Stellar Empires 5; An Age Anew

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Stellar Empires 5;
An Age Anew.


As the galaxies are born and die the cycles of existence also raise and fall, nations born and perishing amongst the rigorous application of action vs reaction, a slow nation might find itself annihilated before ever attaining even industrial age technology, a burgeoning space empire might find itself consumed by plagues and end up mere ashes at the hands of a nation who dreads even the concept of it spreading. In this galaxy there have been four cycles of birth followed by mass extinctions.

The first Mass Extinction was carried out by a race of extragalactic aliens in revenge for an offensive mounted against them, little evidence of this extinction remains.

The second Mass Extinction was carried out by the race known as Humans when their Confederation was challenged by the other powers. Though it itself vanished in the aftermath.

The third Mass Extinction was carried out by a race of etheric beings born from the stars themselves, themselves chased from the galaxy by something else.

The fourth Mass Extinction was carried out by a race known simply as the Entropic Marauders. Almost nothing remains of them, though the myths say they were destroyed by something... greater.. than anything that had come before.

And so the fifth cycle has begun, and now your nation has begun its ascendancy.

In this RP you play the role of a burgeoning nation beginning its rise from it's own solar system, beginning the grand journey into the stars to make a name for itself as a power to be reckoned with. Whether your nation is a quiet pacifistic nation of would-be traders and merchant traffic, or intent on becoming a monolithic military entity whose might and power are respected across the galaxy in the time it takes to decide to crush them. As a nation RP you do not represent a single character, but a whole plethora.

You might choose to make a nation with only a few influential characters, your ruler, his right hand, maybe a minister of science, an important admiral and a captain to hoon around with. Or if you are more ambitious, you might develop a full cabinet as well as half a hundred other influential characters. (Please, use spoilers if you want to go that far!)

From there you guide your nation in it's decisions and direction to become the power you envisioned. From the first steps outlined on the first page AND in the rules thread to how it plays out in the IC.

But you're not alone in the galaxy, not only are your fellow players out there with their own nations exploring, colonising and growing, there are already powers that be in the galaxy. There are already expansive empires. There are already independent traders flitting amongst the space lanes hawking snowglobes to anyone who will buy them. There are stellar phenomena to encounter, mysteries of the old extinctions to be discovered, space babes to lay (Most races have someone who thinks they're Kirk, even if they're really Wesley Crusher.)

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