Steampunk Victorian Era

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    • Characters of a royal family get kidnapped by airship pirates, Lena Kinsky and her husband, from the Ainsworth Family, being two of them. At least four or five could get captured.
    • Jacquelyn's husband, Antoine, finally returns to London, seeing her in the arms of another man.
    • Ava meets her Mother, Jacquelyn, again for the first time in 10 years.
    • Antoine engages in a love affair with Anna-Marie, trying to get vengeance for seeing his wife with another.
    • Jacquelyn and her "new" husband attend a soireĆ©, where Jacquelyn has a panic attack because she sees Antoine at it, as well.
    • The start of the roleplay will begin with the soireĆ©, that way most people can get their characters to interact with each other.
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