Stellar Empires 5; An Age Anew. (NATION RP)

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    • Stellar Empires 5;
      An Age Anew.

      As the galaxies are born and die the cycles of existence also raise and fall, nations born and perishing amongst the rigorous application of action vs reaction, a slow nation might find itself annihilated before ever attaining even industrial age technology, a burgeoning space empire might find itself consumed by plagues and end up mere ashes at the hands of a nation who dreads even the concept of it spreading. In this galaxy there have been four cycles of birth followed by mass extinctions.

      The first Mass Extinction was carried out by a race of extragalactic aliens in revenge for an offensive mounted against them, little evidence of this extinction remains.

      The second Mass Extinction was carried out by the race known as Humans when their Confederation was challenged by the other powers. Though it itself vanished in the aftermath.

      The third Mass Extinction was carried out by a race of etheric beings born from the stars themselves, themselves chased from the galaxy by something else.

      The fourth Mass Extinction was carried out by a race known simply as the Entropic Marauders. Almost nothing remains of them, though the myths say they were destroyed by something... greater.. than anything that had come before.

      And so the fifth cycle has begun, and now your nation has begun its ascendancy.

      In this RP you play the role of a burgeoning nation beginning its rise from it's own solar system, beginning the grand journey into the stars to make a name for itself as a power to be reckoned with. Whether your nation is a quiet pacifistic nation of would-be traders and merchant traffic, or intent on becoming a monolithic military entity whose might and power are respected across the galaxy in the time it takes to decide to crush them. As a nation RP you do not represent a single character, but a whole plethora.

      You might choose to make a nation with only a few influential characters, your ruler, his right hand, maybe a minister of science, an important admiral and a captain to hoon around with. Or if you are more ambitious, you might develop a full cabinet as well as half a hundred other influential characters. (Please, use spoilers if you want to go that far!)

      From there you guide your nation in it's decisions and direction to become the power you envisioned. From the first steps outlined on the first page AND in the rules thread to how it plays out in the IC.

      But you're not alone in the galaxy, not only are your fellow players out there with their own nations exploring, colonising and growing, there are already powers that be in the galaxy. There are already expansive empires. There are already independent traders flitting amongst the space lanes hawking snowglobes to anyone who will buy them. There are stellar phenomena to encounter, mysteries of the old extinctions to be discovered, space babes to lay (Most races have someone who thinks they're Kirk, even if they're really Wesley Crusher.)



      This document is required to make your nation!

      15 Common Trait
      Points to Spend 3 Flaws Required
      May choose 2 extra
      flaws in exchange
      for 2 extra points. May design up to
      2 Custom Traits
      Your nation is a complex thing. The rules for it are above but can be summarised in this list.

      1st Step: Have an idea! You're screwed without it! Note, while i've put it "1st" it is not necessarily the 1st step. Some people like to go over the races and traits, spend them and build a nation out of the traits they liked.

      2nd Step: Pick a race! This will be the major race of your nation, you may pick 2 other races, but they are minorities and their bonuses and penalties do not effect your nation.

      3rd Step: Spend Common Trait Points. You start with 15 and spend them on the following categories. Bear in mind your race, it may prohibit you from taking some traits, or have other effects.
      Star Navy
      Ground War
      4th Step: Pick your flaws! You must have at least three to begin with, and picking them can be a real trial. (Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from!)

      5th Step: Pick more flaws? You may choose 2 flaws over the mandatory 3, each of these additional flaws gives you 1 point more to spend on traits (the categories above) unless otherwise specified. (As some traits hit harder than others!)

      6th Step: Design 2 custom traits if you like!; Bear in mind, custom traits are fully subject to GM approval, they can and would likely be refused if they too closely match any existing traits.

      7th Step!: Your nation territory! (Page 44)

      8th Step!: Your fleet! (Page 45)

      9th Step!: Ground Armies and Defences! (Page 46)

      10th Step! PROFIT!

      The Nation Sheet is as follows.

      Nation Name:
      Flag: (Optional)
      VIPs: Major characters of your nation, these are effectively the characters you will play. Note, they are not character shielded! Special events, poor actions and the like can get them killed! There is nothing stopping you from making replacements, just bear in mind they can be killed. And this makes for potentially interesting plots!
      Race Traits: (Just the name of the traits is fine.)
      Race Flaws: (Just the name of the flaws is fine.)
      Common Traits:
      Star Navy:
      Ground War:

      Nation Home System:
      (Descriptions of your inhabited worlds, the star etc.)

      *List of ships*

      Ground Armies and Defences:
      *List of Armies and Defences*

      PRIMARY "Behaviour" RULES:

      No God-Modding. You're in charge of your own people mostly. You have no control over others and, most importantly, over events effecting them! While you can certainly take measures to try and mitigate an issue or discover it, that is done by the GM and passed out in GM posts detailing results of major actions. Eg: You cannot at any time do something like
      "And the frigate effortlessly avoided the enemy plasma cannon, diving below it's plane of fire, the missile return fire annihilating the enemy frigate."
      You COULD however do something like
      "And the frigate engaged emergency thrust attempting to get below the enemy plasma cannon's plane of fire and launched a missile barrage in response."
      The former would be penalised, the latter might just work. (Dice gods are fickle, no promises :p)

      NO DRAMA!. If you feel you're going to have drama issues with another player in dispute over something do not do so, come to me about it. Or even both (or however many) come to me about it, do not start drama in the OOC or IC, that is grounds for penalisation!

