelmed.
Got some ideas for characters
You got some ideas or you're asking me? o.o
Sorry, I had some ideas for characters. Apologies for the confusion!
Ohh okay no worries. I'm all ears ^^ well eyes xD
Sorry for late reply, but yeee. Thinking of an Engineer boi and a doctor lad or a soldier boi.

I can throw up some commissioned art of some of my OCs to see which one will be a good fit