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  1. If you like Steampunk and cool stuff, continue reading.

    The Filson Empire is the largest empire in the world. They aren't satisfied with what they have and want more like any Empire would, but what the Emperor, Valerian VI has heard of the conspiracies against him and the Royal Family. He is trying to save his family while conquering the world, and after he conquers the world no one would dare try and kill him again.

    Filson Air Fleet
    Filson Land Forces - Infantry
    Fislon Land Forces - Walkers
    Filson Land Forces - Landship

    So, what I basically want in this roleplay is obviously steampunk with action, romance, etc. Preferably your character is the Princess of the Filson Empire and my character will be in the Royal Guard, or something along those lines. This is all I have for the idea so far, so if you want to brainstorm with me, shoot me a PM or send a message on here.
    (Yes I'm male and I don't do Yaoi/Yuri. Sorry, no offense to those that do, that is just my preference though)​
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  2. Bump. Lump. Hump. Pump. I think that is all the words that rhyme with it that I can think of the moment.
  3. Everyone hate's Steampunk o.o
  4. I don't. I'm not that big on being a princess, but I'd be willing to give it a go.
  5. Well.. You don't have to be a Princess, we can slightly change the idea to fit your wants. ^^
  6. Hmm...Perhaps my character can be in a group against your great empire expansion. What if your character's leading a group to start an attack on my character's home, and she is among the group sent to stop it? She and her crew infiltrate one of those wicked airships and work their way through. But neither of us will back down, so it becomes a kind of standoff in the sky. Or something happens that makes the airship fall or something.
  7. Hmmmm. The idea sounds fine and we can do that unless you want change the idea some more.
Thread Status:
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