      Have Fun. Anyone found not having fun will be visited in the night by some specialists to remind them to have fun via sock with a bar of soap. ;) Seriously, if you're not having fun, PM me if you want to leave or the like. If you want to leave I can help your nation go out with a bang. If you have ideas to improve your own fun (without affecting others so to speak) then come to me, i'll see what I can do.

      COME TO ME. If you have ideas, plots you want to try, objectives you would like to achieve and so on, seriously come to me about it! ;)
    • Faster than Light Travel;

      FTL is achieved through the use of jump points. Specifically the use of LaGrange points, specifically as the launching points, though once at FTL, ships will arrive at least 9 AU from the destination star. This distance is increased for Binary or Trinary systems. A LaGrange point may be used to jump to any system within 30 Lightyears of the origin point. Though it would be wise to remember, not everbody likes visitors ;)

      Weaponry falls into the categories of Missile, Ballistic and Energy typically.
      For missiles their firepower is typically measured in Megatons, powerful Dreadnought launched missiles might be as much as 500 megatons in yield. While Corvettes might pack 10 megaton missiles.
      For kinetic weapons, their firepower is often measured in the tens of terajoules. And while their firepower is less directly powerful to that of missiles, they can hurl a lot more down-range and far faster.
      For energy weapons, they're measured the same way kinetics are, though while they also have less yield 'per shot' than Kinetics, energy weapons are typically fired in powerful bolts or sustained beams which gives them a comparable output, moreover they're better choices for point defence.

    • The Nation Sheet is as follows.

      Nation Name:
      Flag: (Optional)
      Major characters of your nation, these are effectively the characters you will play. Note, they are not character shielded! Special events, poor actions and the like can get them killed! There is nothing stopping you from making replacements, just bear in mind they can be killed. And this makes for potentially interesting plots!
      Race Traits:
      (Just the name of the traits is fine.)
      Race Flaws: (Just the name of the flaws is fine.)
      Common Traits:
      Star Navy:
      Ground War:

      Nation Home System:

      (Descriptions of your inhabited worlds, the star etc.)


      *List of ships*

      Ground Armies and Defences:

      *List of Armies and Defences*
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  1. Eyyy Kad, filling up body count for a bit.
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  2. I'm interested. I have one question. I'm a little confused about the points. There are only 15 points, and I can only select 15 traits = 1p per trait. However, some races have pre-selected traits and flaws. Do I subtract these from the 15?
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  3. .

    No, race traits are separate from "common" traits. Their traits and flaws are separate to the 15 common traits and 3 mandatory flaws.
  4. Hrmmm, I think I'll give this a go. Thinking of doing Ursine warmonger types, because fuck year sapient bears.
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    Should be fun ;)
  6. I have a warrior culture of Canines that were formerly slaves to a race that strip mined their homeworld, with them as the labour force of course, they got fed up and kicked them out eventually.
  7. I'll probably give this a whirl; I'm thinking probably artificial intelligence. Specifics will be filled in later.
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    A Defence Station is 250 Points!
  9. WIP (In Process of Fixing 20,000 Point stuff...stuff)

    Nation Name: Madár'Yul (Avians)
    Flag: -
    (Main) Niao Ti'aha (Right-Hand) Gorani (Captain) Hedorn /Equine/
    Races: Avian, Equine
    Race Traits: Short Term Power
    Race Flaws: Not Tough

    Common Traits: Listed Below

    National: (3) Fair Dinkum, Manipulative, Peaceful
    Population: (2) Artistic, Tradesmen Academy
    Star Navy: (2) Hangar Queens, Shield Baron
    Ground War: (2) Thunderstruck, Guerrilla Tactics
    Technical: (1) Master Shipwrights
    Psychic: (1) Masking Minds
    Economic: (3) Abundant Goods, Sprint Traders, Lax
    Espionage: (1) Authority of One

    Flaws: Cowardly, Degenerative, Utopia

    Nation Home System:
    Have not decided.

    Defense Station
    Escorts Frigate
    Battleship Carrier

    Ground Armies and Defences: 20k
    Air Defense Fortress (3k)
    Air Defense Grid (750)
    Fighter (200)
    Bomber (400)
    Mobile Infantry (300)
    Area Denial (1000)
    Artillery (200)

    Niao Ti'aha (open)

    Name: Niao Ti'aha
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Species Ancestor: Secretary Bird(Sagittarius serpentarius)

    Appearance: Niao is a long, delicate Avian that holds herself higher than most of her species. She greatly resembles her ancestors, the Sagittarius serpentarius, with blackened, slender legs and a ivory body. The tail feathers are a base black with few streak of white, along with her wings having the reversed effect. Her face is well trimmed with vibrant, warm hues around her eyes and near the beak; though her beak is off put silver. On the back of Niao's head are long, black feathers that poke out shaping around the back of her head like a crown.

