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    Since seeing the movie Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, I've had a major urge within myself to start a role-play that visited the area of deep space travel within the modern era, and how that travel would effect the lives of the crew, and their loved ones back home, I hope this role-play to be an emotional experience as these crew members and their families are slowly ripped apart by time, as the further away you travel from earth, the slower time begins to go for you, meaning that 40 years back home on earth could pass in a mere hour.

    I currently have a huge storyline and plan written within my head about what the mission is about, and the entire premise and goal of the role-play in general. Being the passionate writer that I am, I can promise that this role-play will be filled with tears and moments of sadness yet joy won't be far away. I also feel that I have enough ideas in my head that this could easily go on for a long period of time, as a result:

    I hope for STELLAR to become a series of role-plays in chapters, if I get enough interest here, I'll go ahead and start us off with the first chapter:


    Within the Signup thread, the full story will be written out for your viewing.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys and hopefully we can turn this into a role-play which will be talked about for some time to come.

    Let me know what you think!
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  2. Definitely count me in for this one.
  3. Definitely interested
  4. Nice to see some interest, if I get a couple more I'll start writing up the Sign-Up's page.
  5. Can't commit just yet, but I'd certainly be interested once the OOC and story are up.
  6. Never saw the movie much to my sadness, but I will be following this roleplay from the side lines. Lovely image, btw.
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  7. You don't need to see the movie to take part in this role-play, it's not set within the same universe.
  8. As much as I do love sci-fi, I find it a bit out of my element to roleplay actual space travel. I absolutely love watching it, reading it, but when writing it, the words come out of my hands looking like a mess. But thanks, anywho ^^
  9. Definitely interested. :3

    Interstellar hit me right where it hurts good, too. I'm not entirely certain how available I'll be in the next few months, so I think I'll stay in the sidelines until I know for sure that I won't turn out to be a drop-out, but I'll be working to see if I can make it happen. :D
  10. I'm interested! :D
  11. Awesome, I'll write up the OOC tomorrow after I get some sleep. :D
  12. I'm actually interested in this one!
  13. Very Interesting.

    May I suggest you create a group about it?
    I think it would gather everything in one place and you can link the actual RP thread to it :)
  14. I'm interested! :D
  15. Hey! You are the GM of Salt right?? Looks like a fun rp :)
    Im just not sure about the plot and all, Can you PM me?
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  16. I'm interested in this RP as well.
  17. I'm definitely in. Also, if you need any help in regards to world-building or the applied physics and such, let me know - I can help with that as well.
  18. I'm interested!
  19. Ohh sign me up! :) This sounds so awesome.
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