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  1. I am looking for players for Alien Swarm via Steam. Also, I don't see why this can't just be a general Steam name drop thread as well.

    My name: Butterflyzilla
  2. Steam name is: Yaguchiko

    And I'm getting that Alien Invasion game!
  3. Steam name should be: Myrnodyn

    you are talking about Alien Swarm...right?
  4. Yes, thank you, Myrnodyn. I keep messing it up.
  6. WTF is Steam???

  7. There is only one campaign on Alien Swarm, and while it has a good amount of levels, what is sorely needed is some new levels. And after some digging, we found something that might satiate our hunger.

    For those who decided to download Alien Swarm, please download this and be awesome bear vikings with us!
  8. Steam name: woodratt
  9. I could have sworn I saw more than 1 campaign when browsing games to play. ._.
  10. Yeah, me too. But these levels are fun and pretty complex
  11. *bumps this for the sake of more people to play with*

    Also...the mappack is pretty awesome, try to get it if you get alien swarm

    Also Also...this doesn't have to be ONLY for Alien Swarm...there are plenty of other games playable on steam ^_^
  12. Steam name: greenteethjr
  13. ADD_AAR

    THIS might also help.
  14. :P so why weren't we invited yet? XD
  15. Yeah - wait a second. I met TNT through Steam and have never been invited to that. What the crap?

    Steam name : xmelesiox
  16. Invites sent.