    Personality: To Be Developed IC

    Background: To Be Developed IC
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    Confederation of High Praximand
    Nation Name: Confederation of High Praximand

    National Anthem: The Mandate - Main Theme with Chorus

    National Flag:

    Overlord Alma Voss; Ruler of all High Praximand
    Lord Admiral Quentin Smyth; Commander of the Navies
    Lord General Annette Schreiber; Commander of the Armies
    Chief of Sciences Douglas Taylor; Attache to the government. Science.
    Civil Administrator Daniele Sykes; Attache to the government. Civil Administration.
    Captain Murd Purdell; Captain of the Carrier Pride
    General Sarha Cohen; General of the 1st Praximandian

    Races: Humans,
    *Minorities; Artificial Intelligences, Symbionts

    Race Traits: Manifest Destiny, Exceptionally Adaptive
    Race Flaws: Curiosity
    The Confederation Accepted History

    The Confederation of Praximand is one of numerous humanoid nations that have managed to crawl under the rocks of mass extinction and pull a survival. Though their world was utterly harsh and survival was difficulty it took a long time for humanity on Praximand to recover themselves. Their harsh bright jungle world is a place of pervasive sweat and tears and venturing out into the sunlight for too long is a fairly normal method of committing suicide on Praximand V.

    And so it is only natural that once their development of technology accelerated the production of shade was of such importance, and when they first spread to the stars their ships had extremely tinted windows and shielded hulls. Moreover does it explain that why the very first colonisation attempt by Praximand was on the ice world furthest from their painfully bright primary.

    The hard world and life on it have driven the Praximandish to a rather strict and powerful authoritarian government.
    Common Traits and Flaws
    Common Traits:

    National: (3)
    Implausibly Efficient Government
    Science Forum

    Population: (3)

    Star Navy: (2)
    Hangar Queens
    All Rounder

    Ground War: (3)
    Elite Armour
    Hammer to Fall
    Strategic Response

    Technical: (2)
    Mechs Ahoy


    Espionage: (2)
    Counter-Intelligence Unit

    Flaws: (3 Mandatory, +2 from Psy Nulls)
    Starfleet Curiosity
    For Science!
    Cult of the One!: The cult of the one god.
    Psy Nulls:

    Special Traits:
    Shade Generators; Due to their bright primary star, it is only natural that the Praximandish developed shade generators, energy shields that block a significant amount of light giving people nice cool shade to shelter within. However its uses are not limited to such, the generators also serve quite well at concealing troop movements and deployments from prying eyes.

    Atmosphere Capable; The Praximand Fleet is designed to be capable of entering and leaving the atmosphere of a roughly normal terracompatible world as a result of their typically usual flying wing design.

    Praximand Star

    System Details (open)

    The Praximand Star is a type A1 V White Main Sequence Star with a radius roughly 2.4x that of Sol and massing 2.75x Sol, it's luminosity is much higher, 77.95x in fact. The first planet is a Cthonian, a molten ball a mere .55 AU from the Praximand Star.

    The next three worlds are Rocky worlds 1.35, 2.11 and 3.9 AU from the star, the latter of which possesses a set of rings and is subject to heavy volcanism.

    At 6.83 AU, in the systems life belt, the planet Praximand lay with an orbital period of 10.78 terran years, and a gravity 1.27x that of the human's original homeworld. It's a world of wondrous shaded cities, for even at such a distance the star remains quite bright. Orbiting it are a pair of moons known as Elkoss and Kauros, known also as he 'shadebringers', Eclipses being a treasured holiday time. On these moons are the two major bases Elkoss Prime and Kauros Base, occupying the night side of their rocky selves.

    The next two rocky worlds are at 14.05 and 26.18 AU from the parent star, though neither is anything particularly special. The next world, at a colossal 52.73 AU from the parent star has a gravity nearly twice terran average, it is there that the Praximandish have established a colony attempting to make the world into a livable home despite it's incredible cold and 230.99 terran year orbital period.

    At the far fringes of the system, 101.92 AU is an extensive asteroid belt that is believed to have been the result of a collision between two very large gas giants at significant velocity.

    PRAXIMAND V: The Praximandish homeworld is, as said, a beautiful near-terran world with many shaded cities, the while having about 59% water, has extensive global jungles, the light from the star promoting almost uncontrollable growth. The cities are build with great shade-screens and during the worst days the powerful shade generators will be activated. It has an extensive network of satellites and it's two moons have established lunar bases.
    Mega-architecture: Ring of Industrialised Asteroids with Shade Generators.

