Steampunk Victorian Era (OOC & Sign-Ups)

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  1. Introduction

    Hello, and welcome! This is set in London during the 19th century. The Victorian Era is a period in time when Queen Victoria was in power, as well as the different gowns and puffy sleeves. During the early 1800s, men wore waistcoats, and vests, as well. The forum also has an alternative history of Steampunk, too. Machinery and retro-futuristic mechanisms are a part of everyday life, and new members are always welcome until further notice. Until then, have fun!


    1. Follow all roleplaying rules on Iwaku!
    2. Be respectful of everyone. Do not add fuel to the fire, please.
    3. If you have any problems of any kind, please message me.
    4. No MarySues or GaryStues. Every character must have flaws.
    5. Do not God-Mod your characters. No one is God and no one will ever be him.
    6. Do not kill or control without permission from another creator.
    7. Ask the creator first, before making a pairing official through me.
    8. No one-liners are allowed. I expect this to be at least a one paragraph roleplay.
    9. Last but not least, take turns and remember to have fun!


    TBA (Group RP Plotting:

    Character Forms




    Nationality: (Where were you born? e.g If you were born in France, your nationality is French.)

    Occupation: (What is your job or profession?)

    Affiliation: (Who are you affiliated with? Your family? A shelter for orphans? Everyone is affiliated with something/someone.)

    Appearance: (Links are O.K. for reference. You still need to describe appearance with 5 sentences or more. If you end up using a link, please put it under appearance description.)

    Personality: (5 sentences or more.)

    Background: (5 sentences or more.)

    Other: (Extras are optional. If nothing, please put N/A.)


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