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  1. Okay, since I am getting older, having just turned 20, the cutesy crush rps just don't seem enough for me, haha.

    So, I'm now looking for someone to have an adult romance with, I guess; plot and sex scenes included. I would like for a partner that can keep things interesting and isn't afraid to offer their own ideas as well. I have work an school during the day, but nonetheless, I post almost daily and regularly.

    Please don't be afraid to contact me and we'll talk about an rp idea together. Pitch me an idea if you have one.
  2. I'll do lol I just joined like 2 days ago lol and I've always wanted to try something like this. But that is your choice ma'am. Check out me profile if you want more info as well.
  3. I have alot of Ideas just so you know lol. I've done something similar when I was in Theatre Arts in High School. Let me know if you would approve of me being your partner.
  4. Oh my goodness, haha! You're actually the kind of partner I was hoping to get. ^.^ Just to let you know, I did go through your profile and I loved everything I read, so I would love it and be honored if you would agree to be my partner in my new mature rps.

    Also, please shoot me some ideas! I would love to hear them! ^.^
  5. YAY \(^-^)/ and I'm glad you did :) I saw yours as well and was hoping you would approve :D I would be excited and honored to be your partner and so in closing but further more..I accept and agree to do so :)

    And I will do you want me to send it through here or through PM (Private Message)? Just wondering.
  6. Awesome! I'm excited. I don't mind if it's through here or through PM, it's all up to you. Whatever you're most comfortable with, so feel free to send me your ideas!
  7. Oh, I could corrupt you both so much....
    I think I will! ^_^
    I'm open to most ideas and already have two threads if you want to join those. If not, just lead me to yours and I'll join. Not sure if you were just looking for one person or not, so just ignore me if you were. XD
  8. You seem interesting so far and I'm actually intrigued! ^.^ Do you mind if I just pop in on a thread to see what it's about? What's the name of the two threads you have and where are they?
  9. I'm intrigued you as well, I agree with you if Inati does lol I'll do the same. Oh and I'll send you the ideas here pretty soon. And what are some of your threads, MYCOOPLET? Send me some threads if you don't mind
  10. Alright, Clu-Fix, I'll be checking for your ideas. ^.^
  11. Yes ma'am :) if you want we can start it off when we don't know each other and we bump into each other, and do you want it to be modern time or future or fantasy? Just wondering lol god do I alot ideas lol
  12. I'm down for either of those places, but fantasy sounds like a lot of fun. ^.^ What kind of character are you thinking of playing?
  13. I'm glad you said that :) and I was thinking on a guy in a strange neighboorhood, keeps to himself but helps others more than himself. And protects women and his family and friend at all cost even if it kills him, but mostly he's a hard worker, doesn't talk much, has an Atheletic Build, meduim length black hair. Oh before I say how tall he is, what is your character going to be and her height if you don't mind me asking.
  14. I was thinking my character could be of average height, perhaps 5' 6", and she runs a shelter for those who need protection from...whatever. Shes kind and warm and caring, but also cautious upon first meeting and even a little suspicious. Other than that, she likes helping people and telling stories and animals. ^.^ She's also dark-skinned and this particular character will have black curly hair and golden eyes. ^.^
  15. Alright sweet lol well that's good lol my character is going to be 5'7" dark eyes lol OH do you mind if I may ask you a question?
  16. Sure, ask away!
  17. Well I've made a RP based on the Zombie Apocalypse and my character is searching for his family and friends, including his girlfriend. And I was wondering if you would like to play the role of my characters girlfriend, but that decison is your, ma'am. If you want you can look at the RP, The Outbreak: Zombie Apocalypse, under the Jumpin Roleplay lol
  18. I've never played in a Zombie Apocolypse before...I think I'll try it of you don't mind. ^.^ I can't promise I'll be too good, though, hehehe.
  19. Its cool I didn't think I was going to be good but I already have 5 stars and I've only started like a couple of days ago lol did you check out my RP yet? And when do you want to start our RP? Just wondering ^-^
  20. Give me a minute to check out your thread and we can start our RP at any time. ^.^ Is it going to be a fantasy rp?
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