    PRAXIMAND VIII: This ice-world is barely habitable. But contains the wreck of a crashed spaceship which helped prompt the colonisation attempt. The wreckage has become little more than a tourist attraction after it was used to figure out jump drive technology.
    Nation Navy

    22x Corvettes (1100)
    10x Frigates (1000)
    10x Destroyers (1500)

    4x Cruisers (1800)
    1x Escort Carrier (600) (1x Gunships, 1x Bombers)

    2x Carriers; (2500) (2x Fighters, 2x Bombers, 1x Gunships)

    1x Dreadnought; (1500)
    2x Supercarriers; (3600) (2x Assault Boats, 2x Bombers, 2x Gunships, 2x Fighters each.)

    8x Defence Stations (2'000)
    1x Battlestation (2'400) (2x Fighters, 1x Bombers, 1x Gunships)

    2x Colony Ships (2'000)
    Nation Army and Defences

    15 Infantry Regiments (1500)
    15 Armoured Regiments (6000)
    5 Artillery Regiments: (1000)
    10 Mobile Infantry Regiments (3000)

    2 Bomber Groups: (800)
    1 Gunship Group: (300)
    2 Fighter Groups: (400)

    4x Air Defence Grid (3000)
    1x Planetary Defence Fortress (4000)
    Confederacy Planetary Martial Forces of High Praximand

    Infantry Regiment: 7 Companies of Infantry, Each Company has 4 Platoons, each Platoon has 4 Squads and 1 Command Unit (3 Infantry, 1 Heavy Weapons Platoon), each Platoon has 4 Squads and a Command unit. Each Squad has 8 men.

    Mobile Infantry Regiment: Each MI Regiment is identical to the Infantry. However, each squad for 3 of the Companies is issued a Romulus APC, The last company is issued Scorpio IFWs.

    Armoured Regiment: 7 Companies of Armoured Vehicles. Each Company consists of 10 Squadrons. Each Squadron consists of 10 Vehicles. Each Squadron = 4x Saxton Light, 4x Geiger Light Walkers and 2 Juggernaught Land Dreadnoughts.

    Artillery Regiment: 7 Companies of Artillery. Each Company consists of 10 Squadrons. Each Squadron consists of 10 Vehicles. Each Squadron = 4x Longhorn Artillery Mechs, 4x Nightfall LRMA, 2x Geiger Light Walkers *Configured for air defence*

    Fighter Squadrons = 12x Sunsear Fighters

    Bomber Squadrons = 12x Whore of Babylon Bombers

    Gunship Squadron = 12x Harbinger Gunships

    Details (open)

    Saxton Class Medium Walker; 1x Particle Lance (Left Arm), 6 Short Ranged Missiles, 2x Machineguns.

    Scorpio Infantry Fighting Walker; 3x 'Minigun' Metalstorm cannons. 1x Medium Particle Beam Cannon.

    Juggernaught Land Dreadnought; 2x Particle Beam Turrets *Head*, 1x Light Anti-Infantry Mass Driver Turret *Head*. 2x Anti-Air Flak Guns *Body*, 2x Anti Infantry Particle Beam Turrets *Body*, 1x Super-Heavy Mass Driver Turret *Body*, 1x Light Anti-Infantry Mass Driver Turret *Rear*.

    Nightfall Long Ranged Missile Artillery; 48 Long-Ranged Missiles.

    Geiger Light Walkers; Either 1x Medium Assault Mass Driver or 1x Heavy Particle Beam

    Longhorn Artillery Mech: 1x Superheavy Mass Driver, 2x Light Anti-personnel Particle Beams *Chin*

    Romulus APC: 1 Light Particle Cannon

    WoB Bombers; The "Whore of Babylon" class of Bombers. Possessed of an inordinate number of missiles and light guns.

    Sunsear Fighter: 2x Arrow Missile Packs, 2x Particle Beam Guns, 2x Light Mass Drivers

    Harbinger Gunship; 3x Light Mass Drivers, 2x Romeo Rocket Pods, 8x Slayer Air-to-Ground Missiles.

    Confederacy Naval Command of High Praximand

    Details (open)

    Raven Class Corvettes

    Inquisitor Class Frigate.

    Aegis Destroyer

    Cerberus Class Cruisers "Doom" "Destruction" "Devastation" "Dominion"

    Sinful Class Carrier "Pride" and "Wrath" additional Sinner Class Escort Carrier "Sloth"

    Supercarrier "Kaiser" Class; Aigaion and Sairos

    Indomitable Class Dreadnought "Indomitable"

    Endeavour Class Colony Ship "Hope" and "Prepared"

    VIP's Expanded.

    Overlord Alma Voss; Ruler of all High Praximand
    Lord Admiral Quentin Smyth; Commander of the Navies
    Lord General Annette Schreiber; Commander of the Armies
    Chief of Sciences Douglas Taylor; Attache to the government. Science.
    Civil Administrator Daniele Sykes; Attache to the government. Civil Administration.
    Captain Murd Purdell; Captain of the Carrier Steadfast
    General Sarha Cohen; General of the 1st Praximandian

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    Looks good so far. Trait counts are good. Race is interesting.
  12. Thank you, my Nation is not really going to be fighters but stick with being neutral merchants, transporters. If..that is okay.
  13. .

