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  1. Hello all! I currently am craving to do a Steampunk-esque roleplay. I will get into the possible Plot/World in a moment, but first the rules.

    • Age: Must be 18+ or older. Not because of 'smut' or going into 'Libertine' I just feel more comfortable doing a 1x1 with someone more my age. Unless you can somehow talk me down to letting you roleplay with me.
    • Posts: Minimum of three paragraphs, preferably more and I know that it is sometimes hard to think of something to write, but at least three. More is welcomed.
    • Waiting: As long as my partner posts within three days, or gives me a valid reason of why they cannot post within that allotted time, I will allow it. However, if you do not post within three days, I will message you and ask if you are still doing the roleplay, if you are too busy or life has been hectic, etc. I will understand and let it slide, but if you do not reply to the PM within a day or two, I will just drop the roleplay (Also. If you weren't online for those days of the PM or replying, I won't drop, but if you are on replying to everything and everyone but our RP, and won't even answer the PM. I will drop.)
    • I enjoy talking in PM's and just chatting to be friendly and plot together, etc. It is kind of awkward and hard to roleplay when there is no communication.
    • Help build the roleplay, plot, twists and ideas, don't make me do all the work.
    • PM me or reply here and I will get back to you.
    • I do MxF, I can do FxF but no MxM. Also, multiple characters, only one main character of course.


    The Iron Federation is at War with the Darwinist, Iron and Gears against Animals. The two have always been at odds, and their people have suffered long enough. Reluctantly, the two Powers decided to set aside their differences and have the two Royal Families become one through marriage. The two eldest children bound to get married and keep their Families from starting another war.

    This is just the outline of the plot. I'm being very basic and simple, and any questions that you have you can ask/PM me about them and I will be happy to answer ^^​
  2. You got my attention.
  3. Alright cool, will pm you in a bit.
  4. Hey Darling!
    I'm up for a roleplay! Hit me up in PMs! :)
    <3 <3 <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.