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  1. I decided to make a Signup/OOC thread before making an IC thread for reasons this is alternate history and this RP will be controversial to some.

    The roleplay takes place in 1990 when the Cold War goes hot after a set of events that plunges the Communist East against the Capitalistic West. After a month of the initial invasion West Germany is about to fall into Soviet occupation and a battered tank platoon of NATO tanks and a few stalwart soldiers battle behind enemy lines to save as many people as they can before the flames of war consumes their brethren in arms.

    Everyone in the RP will play a role in a tank. With enough people I like to have multiple crews but for now I'll stick to playing the role of a tank crew of a battered M1A1 Abrams tank. This idea is heavily influenced by the movie 'Fury' and I encourage everyone who wants to partake in this RP to watch it.

    We each have to be a designated role of Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver. I like to discuss what to name the tank as its "war name."
  2. I'm calling driver. Unless we get a chance to have a second crew, in which case I want to drive a Challenger 2. as pre discussed in the initcheck.
  3. If we get enough people you may get your wish.

    I really want more than one crew, but we'll see how many people are interested.
  4. I'm interested. I'll take gunner.
  5. I would like commander unless you want it Kaddoc and if that's the case then I will go loader. I suggest war beast for the tank's name.
  6. I initially wanted the commander role but I'm still debating if I should play a more indirect role as NPCs or something to move things along, or hell even the tank itself.

    Nothing is final just yet until I get some feedback from you guys. Should I go ahead be the commander of War Beast or perhaps play something more supplementary?

    Really shooting for a second crew to have a Challenger tank on our team.
  7. why not play 'the voice on the radio' as in the higher ups?
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  8. I like @EddiEddi idea. Be a platoon CO or something like that.
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  9. I'm thinking of the same thing.

    Very well, Dakota, you can be the commander. Still need a loader though.
  10. If we can't find a loader soon I may as well be the Commander to get this started.

    Just the four of us then?
  11. Very well.
  12. Alright here's the roaster to fill out so we can get this thing started.

    We are the crew of the tank "War Beast" somewhere in Western Germany.

    [insert picture here] (optional)

    Name: (this is one is obvious)
    Callsign: (the "war name" of your character like from Fury)
    Age: (something appropriate)
    Appearance: (keep it simple)
    Background: (brief background on origins and how and why they're in the military)
    Role: (your character's role of the War Beast)
  13. UPDATE

    This Roleplay will be called "WarBeast" when the IC is online
  14. Name: Adrian Waller
    Callsign: Epsilon
    Age: 30
    Appearance: 6'0", Brown hair green eyes, stocky build, small beard forming on his face. Several scars up his arm along with a scar form a shrapnel along his cheek to his chin.
    Background: Family tradition
    Role: Commander
  15. Name: Adrian Marlow
    Callsign: Six
    Age: 29
    Appearance: 6'1", caucasian, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny. He is trying to grow "a glorious mustache" but he has only achieved stubble so far.
    Background: Born in Texas. He joined the Army because everyone else in his family is Air Force.
    Role: Gunner
  16. Name: Gavin McCloud
    Callsign: Grim
    Age: 34
    Rank: Sergeant
    Appearance: 5' 6" caucasian, dark hair, gray eyes, short and stocky. His stubbornness to not shave his beard to regulations is one of the many trivial infractions he has to grate the nerves of his COs.
    Background: A morose southerner from Kentucky he joined the Army for the sake of family tradition and hope to make something of himself. So far his time in the service has been lackluster as well as his record.
    Role: Loader

    He started out as driver in the M60A3 before graduating into becoming a loader then a gunner then back to a loader due to some infractions in the past. He is the sole survivor of his platoon of M60A3 tanks from the opening invasion in West Berlin. He is reassigned as a loader for the M1A1 Abrams "Warbeast."
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  17. We still need a loader.

    Dawn expressed interest but we may post faster than her posting rate allows. If you know someone, drag their butts here to be a loader or else I may have to bump Dakota for the commander role.
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