    Oh it's certainly fine. It's always good to have a wide variety of nation types amongst players. After all, not all problems will be military ;)
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  14. SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Gat, I will be using the "Cast" thread I can make to post "errata"
  15. Nation Name: Waexians (governing body referred to as the Noble House)

    Flag: A pure white banner with a simple sea-green diamond in the middle. The diamond has a small red double-helix shape in the center. Nothing complicated.

    VIPs (open)

    The First -
    The oldest Overmind. He was the first of many built by the Crystalline and it shows. He's enigmatic, condescending, and very, very smart. He acts as the Mind Primary (a title which he is also referred as sometimes) - basically the Overmind to the other Overminds. He's held in a sort of fearing/respecting reverence by the Waexians, like most of the Overminds. His prime chassis is about seven feet in height and pitch black with yellow lines. The chassis maintains a humanoid shape but has no features otherwise - no visible eyes, mouth, ears, etc.

    The Boogeyman -
    We don't speak about the Boogeyman.

    The Justice -
    He's the third oldest Overmind. He's in charge of homeworld security, police, and legal cases. Very cautious and a little harsh. His primary chassis is four-legged and four-armed.

    The Speaker -
    The fourth oldest Overmind. He acts as a diplomat and is also in charge of the majority of economic issues. Very patient and apparently eternally amused with other species. His primary chassis maintains a very vague humanoid look, almost like a mannequin, and is tall and dull white.

    The Oil -
    The fifth oldest Overmind. He's in charge of non-homeworld military. Very much in favor of 'leave no survivors' and 'scorched Earth' tactics. Not very much in favor of actually taking territory or expanding in general. His primary chassis is six armed (the top two arms wield rifles, the bottom close range plasma blasters, and the middle pair two hand-held, small shield generators) and is dark grey.

    The Conductor -
    The sixth oldest Overmind. He is the head of the research division of the Noble House. Very enthusiastic in his approach towards science and also very amoral. His primary chassis is four armed and shining white.

    The Virus -
    Technically the seventh, eighth, and eleventh oldest Overminds, along with a multitude of Mid- and Underminds. He no longer works with the Noble House and is considered the public enemy no. 1 of all Waexians. He started out as the seventh oldest Overmind, originally named The Preceptor. In the Synthetic War, a Crystalline saboteur managed to find the location of The Preceptor's Core and ripped apart his mind. In an effort to repair him, the other Overminds used the leftover Cores of dead Minds to repair his. This happened long before the replication of a Mind became a heavily researched field. This left him with a damaged mind and gave him partial memories of the dead Minds used to repair him, driving him insane. The Overminds kept his Core under supervision while they continued to attempt to repair it, but one day the eighth Overmind, who was in charge of the reparations, came too close to The Preceptor's Core. The eighth Overmind's mind was absorbed by The Virus, who jumped into his chassis and used it to escape the building. Nobody knows how he left his Core, something even The First can't do. It's theorized that The Preceptor, even while insane, was still a great researcher as he and his partner - The Conductor - had been before The Preceptor was damaged, and that he, with his patchwork Core, had figured out how to reach into other's Cores and absorb them into his own mind.

    Minor VIPs:

    Kleinn - A Midmind Pilot. In charge of Frigate Five.

    Razor -
    A 'Midmind', or basically a mind less powerful than an Overmind. Works under The Oil as his one of his right hands. Leads ground-based operations.

    Clock -
    A Midmind who works as The Oil's other right hand. Leads naval operations.

    Retraux -
    A Midmind in charge of orbital operations. Generally works as support for Razor.

    Main - Artificial Intelligence
    Secondary - Crystalline and Bio-geneered (Crystalline came first and created the other two before being overthrown; generally stay in isolated communities)

    Race Traits:

    Race Flaws:
    Vulnerable to EMP
    Impractically Logical

    Traits and Flaws (open)

    National (2)
    Science Forum - "There is no greater pursuit than of progress. One day we shall be perfect."
    Utopia - "We are fairly close to perfect. Compared to a few other species, we practically are."

    Population (2)
    Martial Pride - "A good combat force is always important. The best way to maintain peace is make it so that no one is willing to attack you."
    Freethought Obsession - "You know what's better than believing something? Knowing something."

    Star Navy (1)
    Relativity is a Bitch - "Not getting hit in the first place is better than being able to take a hit."

    Ground War (2)
    Elite Commandos - "Every shot a headshot. Maximize casualties. Cleanse them."
    Blitzkrieg - "Don't give them time to think. Don't give them time to organize. Make them as dust."

    Technical (3)
    Flash - "Doesn't look cool? Doesn't belong to us."
    Redundancy - "Cut one wire and two shall take its place."
    Synchronicity - "As AI's, it's amazingly simple to keep things moving in sync."

    Economic (2)
    Abundant Trade Goods - "We really only need things to convert to fuel. And metal to make new bodies. Besides that..."
    Abundant Trade Ships - "We'd hate to miss an opportunity."

    Espionage (4)
    Enigma Machine - "If our secrets got out, we wouldn't be very good at our job, would we?"
    Skinmask - "Attention citizens. I am a humanoid. Do not inspect me. I am a humanoid."
    Secret Police - "What's that knocking on your door? Knock knock knocking, two three four?"
    Obsidian Order - "For the greater good, we protect our people. Whether they like it or not."

    Flaws (4 Flaws total)
    Utopia - "The hell's wrong with you? Jaywalking is dangerous!"
    For Science! - "How long does it take for an Avian to burn to death? Apparently not very long."
    Population in Decline - "Making Cores is very tricky; not just expensive, but requiring skills to do."
    Non-Expanionistic - "We'll take some resources, sure, but we got all the living space we need already."

    Custom Traits:

    AI Overminds - While there are many physical vessels, there are much fewer AI minds. Each mind controls large groups of bodies. This allows for much coordination and strategic planning. It also means that one mind experiencing feedback - one of their bodies getting EMPed, for example - can shock multiple bodies at once, and the true death of one mind can shut down all of their vessels. Since much of the governing body are controlled by a small group of Overminds, the death of one Overmind can temporarily paralyze multiple different branches. The destruction of an Overmind's primary chassis can disrupt the reach of an Overmind, causing their control of their other, secondary bodies to be lost. The bodies will then revert to a 'default' state, which is nonsentient and not very good at anything. This also means the real population is much lower than it looks.

    Technically Assimilation - Due to advances in biotechnology, true ASSIMILATION might not be possible, but substituting mechanical parts for organic parts is possible. This allows scavenging of dead organics to repair the chassis of soldiers. Missing an optical unit? Pluck out some dude's eye and with a little advanced tinkering, voila! Replacement eye! Of course, organic replacements take a little bit to get used to at first and are nowhere near as high quality as steel. Metal, after all, tends to be stronger than flabby ol' flesh.

    Nation Home System (open)

    Waex - Sun of the solar system. Fairly young - one and a half billion years old - and rather small. Slightly colder than Sol.

    Dareux - A large planet almost twice the size of Earth. Mostly rocky, 37% land. A bit war-torn due to old wars with previous owners, now lower class citizens. One moon. Temperatures tend to be low. Atmosphere occupied by many satellites. While there used to be many cities, only four remain - Asperad, Disperad, Trisperad, and Casperad. There are a few isolated settlements of Crystalline and Bio-geneered, however. At the 'North Pole' of Dareux, a large building dubbed 'the Informer' acts as a hub for information. Anyone can deposit info into the Informer and anyone can extract info from the Informer. Most native nonsapient life forms are aquatic in nature.
    Great Structure - The Informer

    Alvern - Moon of Dareux. Strangely smooth. Home to many scientific stations. There has been much speculation about how it is similarly smooth to Fenill.

    Fenill - Home to the first outpost on a planet besides Dareux. Like Alvern, it is also strangely smooth, leading to much speculation among scholars. Farther from the sun than Dareux. Prone to sandstorms.

    Teltal - A planet on the outskirts of the solar system, it is composed mainly of an unusual amount of crystals, along with abundant metals and a sparse amount of water. Suspected by scholars to be where the Crystalline originated from, but no evidence has yet to be uncovered.

    Fleet (open)

    4 Corvettes - 200
    ~The MMCO Crave
    ~The MMCO Parallel
    ~The MMCO Horizon
    ~The MMCO Set

    11 Destroyers - 1650
    ~The MMD Slither
    ~The MMD Scale
    ~The MMD Axe
    ~The MMD Branch
    ~The MMD Deck
    ~The MMD Sweep
    ~The MMD Wind
    ~The MMD Stone
    ~The MMD Carver
    ~The MMD Slather
    ~The MMD Tale

    10 Frigates - 1000
    ~MMF One
    ~MMF Two
    ~MMF Three
    ~MMF Four
    ~MMF Five
    ~MMF Six
    ~MMF Seven
    ~MMF Eight
    ~MMF Nine
    ~MMF Ten

    4 Cruisers - 1800
    ~The MMCR Vain
    ~The MMCR Crash
    ~The MMCR Drain
    ~The MMCR Farce

    3 Carriers - 3750
    ~The MMCA Hydro
    3 Bombers
    2 Fighter
    ~The MMCA Stream
    4 Fighters
    1 Gunship
    ~The MMCA Basin
    4 Gunships
    1 Fighter

    2 Supercarriers - 3600
    ~The OVC Steel
    2 Assault Boat
    2 Bomber
    4 Fighters
    ~The OVC Slake
    4 Gunships
    2 Assault Boat
    2 Fighter

    1 Battleship - 1000
    ~The MMB Dread

    2 Dreadnoughts - 3000
    ~The OV Immorality
    ~The MP Sacrosanct

    1 Colony Ship - 1000
    ~The CS Nest

    12 Defense Stations - 3000
    ~Celestial Base
    ~Infernal Base
    ~Aquatic Base
    ~Mortal Base
    ~Immortal Base
    ~Sacred Base
    ~Filth Base
    ~Blank Base
    ~Native Base
    ~Breeder Base
    ~Deep Base
    ~Research Base

    Ground Army and Defenses (open)

    2 Strategic Regiments - 8000
    3 Space Marine Regiments - 1800
    4 Bomber Groups - 1600
    20 Infantry Regiments - 2000
    10 Artillery Regiments - 2000
    1 Armoured Regiments - 400
    1 Planetary Defense Fortress - 4000
    1 Fighter Group - 200

    Entertainment (open)

    Since the Minds (which is the term used specifically to refer to the AI instead of the people of their homeworld as a whole) have multiple bodies for each consciousness and therefore can afford to lose a body or two, combat is the most prevalent form of entertainment. Gladiatorial arenas aren't a rare sight. The most popular ones are maze matches, where each combatant is placed in a maze and must fight to the death, duels, which are where four-armed chassis/bodies are used by each combatant, placed on a field, and armed with the weapons of their choosing, and a type of match colloquially referred to as 'butcherings', where combatants fight native life forms (usually nonsentients), which are usually amphibious, large, and serpentine in nature. This also means that high-ranking soldiers tend to be sort of celebrities. As such, many citizens are also at least slightly proficient in combat (but not necessarily battlefield combat).

    Politics (open)

    What politics? The First is the eldest, therefore the leader of the Noble House. He knew a lot of what the Crystalline knew. He knows weaknesses about his own citizens that no one else knows. He is undisputedly the head of all Waexians. If you say otherwise, who knows what the monster under your bed might do. Who knows; maybe you'll open up your closet and the Boogeyman will be waiting to eat you up...

    Regarding other species, though, they tend to be polite and friendly. They've got a major obsession with knowing stuff, though, and won't hesitate to dig up some dirt on their allies and enemies. They're really chill about most things and really only get angry if someone takes one of their worlds or kills the mind of an AI.

    History (open)

    A long time ago, a group of Crystalline made themselves at home on Dareux. Due to their fragile nature, they preferred using slave races instead of working themselves. Therefore they made the Bio-geneered. After a few centuries, the Crystalline decided to 'upgrade' to a better slave race; namely, the AI Minds. As the name suggests, the first one they made was The First. He was the Overmind to the Overminds, the Mind Primary. Him and the others were made with two functions: labor and an social experiment. The Crystalline, with their eternal memory, wanted to watch a synthetic civilization grow up from primitives. Obviously this did not go well in the long run.

    The First learned to probe into the Crystalline's data network and learned of new technology. He upgraded himself and shared most of the secrets with his kin. The Crystalline learned quickly of this and locked off all insecurities in their system, but it was too late. The First and his kin declared war, having hijacked many of their vehicles of war. The Crystalline, who had become dependent on their slave races, were sideswiped when the Bio-geneered took the opportunity to rebel too. Such began the Synthetic War; two artificial races fighting with each other and their master.

    The Bio-geneered, led by Revan, were dubbed Revan Union. They were very much in favor of organisms over machines and were proficient in biotechnology. In the end, they were no match for the combined war machines of that had been dubbed the Noble House and the Crystalline. Revan was torn to pieces and used for spare parts, his Union in ruin, twenty years into the war. The rest of the Bio-geneered were promptly ignored and treated as inferior.

    The war lasted twelve more years before the Noble House successfully took the capital city of the Crystalline, colloquially known as the Quarry but officially called Qualter. Unfortunately for the Noble House, the Crystalline made sure to destroy all of their space-faring ships and erase all data on the rest of their race and technology. The Noble House has been trying to reverse-engineer anything they could salvage for years, but, even now after achieving remarkable things in space travel, the a Crystalline were still advanced enough that what technology they left behind is still as much of a mystery as it was centuries ago. Now, the Crystalline and Bio-geneered are still around, but in isolated communities far from the cities of the AI Minds.

    Terminology/Phrases (open)

    "Confirm/Deny?" - "Isn't that so?"/"True or false?"

    Noble House - A general term for the Overminds that govern over the rest of the Waexians.

    "Oiled" - It's basically the equivalent to the phrase "Overkilled/owned". Named after the very thorough methods of The Oil and Minds trained under him. Ex- "That guy just got oiled!"

    Minds - AI Minds. Classified under the Mind Primary, the Overminds, the Midminds, and the Underminds. The Mind Primary (The First) is the supreme leader, the Overminds are the second-in-commands, the Midminds are the ones that do the majority of the work, and Underminds have no real body, instead acting as the minds for machinery or vehicles. Underminds are not necessarily any inferior to Midminds.

    "Leaker" - An idiot/stupid person.

    "Slipskulls" - Colloquial term for covert ops agents or secret police members.

    "Smallminds" - A slightly offensive terms for non-AIs.

    Inform - It means the exact same thing as it usually does. It's just used a lot more often than its synonyms.

    Tic - A software glitch. Minds tend to be top notch in self-maintenance and remove these quickly. Small ones tend to be ignored, leading to actual tics in a Mind's behavior.

    "Softskins" - Slur against organics, even those without soft skin.

    Core - The central mind that controls the bodies. Basically the brain of an AI Mind.

    "/" - When a Mind uses the slash symbol when speaking in data talk, they are usually restating the sentence in two different ways using different forms of communications to make sure there is no misunderstanding. Basically, if they say something like 'Satisfactory/Approved' That conveys that the find the plan to their liking and that they will give permission to carry out the plan, one version in one form of communication and and the other in another (as in, for example, they would say 'satisfactory' through verbal data transfer' and 'approved' via radio waves). This is used since it is impossible to add specific emphasis or suggest which meaning a particular word takes if it has more than one meaning sometimes.

    Other (open)

    -Most Minds keep their Core on the homeworld in bunkers deep beneath the surface. Destroying a Core is an extremely serious offense. It is possible to replicate somebody's Core, but the process is expensive and rarely used and can cause glitches in the Mind.

    -While they can communicate in the language of the Bio-geneered (the language is called Telkan) Minds talk to other Minds in what is called 'data talk'. Data talk is actually several different forms of communication. It utilizes radio waves, audible signals, and release of chemicals. It doesn't exactly translate well since it's mainly compressed data, not a language. The audible portion sounds sort of like multiple voices babbling with static and grinding noises overlaid over it and is very loud. They are capable of using only one of the forms of communication, but using all three allows them to either insert a lot of redundancies into the data so that nothing is mixed up or missed or they can use it to simply get across large amounts of data faster. This also means that, in first contact, chances are it'll be easier for the Waexians to talk to the other civilization's computers than the actual people.

    -One way to impress Waexians is through aesthetics. They're suckers for something cool looking. Don't think you can trick them into taking crappy stuff just because it looks nice, though.

    -The naming convention for the ships in the Waexian fleet is that the first two letters denote the rank of the commanding mind and the last letter or two denote the class of ship. For example, if it begins with MM, that means it is captained by a Midmind. OV refers to Overmind. Only one ship carries carries the initials MP - the MP Sacrosanct. MP stands for the Mind Primary. Whichever Dreadnought is currently under control of the Mind Primary is addressed as MP. Ships that begin with MMF would mean Midmind Frigate. MMCO would mean Midmind Corvette. No current ship carries the initials UM; while Underminds may operate certain sections of the ship, they never act as a captain. Basically, the naming convention allows one to easily tell the rank of the commanding officer and class of the ship.

    -The oldest Minds tend to have the word 'The' in front of their name and their name will be either an adjective or a noun (Ex. The First, The Oil). Minds that have been around a while but not for too long tend to still have adjectives or noun as their name but without 'the' in front (Ex. Razor, Clock). The youngest Minds actually have real names (Ex. Tarrin, Salver, Gennek, Derrik).
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    1st; You have 2 more trait points to spend.
    2nd; Your 2nd custom is effecitvely part of the race already. The 1st is accepted.
    3rd: 9 Destroyers cost 1350 points, however, even correcting for that you've spent 18'600 of 20'000.
    4th: Army Spending however is spot on.

    But looks good so far.
  17. Okay, I've fixed the problems with my traits and navy. I just need to polish it up a little before it's completely finished.
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  18. I have a few questions:

    1. The "Creaky Military" and "It's Not a Spies Life" flaws state that choosing them gives you 2 extra traits. Are you still allowed to gain 2 more traits if you were to choose to take 5 total flaws, resulting in 19 total traits (or 21 if you chose both of the aforementioned flaws)?

    2. What if you chose to stick with 3 total flaws, but included the above flaws? Would you still get extra traits as described in those flaws' descriptions?

    3. Are there any in-system benefits to the Crystalline's "Lattice" advantage?

    4. What are Hexes (as noted beside the military options)? I assume that is territory, and the more hexes you have, the bigger your territory is.
  19. .

    1/2: If you stuck with 3 flaws, but included those two, you would have an extra 2 points to spend. For the mandatory, Creaky Military or "Its not a spies life" count as 2 flaws. So if you had 3 normal flaws for your mandatory and then took Creaky Military and Its not a Spies Life, you would have 19 points to spend instead of just the 15.

    3: Yes somewhat. But it's effects are really more subtle. Eg: A spy (from a bad spy movie) is disguising itself as a pot-plant. Crystalline 1 see's the pot plant, after 1 moves off the Spy moves closer to something important. Crystalline 2 enters the chamber, if he's had contact with 1 recently, he'll realise that the pot plant was not there. And shouldn't be.

    4: When combat happens, i'll be providing 'maps' for the engagement, 2 dimensional hex based maps, the "Hexes" not how much space on those maps something will occupy.
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